Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle Lyrics

[Intro: Lowkey]
It's been a long time coming
Too long
Too long
It's been in the making a quarter century
But it's here now
It's here now
If by the time you hear this album
I'm not here
You know why

[Hook: Mavado]
Tell ya
So mi say
Too many suffering too many tears
To see a youth die I’m a know him for years
When me look around nobody care
The people dem a live inna fear

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (Woo ooh! oi!)

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (yeah yeah!)

[Verse 1: Lowkey]
My music is my natural resource, now I want it back
Til I sever every single chain I will not relax
Just constant attack, til my world looks like Monserrat
Contact my comrades, for combat, what's conscious rap
When you say the truth, they attack like a Sabertooth
Thinking clear they make you disappear like you hate the fruit
We don't need more Boeings, we don't need more Rebors, weed or Lyor Cohens
They tell us about terrorism and tell us about terrorists
Look up the definition and tell us what terror is
Only know the definition if the television tells us it
Public Enemy #1 they treat me like Professor Griff
This album has been in the making a quarter century
Born to bless the beat and rap over recorded melody
I knew the truth since I was a small little boy
I am a product of the system I was born to destroy

[Hook: Mavado]
Me can't believe I saw dem cheat people
And they fi protect and dem a leave people
I me no si no system fi di street people
Can't believe di money lead people

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (Woo ooh! oi!)

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (yeah yeah!)

[Verse 2: Lowkey]
On the news, they glorify their own henchmen
Support the troops, but won't mention Joe Glenton
It's funny 'cos the rappers are posing as the gangsters
While the government taking money as bonuses for bankers
In life you learn, to close your eyes and hold your tongue
But together we will overcome, there's never been a chosen one
Still tryina understand, the land I stand on
I'll probably die from cancerous anger like Franz Fanon
I will never give up, I will never just quit
I will never give in, I will never submit
The reason that I came, Is bleeding from the veins
Of the people cus we equal, only Freedom is the aim
This album has been in the making a quarter century
Born to bless the beat and rap over recorded melody
I knew the truth since I was a small little boy
I am a product of the system I was born to destroy

[Hook: Mavado]
Me can't believe I saw dem cheat people
And they fi protect and dem a leave people
I me no si no system fi di street people
Can't believe di money lead people

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (Woo ooh! oi!)

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (yeah yeah!)

[Verse 3: Lowkey]
If you're subordinate to corporate guys supplying you orders
You're fighting fire with fire, I'm fighting fire with water
When they kill me, I know I'll die with a focused mind
Plus there will be millions of me, ready to multiply
Dont just mention, acknowledge me, remember to honour me
My pen and this honesty, defending equality
Declared a republic, and ended your monarchy
Your corporate dictatorship, pretends it's democracy
I hold your bloodline, accountable for every crime
Adam Smith to Rothschild, it's all been a clever lie
Two choices now, revolution or genocide
But thanks to Rupert Murdoch neither one will be televised
This album has been in the making a quarter century
Born to bless the beat and rap over recorded melody
I knew the truth since I was a small little boy
I am a product of the system I was born to destroy

[Hook: Mavado]
Me can't believe I saw dem cheat people
And they fi protect and dem a leave people
I me no si no system fi di street people
Can't believe di money lead people

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (Woo ooh! oi!)

The system need to change right now
To much you do could a inna grieve right now
I know si the bigger is a give right now
After ghetto people a no steep right now (yeah yeah!)

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Lowkey Soundtrack To The Struggle Comments
  1. Mr Nomad

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant delivery of a message.

  2. Michael Wheeler

    What in the world just happened?

  3. tony kentistan

    2020 and still getting goosebumps

  4. KRY Official

    Where was recorded the video?

  5. RighteousOnix

    We will never give up 🌹

  6. Frenchy 786

    So true I done my homework it's so true I can't believe how much government so corrupt

  7. R A Y M A N T I S

    Peace and luv from New Zealand

  8. Elias Begzad


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  10. Jaceftp

    Eight years now Ive been listening to this song, one of the few i just put on when im in a mood or something. Things are getting pretty bad now. Peace.

