Lucero - It Gets The Worst At Night Lyrics

It gets the worst at night
With nothing on my mind
But you
I'm thinking too damn much
I go ahead and get up
And put on my boots
So I can drive as far as I can get from you

On my way out of town
I drive by your house
Two times
It don't do me no good
I didn't think that it would
'cause you're not mine
You might have seen me but I kept on driving by
Gonna lose myself on some dark road tonight
'cause there's something 'bout
Just laying down and taking all that pain
I'd rather drive all night, if it's all the same
'cause half a tank of gas will get me far enough
To be completely lost by the time the sun comes up

And so it's four a.m.
I'm on the road again
To find some peace
Some old gravel road
God only knows
There's nothing for me
And there ain't nothing left for me in Tennessee
Because I know you're not awake thinking of me
And there's something 'bout
Just laying down and taking all that pain
I'd rather drive all night if it's all the same
'cause half a tank of gas will get me far enough
To be completely lost by the time the sun comes up

And there ain't nothing left for me in Tennessee
'cause I know you're not awake thinking of me

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Lucero It Gets The Worst At Night Comments
  1. Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Shit..that's my youth dude

    But I expected an amazing arc that didn't happen. Great song, because lyrics are relatable. The music is relaxing. Instrumentation? Nice steel in background. Not over bearing. It's just there...reminding us

    For me personally? I always drove mustangs back then. So I was expecting that heavy shifting to insane speed. Like i achieved in my old bullitt. Where and when I just screamed

    Your compsotion isn't about screaming in insanity for a resolution. It's a resolution in lulaby.

    Very cool.

  2. Mel Ziemann

    Meh... hate these lyrics so real to me...

  3. Kelly Boorujy

    And that it does... It gets worse at night.

  4. Jay Scraggs

    Just a 100% solid band

  5. Sean Palmer

    Dude sounds like Kurt Cobain

  6. 1oldgoat

    It brings us back to that age old question of "Why do melancholy songs make us feel so damn good"

  7. Alfredo Benavides

    I miss her so fucking much

  8. bridgetmarie moran

    Why do I feel this song in my soul right now....

  9. Moon

    Sounds like something I was listening to in 1994. I like that.

  10. Haylee Latham

    I love 💕 this song🐬🐳🐬

  11. Jay Yargeau

    1 year. Passing of my dad

  12. Jerry Adkins

    Dam this song gets me this is what I'm going through now I don't know what sleep is I'm up all night just thinking about her man I was thinking she was going to be my forever but they day she told me she found someone else is the day my life just stopped all I can do is work in the day and drink my nights away and I still love her

  13. Andrew Walsh

    Love it🍻 my new jam!

  14. Tanner Elbert

    2020 it still goes

  15. MissTacarra Leigh

    It does :(

  16. Zach T

    I always to think it was about a ex girlfriend but my mother just had a stroke an is having surgery for brain bleeding and we won't know if she'll make it till couple hrs and this song hit me. Thank you Lucero never stops to amaze me

  17. shannon livingston

    Alsome song zoo love thia song...

  18. MaxMercZ

    I found music that dont rattle my brain that's already broken down. Sip my beer n enjoy the progress

  19. MissTacarra Leigh


  20. Timothy McGinnis

    Great song. Great band

  21. Sickflow330

    2019 and Lucero hits harder now than ever. I miss You

  22. Kristy Stinnett


  23. Eddie Sandt

    A buddy of mine turned me on to this band....I also play guitar ....not well .....I suck.....but since I have listened to this hidden gem of a band ...ben has truly inspired me .....yup I have gotten a fuck better.....starlight garden fucking sick

  24. Thomas Harbolt

    Never thought I could relate to a song so much

  25. Sarah Sapp

    I need hug

  26. Josh Dahl

    Hmm. Guy needs a new day job. His voice sux

    David Phelps

    You need a new brain...and better taste in music

    David Phelps

    You need a new brain and better taste in music... moron

    Pricilla Ellwood

    There is a brain hospital in arkansas I highly recommend. Called GET A BRAIN

  27. checkthecorners4570

    Oh, hi fellow sad folks. Room for one more?

  28. Puber T. Snatches

    if you're feeling happy or sad or depressed or excited, lucero fits it all.

  29. Ean Brown

    Lucero is the most underrated band around lately. Like how are these guys not famous? They literally sound like the bottom of your whiskey glass.

