Lucinda Williams - Copenhagen Lyrics

Thundering news hits me like a snowball
struck in my face and shattering
Covering me in a fine powder and mist
and mixing in with my tears

And I'm 57 but I could be 7 years old,
Cos I will never be able
to comprehend the expansiveness
of what I've just learned

But you, have disappeared
You have been released
You are flecks of light
You are missed

Somewhere, spinning round the sun
Circling the moon
Traveling through time
You are missed

Walking through unfamiliar streets
and I'm shaking unfamiliar hands
and I'm hearing unfamiliar laughs
and lovely language I don't understand

It's late October in Copenhagen
The skies are grey, the snow is falling
I see my breath outside, I'm freezing
I'm motionless, I'm disbelieving

But you, have disappeared
You have been released
You are flecks of light
You are missed

Somewhere, spinning round the sun
Circling the moon
Traveling through time
You are missed

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Lucinda Williams Copenhagen Comments
  1. Kirk Lethbridge

    i want to meet you Lucinda, and hear u inspire me so much and i love your bands, guitar playing, your beautiful lyrics...and your rebellious yet mellow yet hard yet sooo gentle voice.

  2. Robyn Michele Field

    I love this song ... I love our lives and our connection

  3. Noa Edlund

    nice animation :)

  4. Geoff Isabelle

    God, I miss my dad. I think of him and cry like a fool every time I listen to this song. This is a 4 minute masterpiece.

  5. Josh Studios

    this song was my childhood and I still love it

  6. Laura Kelsey Music

    I love this song - who is the video animator?

    Laura Kelsey Music

    Dave Willis, co-creator and director of Cartoon Network’s Squidbillies

  7. Major Seven

    This song and video, all these years later, still brings me the feels. 😢

  8. James Crane

    has she ever sang with chris Iseck?

  9. MUDDOBBER Mud Dobber

    ♡♡♡♡♡Love this LADY♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Ryan

    One of the few songs that makes me cry every time I hear it.

  11. bill collagan

    So simple and so beautifully expressed

  12. davidking3311

    Saddest robot video ever .

  13. Ma Chatte

    very good but sad video

  14. Raimon Cebollero

    Una de las canciones y videos mas tristes que he visto,pero que bonito que es

  15. Maayke Langelaar

    Love her voice and her songs...No wonder Leonard Cohen became her mentor

  16. Leonardo Franco Santoro

    I dont understand, if the girl was old when she died and the scientist who created the robot was older than the girl, how the fuck is possible that at the end of the video he stills alive :I


    Leonardo Franco Santoro he was vegan all his life

  17. Tami J Wilde

    Every Song is Incredibly Beautiful Lucinda Every Damn One , This is only my Honest Opinion people wake up and listen holy ole moly oh !!!!

  18. Gregory McClure

    Today's date, 9/11/2016, fifteen years since that awful event destroying the Twin Towers and our national innocence. This song is for all the people who died and their families who will always feel the the loss. And for our country, as we intuitively know so many questions, yet have so few answers. May the dead rest in peace; may the living get past the Lie. Perhaps this song, played on, will help this effort of the heart.

  19. WinterGirl

    Was just watching a movie with Alan Rickman and feeling so sad about his passing, and then this song came on the radio. For some reason the melody matched what I felt so much that I thought it will forever be the song that reminds me of Alan. So I looked up the lyrics and as it turns out, they describe someone passing away. So I dedicate this song to the amazing man of Alan Rickman... Rest in peace sir, you will be forever missed.

  20. Lindie Naughton

    Gorgeous song. One of her best. "You are missed/mist"

  21. Eisenkoch

    touches the heart and soul

  22. Jefferson S. Menezes

    Lucinda I love you... O Brasil espera uma turnê!

  23. Eric McLoughlin

    SO beautiful. I love this so much.

    Scott Poston

    So do I. The song and the video. I watch it every few years.

  24. DNeal Reed

    I caught the video for this song on Zuus TV in San Antonio.  Reminded me very much of Fiona Apple's Sullen Girl... a song I love!  I'm a new Lucinda Williams fan.  Gorgeous music.

