Lucero - Raising Hell Lyrics

Well my little brother's raising hell
Living down in Texas
He probably ought to be in jail
From the stories that he tells us
Of whiskey nights and rodeos
The strippers down in Austin
He's had himself some real good times
If he could just recall them

Now his money's running low and there's a job in his future
And it's looking like his rambling days are done
Now's he's sizing up his choices and a job just ain't one
He'll know which way to run

As for you and winter, it may be cold
But that don't stop the rain
The holes up in your roof
Make keeping dry a losing game
The stairwell's always wet
But your wondering if my
Tears will dry up in your crying eyes

Now that boy, he's coming home
But that just ain't that good for you
Starting in then long ago
You know that much is true
So dry your eyes
And say goodbye
Because he just ain't the one
Decide which way to run
Gonna to decide which way to run

As for me, the same old shit
Is putting me on down
I never been quite able
To pick myself up off the ground
Always got big plans
But they're always in the works
And I swear they'll pay off
If my love don't get out first

Well here I am again
I don't know if I'm right
But I can tell you that I'm having fun
So I give him one more shot
Because this race, it ain't quite done
I hit the ground and run
Gonna to hit the ground and run
Gonna decide which way to run
Gonna to hit the ground and run

And my little brother's raising hell
Living down in Texas

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Lucero Raising Hell Comments
  1. G•A•B•O•S 448

    I blast this song last night on a date I was drunk already lol

  2. Alan Fulcher

    Man. Every few months I get drunk and remember just how awesome this song is

  3. stephen sherman

    Lord thank you for this wonderful life.

  4. Kenny Grooms

    3 a.m. And Lucero just kicks my ass. Coke binges and alcohol poisoning.

  5. Sammy Pisciotta

    Probably my favorite Lucero song, besides the War...

  6. BLACKnRED47

    This song always gets me back on my feet when I'm down. Preciate Lucero.

  7. Isaac Gibson

    The first verse of this song is a testament to Ben Nichols lyrical genius. i might be drunk but damned if he aint a genius.

    Sebastien Hache

    Glad i'm not the only one listening to Lucero drunk..

  8. Danny White

    Favorite song this bad ass band sings!

  9. Billy Jack830

    matches my lifestyle... a nice cigar and lucero

    Patrick Hoffmann

    JoeDale Beene there is absolutely nothing about Lucero that inspires someone to smoke "a nice cigar."
    An entire pack of reds in one sitting maybe, but not a cigar.

  10. LoveoftheDark Fiber Arts

    Sounds kinda like if Johnny Cash, and Kurt Cobain spent the evening slamming heroin and ended up giving birth to a terrible gay child that wasn't quite matchbox 20.

    Blake Hirschbach

    +Zira No Michael Keaton said it best. Critic. Labels. Birdman.



    Taylor Rainwater

    +Zira No You probably listen to Creed.

    Tyson Neilson

    Honestly, if you can't appreciate matchbox 20 for what they are, I feel sorry for you.

    But, if you can't appreciate Cash and Lucero, you need jesus in your life. That's just sad pal.

    Nigel Pinto

    Zira Michelle LoveoftheDark what have you created bitch?

    Rob Blakley

    LoveoftheDark Fiber Arts ppffftttt go dust off your . Cure albums and cry in the corner .

  11. Sammy Pisciotta

    Don't know which way to run....

  12. smaveone

    The first album was the best

  13. David Beard

    Love this sound. 

  14. jtwining12

    Mike Reaves is a horrible person.

    Ty Breedlove

    +jtwining12 Who is mike reaves

  15. Mike Reaves


  16. Ian Farah

    Lucero means Bright Star in Spanish. I think they certainly are.

  17. bassplayer19

    I'm on it.

  18. mattensinger7

    they played this song when me and my girl shouted it out in brixton in the uk



    C. W.

    REALSK8ER welcome bub.

  20. Ashleigh Usher

    Encores are wild. Beer. Everywhere. If you hate beer, don't see Lucero. You'll be covered in it by the end of the night. I've seen them twice in Nashville and it's happened...both times. Ben always forgets the words to the songs by the end of the night also. Got to love that whiskey drinkin' man.

  21. Ashleigh Usher

    That "one" has a companion not to raise hell with. What a bunch of loooosers.

  22. Ashleigh Usher

    Truuuue story, my friend. True story.

  23. EddieEdge777

    You're father is a smart man.

  24. Sam Ethridge

    Apparently 1 of us doesn't raise hell

  25. Ian H

    lucero is an awesome band, if you ever get to see them live... do it...

  26. Peter Garrison

    one person is going to hell lol

  27. william carter

    My dad says the underrated and unknown bands are always the best...

    G•A•B•O•S 448

    Fucking right

  28. saltvisionmusic

    No thumbs down. Amen to that!!

  29. TheBaldwin1962

    dont know who they are but like'm. hillbilly from zigzag

  30. Caligula138

    Fuck you man

  31. zorrkinvader18

    thank u lucero for ur awesome music.

  32. KMBraves13

    Hell yea you got that right.

  33. BreathingHeat

    That guitar lick defines the beauty of simplicity.

  34. bluesoulone

    lucero and cory branan are bad ass mofo's