Lox, The - We'll Always Love Big Poppa Lyrics

(Mmm... can't believe we doin this record)

We'll always love Big Poppa
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)

[vocals get louder]
We'll always love Big Poppa
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)
We'll always love Big Poppa (Yeah)
We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)

I look in the clouds, hope you past the sun
Hope you right next to God and he calling you Son
Taking you in, Angels breaking you in
This is heaven and no longer do you have to sin
And may God bless your mom and your two children
Your wife, your family and all your friends
Everybody stay strong, the good die young
Where we from it's all wrong, we all confused
Never know what we have til what we have we lose
Think Big, we just lost a very big jewel
Hip-hop itself is at a pit-stop itself
Seeing Big die I wish the shit would stop itself
It hurts, you're probably too good for this earth
Genius at his work
Made dirty cats wanna get a clean shirt
Pop Cristal and rock they ice work (word), go Big (go Big)
Everybody wanted to know Big
Made the rap biz, glitter like showbiz
Ask anybody, who could flow Big
All the cats shined, but you would glow Big
Frank White lyrically, moved niggaz spiritually
Made you wanna get a cup, fill it up with Hennessee
Front in the club and light a dutch where the women be
If you seen the show then I know you felt the energy

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) [x8]

Just to let y'all know, everything is all real
But it's sad when a good fella catch a raw deal
And pain is a part of life that we all feel
Today this whole rap game is getting more ill
It make me look back, to where he took rap
Dude brought the East back, y'all better believe that
He never had a warning, One More Chance
was right before him everybody must answer when God's callin
I flew B's wit him, I blew trees wit him
Couldn't wait to go on tour across seas wit him
People seem to get lost and, blow things out of proportion
Life is worth more than the coffin
I need answers, and they better be the truth
Hurts like a bad tooth, we losin mad youth
Lyrically there'll never be no one above you
And no matter how they judge you we always gonna love you

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) [x4]

Right now I know you missin it, smokin in peace
After all this bullshit don't cease, huh Big
Right now, you and Pac in harmony, probably huggin
While everybody from Brooklyn to West coast is buggin
All these gang wars, Big, show me a sign
As for your son I'ma raise Shorty like he was mine (no doubt)
It seems that the devil got his stinkin back whooped
And we should pray for Jesus, and ask for forgiveness
I can remember all the studio time, getting twisted
Bottle after bottle, Bacardi Lime, I miss it
We clicked like heels when we first met the
Junior Ma-f-i-a and Big Po-ppa
Nearly broke down four times writin this verse
Filled with wild madness and sadness it hurts
But ain't no need to cry, cause right now, where you at
Is more laced than any place a millionaire lived at
But it's sad that it takes that for us to unite
The only time you see your family is funeral night
Christopher Wallace, Frank White, holdin it down
I guess you with the real king in New York now
For real

We'll always love Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big) [x6]
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa [x2]
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa (We'll always love you Big)
We'll always love Big Poppa, Big Poppa, Big Poppa...
(We'll always love you Big)

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Lox, The We'll Always Love Big Poppa Comments
  1. Will Bigelow

    Always love Big poppa and Black Mamba!

  2. Lebielle Jacques

    Rip My man BIG POOPA🙏

  3. John Roque

    R.I.P. BiGG but well Always Love Black Mamba 💯😭

  4. LATINO OG 13

    Will ALWAYS Love Kobe Bryant 24/8..

  5. Loso in case you didnt know so

    Well always love black mamba

  6. nano retro

    RIP Mamba

  7. malikrob222

    RIP KOBE & GIGI 💔💔

  8. Mr Newport

    We’ll always love BLACK MAMBA 😥

  9. James Gray

    We'll always love Black Mamba

  10. Danny V

    Rip Kobe 8-24

  11. Gerrod Richardson

    Rest in peace gianna Bryant and Kobe Bryant #8 #24

  12. cmb757

    Rest up kobe

  13. Corey Chalice

    "He never had a "Warning One More Chance" that part got me.


    Marcus I love you baby bro to the end my nigga I hear this song and think of you and it makes me cry and it makes me wonder about life 😭😭 😭😔💔 I love you kid til the end.

  15. Yapaul Aung

    Tupac still better than this fat ass

  16. George Navarro

    God blesses U.S. coast 1love


    We always love big poppa...............