  11. Awase Zaman


    Awase Zaman


    Awase Zaman


  12. PreachyMax

    The system is under satans control

  13. Brandon Copley

    So sick, still listening after all the years, the chorus ? One love

  14. Finding Heart

    Lowkey is such a beautiful person. Equal. But beautiful. And brave. Peace and love to Lowkey and his family! ✊🏼 I stand with you!

  15. A.k85

    Respect.. greetings from Greece

  16. G Wolfy

    2019, you dont hear that much.

  17. Life of Lady M

    This song deserves more views

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  19. Eric Himmelheber

    Still bumping in 2019

  20. carl smith

    Who is the reggae singer on this track


    carl smith Mavado

  21. m.rxfiik

    Who came here after listening to his return

  22. joshua mills

    Welcome back king.

  23. Faith Deen

    Rahmet ALLAH respect from moroccan brother

  24. Asylxm IV

    2019 anyone

  25. Ahkey Said

    1440, 2019

  26. Hunter Frim

    Lowkey's best song

  27. john doe

    keep doing your calling big up respect!

  28. Miguel Raúl Verasmendi Gonzalez

    Listen this from Venezuela, thanks for the video...

  29. ahmad khan

    Never gets old. 2018 supporting since day 1 💯

  30. infoinput

    greetings from germany.

  31. Muphsicle 1

    Still listening

  32. 24paljim

    Very beautiful. And sad. And poignant. Thank you. Your talent is WOW.

  33. Bret Hitchcock

    One thread away get on or get in the water

  34. Muhammad Abrar

    its 2018 and still one of the best tracks on the internet!

  35. billy sandoval

    Nutty-P Killed this beat. Dude is one of the dopest underrated producers out.

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  37. add me now

    Love this song

  38. Iraqpride

    Rest in Peace. Respect to Adnan and Lowkey. patience to his family.

  39. Joseph Heaven

    #RevolutionaryMinds #Realness #Truth #Realnews #Militant #HipHop #ConciousHipHop

  40. BOY From The Dark

    LowKey Big Respect forever👑💎❤👏🙏

  41. mit nsr

    Hello everyone!
    I am translating this great song, and I have some problems to translate some parts. is there anyone who can help me wit translation?

  42. mitra t

    So beautiful! <3

  43. Kyle Steeden

    "the system needs to change right now jdahdjkahdlahdjlkahdlahdldh" tune :)

  44. MRnobody

    Best lyricist in the universe... !

  45. **adembasou**

    starts @4:19 very Important Part of Message untill then the End.

  46. Bret Hitchcock

    Nov. 2017 message received. Action taken. /salute

  47. Ooz

    I feel like Samael sometimes.

  48. Abhay Dogra

    Priceless words <3 Thank you for this lowkey.It is 2017 and still this song make the same sense as it did when it was out. Blessing the beat _/\_

  49. Amina Maryam

    2017!!!!! xxxx

  50. Gaming NoNstop

    One of the best #Lowkey 🖒🖒✌✌


    Still bumpin'

  52. Robert Pipe

    I knew the truth,
    Since I was a small little boy,
    I am a product of the system I was born to destroy.

  53. Ron Legend

    An amazing tune but however good it is, Lowkey's love and friendship for Adnan shines through. I feel they were both blessed to have touched each others lives.

  54. russianinc1

    This is ust mad,so mad! one hand up from Norway!

  55. billy sandoval

    "Knowledge is power"✊

  56. Vatroslav Herceg

    To the left! To the left!

  57. Sean Fairley

    I got goosebumps!

    One of the dopest hooks I've ever heard.