  30. Lisa Crews

    Todd Stinnett69

  31. FZappaFan1

    I've known people with the burden of alcoholism. I don't have this. Something about this music though makes me want to grab the whiskey bottle and hit I have done to Lucero numerous times.

  32. Brian Beckett

    Trina Webb you fload my memory but when this plays it's like your sitting next to me again

  33. Jeremiah Hutchison

    his voice gets old :(

  34. Chris Williams

    If that ain't God damn country you can kiss my ass

  35. Rick Casas

    Reminds me of her so bad

  36. Brian Beckett

    Trina Webb deff for you

  37. Clyde K. Elkins

    I realized it was 2019 and I needed to lace up my boots n get ready for the next life

  38. smegma preserves

    If you guys like lucero you should check out dana twigg @ bandcamp he was my supervisor when I was younger and got me into lucero. And obviously is very inspired by them and mewithoutyou

  39. John Yates

    Headed into 2nd divorce...listen to this many many times...time for me to hit the road again.

  40. Jimmy Coats

    Great song,music,vocals !

  41. 1USMarine1975

    I saw them in Columbia, MO., at a small bar in an outdoor venue. Ben was walking around through the crowd before the concert talking to everyone, I got a chance to meet him, really cool guy, definitely loves his fans. I don't know who broke his heart, but she sure left him with some good material for songs.

  42. NOMAD

    You DAMN SURE uploaded the Right One. Hey Thx!

  43. James Posey


  44. Austin Chaney

    My best friend showed me lucero when I took lsd with him for the first time. He was really going through a rough time in his life. He was 21 when he was driving under the influence and wrecked and killed someone. He cried in my arms that night and I had no idea what to do but hug him. He is doing time in prison now. I feel like I helped him so much with life, cuz he said the lsd was life changing for him. We just sat and talked all night and he showed me all kinds of great music.

    General Kenobi

    I can’t tell if he’s saying lsd or Isd.
    Edit: Lsd or isd

    David Greene

    Good luck.

  45. a guy on two wheels

    I just graduated from Navy boot camp yesterday and this hits home. Let me tell ya. Being on liberty and then watching them leave, is like someone stabbing you in the heart over and over again very slowly. Sucks

  46. Cara Ann

    Something about laying down and taking all that pain....I think I will take it all in tonight. In the quiet , alone where you can unravel. Sometimes it’s necessary to feel loss, Then move on once again .

  47. James Mclane

    Amaizing how a song can nail exactly how you feel.

  48. Matt Gilbert

    See, this is why I quit dating and the whole thing like 20 years ago. I'm content.

    Antonius Milesdale

    same ramble on

  49. chuck mastan

    Goosebumps, a cigarette, my porch, my to join?

    Megan Guess

    I'd love 2

    Jay Scraggs

    Doing the same 😎👌cheers man

    Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Some bushmills a fire, no hate or judgment.

    I'm there dude

    Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Amazing thing. I miss fire talks. Where we just...existed

    Nor you personally. Don't know you. I just miss those days is all.

    Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    Maybe he wants to talk a out the good times...and then one day we wake up to our living nightmare?

    We see wwp on tv..and our brothers we most contact with. And now we know why

    Or maybe he just wishes we could all be..what we once were?

    Ain't much to discuss outside of those terms really. Maybe shenanigans?

    I miss shenanigans. But they don't work anymore

    Sorry dudes..some of us are just to damn old and cynical. We still enjoy a good shot..a good smoke... and glasses no one drinks from.

    We just...are. Maybe that's all he is saying. maybe that's what the tune is saying?

    Maybe..that's the exact discussion?

    Who knows. His thought is the difference though. Uncommon, commanilty

    Something I know I miss in life

  50. Alfredo Benavides

    This song is making me feel like I’m in the fucking Truman Show

  51. Toni Baunchalk

    My daughter was killed 4 years ago on the 27th of April. All their songs somehow fit my mood at the time. We've seen him a boatload of times and I'm never let down

    Random Person

    I feel for you bud. I bet she was the most beautiful girl in the world to you. All daughters are. Love to you.

    Rick Casas

    Sorry man

    Tonya Mcbryar

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter.

    Ryan Hensley

    I m sorry Toni for your loss man . I’m glad that this helps you .

    Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    @Nate Ramirez :(

    I am words or phrases exist

    Just so sorry. Keep on keeping on. In her memory

  52. Tasha Morrison

    I love all of their songs. I feel this... just had a horrible break up... but I'm better off with out the extra baggage of stress.