  18. Kevin Campbell

    Throwback banger💯



  20. Kelvin Russell

    How and why are there any dislikes,just ridiculous,r.i.p not only to biggie but ones b4 him also

  21. Nachshon Michael

    2020 anyone?

  22. Jenny Reynoso

    Whos listening in 2020 😊

  23. kdoe best hits strickly heat braaah

    Lyrically I'm supposed to represent I'm not only the client I'm the players president rip Chris wallaby ( big)

    kdoe best hits strickly heat braaah

    March 9 is the day lyrics died rip Frank White

  24. William Vega

    Damn 2020 and I'm still missing Notorious B.I.G., Pac, and XXXTENTACION. May they and everyone else that died R.I.P.

  25. Steve Zion

    I notice a trend on here now...everybody saying who listening in 2019 or acting like OG’s and they been done since day one. Real dudes don’t feel the need to even think of saying that shit, cause This Real Hip Hop is ALL that we listen to. We know how classic and timeless it is!!! That’s why we listen to it! Too many clout chasers and not enough clout sprayers.

  26. Tonisha Steele

    Stil playin this 2020 🙏🏾

  27. Stay Woke

    That last verse tho smh

  28. Son of Ra

    Never know what we have...What we have we lose.

  29. Raphael Niebelschütz

    B-Side... 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  30. Darrieon Moore

    RIP to Biggie AKA Chris and Tupac. My idols. I love those guys.. and my father who was a victim of gun violence. T

  31. jwill5crew941

    to the 281 that thumbed this down...there is something seriously wrong with you...still listening and 2020 is in 3 weeks..we will always love you BIG...Miss you and your whole style..there was none better..The Notorious!!!

  32. Steve Smith

    Made the rap biz,glitter like showbiz

  33. Casey Walker

    Such a shame all the great song's they would have made with him 🙏💯👌

  34. Pat B


  35. Hippie G

    Remember when we lost the Legend. Remember finding comfort and peace in this song. B.I.G -R.I.P

  36. King Sports

    Puffy should had junior mafia do this song first

  37. King Sports

    Damn puff was trying to outdo sauce money hit missing you song but cant

  38. Jacob Deleonard


    East vs West
    The both good people


    I wasnt even born when big died. Mdad introduced me to big when I was 5-6 2013 - 14. I'm 12 now and miss him. I'm the only old head kid here. Like if ur a kid and a big fan

  40. Adam Corris

    We'll always love big poppa

  41. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ just biggie big poppa trax was hot two deff salute

  42. Delvechio Tucker

    Rip my best friend lil Reggie 31st and gunsmoke will never be the same without you bro

  43. Shamal Mejia

    This song right here is the greatest song ever 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  44. Alex Devault

    Big Pokey On Choppaz has me here

  45. Joseph Gallegos II

    Chris god bless u yg og doulble triple

  46. Nardo Priester

    Always BK Finest

  47. weezy. marie candelaria

    I love biggie smalls. He passed away when I was 15. Never forget. Will always love big poppa. Love the song .

  48. Dom Sansotta

    R.I.P. to another great man I called pops mr Kenny Moultrey October 27 1956- November 12 2018 I know you’re up there with biggie the original big poopa. I miss you . Those 2 weeks in maitenance with you I’ll never forget . They’re cherished memories forever . I love you bro

  49. Lawrence Lewis

    2019 ❤️you Biggie

  50. Steve Toensend

    This is my song

    marcus harper

    This is one of my song too

  51. Justin Grimes

    RIP to Biggie!🙏

  52. Tommy Hampson


  53. frank castle

    Claim this stock now without investing money first: https://invite.robinhood.com/carmenq27

  54. Doug Stewart

    Thank her for paying for outlaws bringing it all back to unity and stopping the violence and od and Bullying's

  55. Doug Stewart

    Big papa u know she loved you and Joe westside u never did hurt her even after taken hostage at 15

  56. Geri LFC

    This is way better than Puffys -missin you . Thats how they fool people . That song got million plays while this jam here ... Fck Puffy!