  58. Tricia Caviness

    By, Tricia Caviness
    a.k.a. Poetic Powder

    Keep me in this prayer that never has ceased
    Believe me I share in ONE belief
    Perfect Love perfect Peace
    No matter what this is a constant walk
    Never will I be able to stop
    Will of Allah
    This universe still expanding
    Pushing limits of our understanding
    The Natural pull in submission
    I still hold my ears to listen
    Why not remains the questions
    I don't agree with population control
    Nor do I trust police on patrol
    Lives the system stole
    Standing is my role
    Study the scrolls
    Speak the seeds to plant and grow
    That's how Allah has cast my load
    Never do I walk alone
    The only Creator gifts and atones
    So stop thinking I'm throwing stones
    I do submit my own way
    I never follow what others claim
    Allah has paved my way
    The dreams only directs this path
    When in line with word that last
    Constant unraveling proof I see
    Never does prayer cease, trust..believe
    Your thoughts that hidden convo
    Ya know the ONE that inside arose
    That's is who I know
    Just a portion eternity's home
    Isn't confined to a throne
    This Creator wipes the tears
    Deciphers reasons others who fear
    Is the truth seen eliminates peers
    Yeah Mohammed Jesus and Moses as well
    They chose to deliver messages encrypted realms
    How about women who stood against friends
    Seen no obstacle no limit it offends
    We cant fathom what all Allah is
    More reason for submission
    Trust Release tension
    Woman mentions
    Knew that unity that connects nations
    Knew their personal missions
    Modest and christened
    Knew the meaning of Christian
    It's truly to Allah please cleanse
    Don't worship creations
    Hear the word for yourself please
    What is Allah saying to you directly
    Stand alone it's unity
    Women of peace
    They trust Allah who directs the wind
    Can pluck out evil who always wins
    Earthlings Earths Queens
    Gender our Creator made
    However there's no separation in Allah's name
    That's what I found I face
    Hallelujah Earth shakes in constant approach
    Make us all fall to our nose our head posts
    Tears in constant prayer
    In the shower cleaning layers
    I too keep being put in check
    From the ONE who allowed the dialects
    Go in prayer literally direct
    No need to scream for a hand to protect
    Allah made us complete don't forget
    Learn that's all ask of each that reads
    Plant seeds that last and leave you free
    Pray and fast meditate ONE belief
    Trust Allah Our Creator does teach
    The miracle is an individual awareness
    The light the spirals of fairness
    Consciousness moves the land our heritage
    The awaken moment you know shifts
    Allah just is...
    When dreams align all that's cherished
    Revealed wisdom that cures us
    Ten commandments no fuss
    Don't kill what is Created For us
    Don't steal what Allah loves
    Tests we touch just trust
    It's for each of us
    Pair to ya mate that the law lays
    When eyes unlock the maze
    Lust isn't the way
    Put no one up as God or idol
    Don't worship a creation or titles
    Christo's power is life's tool
    Don't worship an image ya fools
    Magnetically prophetically season pulls
    Learn the rules..  powerful
    The hour Allah holds prophecy unfolds
    We've been told Allah of all holds...

    find me on Facebook with #peaceandlove4lyfe

  59. Sabahet Softic

    And don't forget about Bosnia. We have been victim of biggest genocide after ww2 in the history of Europe. May Allah help people worldwide and inshallah we will be more good people then evil. United and together whole mankind against the evil corporation and government that brings war for their interests.


    Sabahet Softic Ameen brother :)

    Hajduci iz Splita


  60. niksan-iwnl-

    I freakin' love this song so fking cool bruh.. :O


    _-NiKSaN-_ agreed I can't stop listening to it

  61. Lee MC

    Lowkey 1 of best and respect from Scotland he's real rapper not like pop Rappers💯👌

  62. Ahil Abrar

    I have a dream and that is talk with my this righteous brother lowkey

  63. Fatima Husain


  64. liam abbz89

    well said command 10

  65. Chris Walker

    Lowkey is the master of putting truth into barz. Salute. W10 all day

  66. RELICS92

    i'm so glad i discovered Lowkeys music a few months ago via the 'Terrorist' track which has lead me to more of his music. I found Lowkey incidently thanks to Immortal Technique. I've been so eager to dig deep and find more concious politically charged hip hop especially with all the media lies and propaganda we've been strategicly fed regarding the 'War on terror' and the ongoing conflicts in the middle east and destruction of cities in Syria. I'm pleased to see that Lowkey has come back after from what i've seen he went off the radar so to speak and disappeared for awhile. This video is very touching on a personal level as i too lost my mum to cancer 6 years ago. RIP