  25. wolfmannn2008

    FUCK YES! I THOUGHT I LOST THIS SONG, took me 40 minutes to remember. I was searching copenhagen song and a cowboy was showing up. I tried copenhagen dead friend song, nothing :( Then i just remembered the music video was animated so i go top 10 music videos animated no success. 
    Then!!!!! I search copenhagen animated music video and BOOM!!!! So happy :)))))))

    Yarno Bosk

    That's Exactly what I just did !! Copenhagen Animated Video !

    Thepage Ofswords, searched copenhagen lucinda. Quick boom!

  26. tobimobiv1

    The title is Copenhagen because she was here in Copenhagen when she learned that a friend of hers had passed away. And yes if you have ever been in Nyhavn in Copenhagen you have no doubt that it's Nyhavn. If you don't believe me google it. Lovely place to go for a beer in the summer.

  27. bernie6712

    life is too short, fill it with love........

  28. piterXdT

    very good

  29. Mar T Music

    such a great song i love so much!

  30. Just Sayin'

    She's IN Copenhagen. But this is NOT the song, "I think I lost it". What the?

  31. asdfhuliashduflasihf

    I think he's asking about the video lol

  32. erthwermgym

    Don't the verses sound like Wicked Game?

  33. lil mezo

    to hell ..

  34. WhenToWatch

    amazing Lucinda

  35. Overwatchality

    love is forever

  36. Andreea Tecioiu

    I never believed those people who said that they cried every time they watched a video until it happened to me... This is much more than a favourite video!

    robert donaldson

    Some songs can do that. Its a good cry though.

  37. M flo

    This song is in remembrance to her manager who suddenly died in his sleep while she was on tour. He happened to pass away in Copenhagen. It's a beautiful song in his honor.

  38. Laura Kelsey Music

    I totally agree. It's perfectly painful.

  39. cgrafton000

    It's about the death of the band's manager when they were on tour in *gasp*, Copenhagen.

  40. Sebastian Fernandez

    She wrote the song it there! Its obvious.

  41. Eric Denison

    Gotta love Lucinda. Love her voice and song writing.

  42. MissMaui04

    not trying to bash her at all - i even said i like the song, it's just a pity that her voice resonates with me differently. to each his own. i'll have to check out her other songs

  43. Tis This

    my mother does,but i love her voice. if you listen to all her albums,you can hear that she sounds different in each song but the same sweet Lucy voice. why come here and bash her,go listen to something you like.

  44. IAmTheLawBitches0

    what an amazing song....

  45. Caspita 18

    lucinda price got her name because of her. . . omg. . . fallen fan. . . .

  46. MissMaui04

    this is a really pretty song but does anyone else find her voice HORRIFICALLY annoying? God I wish she had a better voice :(

    robert donaldson

    Nope. I love it. It either gives me goosebumps or makes me cry. Either way its ok...

  47. Andrew Aldred

    hahahaha :)

  48. Bill Hall

    Thanks I did not know about her manager. Lu is my favorite female artist love her!

  49. Kassu

    This is the saddest music video that I have ever seen. I cry everytime when I watch this.

  50. rubyrageous

    She was in Copenhagen when her manager died - that's what it's about.
    Just bought it off iTunes, so beautiful, and I love the line "you have been released."

  51. Laura Kelsey Music

    Man, I love this song! So beautiful.

  52. Lolcomputer

    Its better to end a story, then Realizing it just begun.

  53. Burke Rosen

    well;lyrically its pure poetry...i think its one of the finest songs about loss of a loved one ever written.I start to cry just thinking about it.Brilliant!

  54. Garry Foster

    This video is so painfully moving. Great animation. Great song.

  55. Tauheed Akl

    this made me realize that i really love my wife.. oh wait.. i don't have one lol

  56. marcus dismas

    tin man, oh tin man;
    where's your heart these days.
    sorrows bewilder,
    you no longer feel
    the differences in life.

  57. StepItUpPeople

    I just watched Lucinda perform this in Eugene last night. I had tears from start to finish. She knows my heart.

  58. Leanne2154

    This video is so sad & the mood of it fits the song....Very well done....I'm wearing out the repeat button...