  57. Dame Dash

    2019 still love this track

  58. Renaud Villacis

    Any better than that I'll be missing u bullshit . That shit was terrible. Smdh

  59. Bob Jackson

    2019 n still banging this tune banging this tune into the newyrs

  60. laila g

    We still love big poppa in 2019

  61. Deborah Brown

    Biggie was so far ahead of his time. He was MURDERED way before most of yall could even begin to appreciate him

  62. YoshiGamingRBLX

    So somewhere around 2016, I got cassettes from my stepdads dad and did not really listen to them. Around 1 week ago, I found the cassette called “TRIBUTE TO NOTORIOUS B.I.G.”
    And popped it in my cassette player. It was strange at first, but now I am obsessedwoth the song

  63. Delcio Costa

    rest well Elisio love you always my brother we miss you dearly it hurts gone be never forgotten

  64. I am Dodo

    West side for life niggazzz

  65. Eric Bowens

    Love life rest in peace biggs I got memories with u thru the Onyx and lost boyz gees up !!!!!!

  66. charlita25

    I can always depend on my fave rapper Kiss 💋 to say some extra buttery bars.

    Curtis Irby

    charlita25 he killed this shit as usual!!!!

  67. Ihateohioandmoving to florida

    Still jamming in 2019. This version was the BEST dedication to Biggie. The corny one “I’ll be missing you” got the most airplay.

    This is the one that should’ve been played over and over again.

    Chris Da Crisis

    Yeah cuz Gay Daddy made the other one & he had the record label clout. Lox was always for the streets.

  68. Derrick ramone Cooper


  69. Drock Coles

    The lox- A.K.A the truth killed it..their voices hit home

  70. caramel king200000

    P.I.G !!

  71. Jason Burch

    Miss biggie smalls rip to one of the greatest mc

  72. chester bull24

    Definitely would be riding thru bumping this shit is hard some hood shit shout out to the Lox family

  73. John Smeir

    #RipBigPoppa 🙌👑🙌

  74. Prank& Bulge

    I listen to this every 5 minutes a day and Big PaPa I know you do too🙏🏾🙏🏾🖖🏾

  75. Stephanie Blackley

    Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls 1972 - 1997

  76. Lea Daily

    225 dislikes are the ones who dislike the fact that he's no longer with us and they miss him.

  77. Calvin Roberts

    Everybody must answer when Gods calling. R.I.P. BIG

  78. Charles Sansone

    The greatest rapper. Touched so many souls then and now.

  79. David j Marrin.

    Much love😊. RIP BIG⚘

  80. Robert Turner

    One of the best biggie tributes ever!

  81. David Perez

    I will always love you big pappa

  82. Yana

    I love you BIG ❤️

  83. Dedi Sudrajat

    RIP B.I.G

  84. Ali

    Come on dog. This shit still sounds hard. RIP Biggie. SPREAD LOVE THAT BROOKLYN WAY !!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  85. Tem


  86. Jay Jones

    We’ll always love Big Poppa. You and Pac I carry with me always

  87. Killer Labowski

    Still gets me how not one of his boys flew to LA to avenge his murder. Everyone knows who did it.

  88. Dwayne Haddock

    All the cats shine but u would glow big

  89. Pretty Hennyy

    2019 and i can still feel the energy of the City of the hurt the pain

  90. your mom

    Greatest of them all biggie and pac

  91. Korey Sylver

    Between Jay, the LOX & Puff, Big’s circle/close friends did some amazing musical eulogies for BI. And I might be forgetting one or two, but either way, Big was obviously more than just arguably/definitely the greatest, he was a friend, a family member, and a piece of hip hop history that can never be forgotten or replaced

  92. Steven Nichols

    RIP to anyone who lost anyone. Great Tribute Song

  93. LaTonya DeLee

    2019 I'm still listening

  94. Benjamin Hlt

    Anyone else still loves bigpoppa in 2k19?

  95. mario scott

    2019 & still fire

  96. Dante Pichardo Joker

    My father got killed when I was 7, we lived in Brooklyn me and my family. 10-11-1999. A year after, I was going through his and my mother music tapes, one of them had this song in it, it made me cry because it reminded me of losing my father. As I got older I tried to get the song but never knew the name and group. Now I got the song. Beat was and is still fire.


    Dante Rafael Pichardo Jr 1999 sorry for your loss

    allen Brown


    Amanze D Mere aka Nej

    Im sorry to What happened to you're father. May he Rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏

  97. Soina Clinton2#

    Two greater we always two rappers we love big pappa and we always love nipsey hussle from treacherous shimeka soina Clinton aka heartbreak