  67. kindred spairet

    one love from Ireland

  68. TheManWithManyNames

    In 2012 the world was starting to change people were waking up wanting to make a change rallying together. Its 2016 almost 2017. What happened? Where was the change that was promised? Why did everyone lose their way? Not everyone is lost I've got two dozen men behind me supporting me and ready to act. All we're waiting for is for everyone else to get their asses into motion and become selfless and brave.

    James Casey

    +SappingSpy  I watched a good video the other day- it was a black man stateside saying something that actually applies to us all. He said  "how many of you here can grow your own food, harvest it, cook it- survive on the vegetation you yourself can access and produce?- put your hand up"...  "ok now, how many of you can build shelter?"...  "alright, how many of you can purify water, to make river water or other water drinkable?"...  "and how many of you can fight hand to hand, train your kids to fight hand to hand?" "how many of you can aim and shoot and use firearms properly?"...  "how many of you can hunt? how many of you know what you can and cannot eat when you forage for plants to eat in the wild?"...    Almost no-one put their hand up on any of those. Then he said "And that's what I'm talking about. I'm not saying this to offend you but to be realistic, you ain't ready to oppose shit. You are not ready to take on the system, because you cannot survive independently of it." and just like in the matrix when Morpheus said "they have become so dependent on the system that many will fight to protect it"..    I mean realistically 6 years ago I was ready for revolution, at least in sentiment. Now I realize with the mindless masses of today it would be hijacked quickly, or turn into a disaster destroying the entire infrastructure of schools and hospitals we need to survive unless it was done with great care and precision... which most mindless rioting people cannot do. Most people cannot even find a common consensus over what they want to change, most people just want a free tv or a free pair of trainers in a riot. And I respect the last part of what the man said the most "I don't know about you, but I'm gonna train my child to hunt, fish, build shelter, purify water, to read, to write, to think, to fight hand to hand, to shoot, to do all the things that would make him ABLE to be independent and oppose a system in the first place". Sad fact is we're lost, confused, divided and infantised. The closest most get to revolution is a mask from a Hollywood movie 'vendetta' (the original anonymous movement hijacked utterly) and throwing  a few smoke grenades with some yobbo students who just wanna get pissed and play hipster revolutionaries.. its sad. But real revolutions were never carried out in that manner, not even the peaceful protests of Ghandi were like that.


    I just listen to that actually I took some wording you used and found it yes I agree with him. People today don't know how to do shit they rely on others way too fucking much I can understand that but most kids today or those I went to school with they dropped out they had this fuck teachers attitude I tried to tell them hey shut it your getting information handed to you for free and all you're going to do is bite the hands that give it to you no wonder why there are so many gangs and hate groups no one told them the hard truth. Parents today are way too soft and way to abusive and ignorant in their teaching "Oh they did something wrong so now to teach them not to do it again I'll beat them till they cry so they won't do it again" That's not parenting that Authoritarian bullshit instead of teaching its listen and obey or you'll get pain. Ignorance is the number one thing that kills millions of people in war people. No one fucking thinks but what is worse is those people who stand idly by and don't do fucking anything they sit on the side lines because they're to scared they don't want to go to jail I don't want to do because then my mom will cry and all my friends will be sad... Its called being selfless getting a spine who fucking puts others ahead of himself and doing what needs to be done. I go in public places trying to convince people to think and I get insulted by stupid people who can't break out of their mental slavery and they call me the nutter well at least I'm trying. I do what I can but hopefully soon things will start changing I can't tell you because I can't risk the safety of my plan but when it does you along with everyone else in the world will notice and finely the tyranny of capitalism will be destroyed and America will no longer be run by rich pricks who don't care.