  53. Laurie Connelly

    Why have i not heard this before now...❤

  54. Big Loony

    I can do without almost anything in life; but life without music would not be worth living.

  55. Mark Prescott

    Lucero's music embodies a plain spoken nobility; that the anguish and heartaches of simple people is as poignant as those of the well to do - perhaps even more so. They - we- have less to start with and have to struggle for everything, making each loss a little more terrible.

  56. Yada Yada

    Love this song

  57. Bo Blalock

    Half a tank of gas will get me far enough to be completely lost by the time the sun comes up

  58. Elizabeth H

    Mama by Lucero, How can I describe how this song affects me? So very Deeply. My oldest son chose this song for our mother/son dance at his wedding. I bawled while dancing with him through the entire dance, my other two sons were there in witness and felt it also. I had never heard it before, and absolutely it brings me to tears and renders my heart now when I hear it. Thank you!

  59. Jennifer Armagost

    Lucero is music for all people. everyone can relate to every song or reference a time in their lives when they could.

    G Roy

    Jennifer Armagost not a lot of people take the time to really listen tho , everyone is moving to fast and missing the good things .

  60. No One

    Man, losing the love of my life while growing up in Tennessee then moving after really makes that last verse stick me in the heart... " There ain't nothing left for me in Tennessee"

  61. Andrew Starkey

    Damn just told me life story. Good shit

  62. Samuel Jones

    Ben Nichols writes the best song about heartache.

  63. Ginny Borgia

    Fuck. Yes.

  64. Diane Marie

    I'm falling HARD for this band! LOVE their sound and lyrics.

  65. Kyler Canada

    Almsot look forward to drunken night listening to him after a hard day

  66. Michael Lucero

    yo this is my last name

    Spencer Love

    It sure is bud, it sure is

  67. Alexandria Brown

    Love it

  68. Angela P

    love lucero so much...

  69. Jinx

    "It gets the worst at night,
    with nothing on my mind,
    but you.
    I'm thinking too damn much...
    I go ahead and get up,
    and put on my boots;
    so I can drive, as far as I can get, from you."

    ben nichols you bad man stop telling everyone how i feel about her

    amine memmi

    saame bro

    Natalia mcdonald

    Jinx “omg” Wow , 😎

  70. ma ca

    ben saved my life

  71. Amy Grindhouse

    he always knew my ex-wife, way more before i knew her :)

    Richard Halliburton

    Amy Grindhouse that's deep bro. I dig.

  72. lemonade cup

    why havent i killed myself yet

    Vlad Perez

    lemonade cup you still alive?

    brian cross

    I love you .

    Jared Watson

    It’ll be ok man. Well... maybe... Either way I feel your pain. Good luck. Hope you didn’t kill your self.

    Cole B

    Lemonade cup because there’s someone who feels your pain. Hope you can contact me

    Dennis Miklas

    Said that to myself everyday for many years but not anymore. It will pass stay strong.

  73. xerakis

    wow , this guy is good.....damn good.

    Dylan Pierce

    xerakis i know this was a year ago but if you ever need someone to talk to im here

  74. Dylan Savannah

    this band is the definition of a "Diein Breed" takin it all.

  75. STEVE plote

    Driving on a gravel road right now and wondering if I should turn around or keep on going on.


    touch the fucking sea bro

  76. Michael Kegley

    the bitter makes the sweet that much sweeter

    Eileen Orellana

    I love this.

  77. Timothy Clark

    "there ain't nothin left for me in tennessee cause I know you're not awake thinkin of me"

    this song has always hit home

    Chris Williams

    Yeah man.....
    It speaks......

  78. Blake Hirschbach

    There's something about just layin down and takin all that pain.

    I'd rather drive all nite, if it's all the same...

  79. Garrett Hall

    I went to college in a small town in Virginia and while I was there I lost this beautiful gal to another guy. I used to drive in circles around that tiny town, heartbroken, with nowhere to go, just trying to make sense of it all. Then go back to my dorm and drink it off. The whole time listening to Lucero. Great band. It doesn't go away but it does get better.

    Ricky Bellamy

    Goin thru it now friend

    shannon livingston

    It wilm get better in will never for get but got to keep your head up and going

    jeff albertson

    My gypsy self is in Virginia. Roll with the damned..


    Eventually you will not feel the heartbreak anymore, but simply the memory of it. When you have reached this point then you will be able to look back on your relationship with this girl and really appreciate the time spent together. Be easy friend.

    va.syndicate 2NDAM

    1:11 a.m. sitting here in Virginia at the house surrounded by guitars.. think I may play after this song.