  59. Leanne2154

    just saw Lucinda in Ft Lauderdale on 10/20/11 for the 3rd time...This song is mind blowing...Her backup band called Buick 6 is perfect...The lead guitar by Blake Mills defies description....I loved Pettibone who played for yrs with her but this kid is much more creative & a beautiful player....Catch them on this tour & you'll see....

  60. NBenjie

    How can something so simple be so heartbreaking ?... I love you Lucinda, seen you twice & look forward to seeing you again.

  61. Ditte Krøll Paavig

    i live in copenhagen :P

  62. LittleCaesar81

    Rest in peace Steve Jobs...

  63. Su Ba

    Lucinda does it again!! I love her!!!!

  64. PlaceSoFarAway

    I have never enjoyed having my emotions shamelessly manipulated so much.

  65. Sofus Landor

    ... How does this have anything to do with Copenhagen?

  66. Helene Kristensen

    Thumbs up if you live in Copenhagen.. And if you love this song

  67. Jad Desenchanntee

    who the fuck are the 22 folks that dislike this video?? THIS WAS AMAZING i cried!

  68. Malak Shamel

    OMG this song is really sweet and i really liked it , even though i don't know the singer !!

  69. bernardo smajić


  70. Natalias92


  71. stella papaoikonomou

    ante re :(

  72. Nurul Izwanis

    @yulisayuyu ur rite..i also cant stop crying..n i c this vdeo many times ='(

  73. bunnygrl

    Clicked on the video for fun, decided to watch the whole video to dare myself since I saw the comments, and CRIED!!!
    What did I just waaaatch TT____TT

  74. GirlsOnTV1

    Judging by the comments, I'm not the only one who teared up a little...

  75. Tatiana Anchustegui filled with emotions

  76. Aisyah Munir

    how can this make me cry...? :'O

  77. Sofie Møller Nielsen

    Okay, thanks :-)

  78. tom tbh

    @MyDragonIsobel #thisisyoutubenottwitter

  79. haragos111

    @tedbarsalou no, the woman was too old and died by herself. but the robot would lvie forever

    comfortabley glum

    No, the robot died after she did as he was dependent on harkening him plugged in...Then they both drift off to heaven together....

  80. Lily Bailey

    Even though it's sad, it's perfect. #feelings

  81. Ted Barsalou

    I don't get it - did he kill that woman in the bed by poking her with his claws??

  82. Chris Rasiou

    18 people didn't have enough tissoues to wipe their tears.

  83. Montau

    @TheLittleOrangeOwl some of the sceens are from copenhagen and she sings it a few times....

  84. HHUGEchannel

    #sniff sniff ....nah I'm not crying coz of this cartoon, I was chopping onions ealier plus # wiping tears,this is just a coincidence, I was already thinking of something sad #wipe tears. I'M CRYING CAUSE OF SOME CARTOON I'm a man!!!!! these are tears of joy, they finally were together again.

  85. Joseph Arthur


  86. PlaceSoFarAway

    17 people don't like this. - Captain Pointless Comment

  87. Kim Luisi

    @ashygowashy Just because you don't like my comment doesn't mean I am rude. I do understand quite well. This song deals with grave matter and I think using a robot cheapens it. The video doesn't serve the song well.

    comfortabley glum

    Too bad you don't get it...

  88. Mandy Pendergrass

    THAT WAS SO SAD! Poor Robot Man

  89. Ruposhi Quddus

    now i understand why we ALL die
    I'd rather die with someone i care about than live in this weird world

  90. Kim Luisi

    I love the song, but the video's kinda stupid.

  91. chica476

    What exactly is the problem here? He was in an accident, and now he's a robot, frankly... that's pretty badass. I'm sure she will remain happy with him as long as he maintains a robot penis.

  92. tessybezzy

    i cryed to

  93. rocketscience297

    i couldn't stop crying

  94. CR4CK99

    @auramac wow, i've never listen nothing from her, maybe because i'm from Portugal ...

  95. auramac

    @CR4CK99 She is to a lot of people. I've been lstening to her since the 80's.

  96. Danutzz SiMadalin

    love this song :) (and the story ) you have so much talent :X loveyou :)