  80. Nick Sullivan

    23 people accidentally clicked the dislike button

    Sion McCould

    yea idk what's wrong with some people... I'm just thankful my now ex showed me this band.

    Tammy L H Brown

    Probably a bunch of scorned exes...or, no, not interested(s).

    James Mclane

    Nick Sullivan wouldn't know good music if it hit them in the face . LUCERO !


    154 dushbags


    PRICILLA ELLWOOD 157 with no soul

  81. Christian Holloway

    Lucero always knows how to capture exactly what I'm feeling when I need it. I'm afraid of what I'd do without these dudes.

  82. Terena Ward

    Over and over Lucero proves they are the best at what they out your heart and make you look at it, then put it back in and carry on.

    Terena Ward

    This lyrics to this song went deep in my brain and made me realize that marriage is not for me. Relationships are confusing enough, add one partner that does not understand how it works and there is misery for both partners x4.

    Jon G

    great description.

    Chuck Bailey Custom Guitars

    @Terena Ward :(

    Sorry dudette. Hope all worked out as best it could. I raise my three kids alone. We understand.

  83. Brandon Miller

    I've done the same

  84. This Time

    One of the most perfect drinking songs of all time.

    Decipher 42

    The best is "drink till were gone"....

    G Roy

    I’ll drink to that

    Isaac crews

    "Drink till were gone" "My best girl" and "Moonshiner" by uncle tupelo, if u havent listen to moonshiner. Listen to it. Cause the whole worlds a bottle, when the bottle is empty. Lord it sure aint worth a damn

    Jamie Counce

    Every Lucero song is a drinking song lol.

    john milner

    thinking too damn much...

  85. Kimberly Blankenship

    Love it !!

  86. Zachary McGillem

    Fantastic song to go with a fantastic fifth of jack

  87. TimeWarp4

    Heard these guys in Vintage Stock! Love em.

  88. iater1

    Nothing like Getting in your car and just driving and cranking up some Lucero to put all your worries behind you

  89. David Beard

    Just love this band and their sound. So real, so heart felt, so Damn relative to what I'm going through.
    Sitting here drinking bourbon, relaxing on a Friday night and forgetting my own personal issues. Thank you lucero.

  90. Brian C.

    14 people don't deserve oxygen.

    Kelley Calhoun

    We're up to 16 now...

    David Parnell

    @Kelley Calhoun Up to 23 even now...

    Vanilla-Flavored Doge

    +Brian C. Crap, 26 now

    Brian C.

    +Vanilla-Flavored Doge It's literally unbelievable to me.

  91. Mikey McDowell

    Songs like these make the comments section worth reading. I guess misery loves company, just amazing that a song can mean so much to so many people.


    what you said!

    Nidey De La Cruz

    Lol true

    Isaac crews

    Jeez. Read that comment gave me chills when i read "i guess misery loves company"

    John Donovan

    Right here Mikey

  92. Mia Gapasin

    I hate when I google songs that say exactly how I feel.

    Ian Ruggles

    Agreed....Do it all the time.

    Chad Rudiaschy

    +Mia Gapasin Josh Ritter - Hopeful

  93. LR III

    Just wow. I live in Chicago and I love Tennessee; lost my girl of 3 years because of this kinda stuff and not knowin' what I want in life. She's couple years older than me n damn right Lucero, in my hometown; I can drive on some gravel road n just...move. This song is gettin me through a lot; I really appreciate it, sincerely.
     I wish all of you well on your journey,

  94. Tara Murphy

    Perfect song for what im goin thru right now. I love that i relate to this

    C.J. Andrews

    Tara Murphy right there with ya..

    John Kroner

    please tell me what happend to you

  95. Matt Martin

    I want to die one day satisfactorily wallowing in pain while listening to Lucero.


    I hope that doesn't happen. I sincerely hope you die happy. Honestly.

    Jesse Watkins

    @nickbagelboy This comment made me proud to be a Lucero fan.


    @Jesse Watkins
    That comment had nothing to do with being a Lucero fan my friend. That's just being a human being :)


    +nickbagelboy, you're a rare bird, my friend! So hard to find humans that act humanely. I'm with you, I hope we can all find a little inner peace, so hard with so much negativity.

  96. Bobbie Wayne

    ...or the moment You never had her.

  97. Greg Partington

    only bad thing about a six string is u can only finger fuck it, all ya need tho


    Who says?