    James Casey

    +SappingSpy You're right. I used to see young women shouting at their kid, screaming at them in a supermarket isle and tugging their wrists... and yeah sure I know kids can be little shits sometimes but thats no way to educate them, nor is beating an education into a child rather than actually explaining and teaching them in a more intelligent manner. You're probably more sane than most walking around this crazy world for wanting something to be done about things in the first place, but sometimes I feel a little hopeless myself because what you describe there is typical of the reaction many people will give when you encourage them to think independently or try and explain to them how corrupt things really are. To a degree people are wrapped up in their own problems, and yet.. sometimes its better to reserve that 'medicine' for the dying and not the dead.


    James Casey I completely agree with what your saying, kids are kids we need to give them discipline before its too late. I find them annoying as fuck but then I realize there mind set hadn't fully developed you shouldn't b pushing and pulling younger people if they don't understand what Is happening. If that make sense

    George Ohrling

    You all got distracted by smartphones and game systems technology keeps you on the couch

  69. Ramiz Kozlav

    I keep hearing this theme. Many reality. After 9 months I'm still here listening from Caracas-Venezuela. I still say "The best rapper singing in English"
    "Sorry if I missed a word, I do not know much English."

    hgewhew hewdhewr

    too bad lowkey supported the government instead of helping expose the corruption you're all suffering from.

  70. Gno

    Lowkey, i'm such a huge fan.
    You are really a rolemodel and idol for me and alot of my friends, please keep doing what you do. You make me think about what matters.

  71. Kiddubz

    globalfaction should be on more subs than this :(

  72. Opentosounds

    Lowkey is the English version of Lupe fiasco

  73. Abahahahqhshqibs Shishsbahiahv

    Still bangs in 2016

  74. James Proud



    Let's go!

    David Brown

    Stalking @globalfaction so I am hahaha can't fukin wait

    Spark b

    Yes!!! :))

    Fay Yah

    James Proud Fuck yeah

  75. Manuel Desmarais

    Banging this Music in Canada, truth always win!

  76. 2jztoyo

    how adnan died?

    Oswaldo Bohorquez


  77. Zainah Ahmed


  78. linkon broos

    seriously, this video needs more views

  79. Jordan topham

    I'm from England and I was walking through town today and a stranger specifically walked past me, touched the top of my back and said "salam" stared at me then walked away, he didn't do it to anybody else. can somebody tell me why? and what it means?

    Jordan topham

    but why to me? I was just walking along like everyone else

    Saki Gjfij

    guess your special man idk bro

    Seleem Saleh

    Salaam means Peace, It's a greeting us Muslims use, hope that helped :)


    Are you muslim?

    ITz That Guy

    Jordan Griffiths salaam
    a common greeting in many Arabic-speaking and Muslim countries.
    a gesture of greeting or respect typically consisting of a low bow of the head and body with the hand or fingers touching the forehead.
    "he greeted me with salaams and repeated cries of welcome"
    make a salaam.
    "instead of salaaming he spat on the ground"

  80. manoj kumaracheliyan

    Anyone know the car 3:12 ?

  81. Chiara

    my music is my natural resours,now I want it back!(...)
    when you say the truth, they attack like a saber tooth,think to clearly make disappear like you hate the fruit!!!
    they tell us about terrorism and tell about terrorists,look at the definition and tell us what terror is!!!

  82. Chiara

    Two choices now:REVOLUTION OR GENOCIDE!
    Pure truth Lowkey!

  83. Salomon Villamonte

    4:00 to 4:44.

  84. A- VRN

    Who is singer at 0:57 ? Thx


    +DIABLO II Mavado he originally sang his own verse in the song : Change right now So yeah :0

  85. Wajdi AlSaeed

    RIP Adnan

  86. Bruce Taylor

    What an important album this is. I try to share this all the time but a lot of people don't want to know. It's sad. Keep sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    +Bruce Taylor There's a LOT of ignorant people, generally the masses will take this as garbage an ignore it, only intelligent enough people will listen to it and like it so keep sharing, it's good even if you get a few people to like it as you won't get a lot of people into it for sure.

  87. hadies91

    one of the greatest rap videos i have ever seen from the message and the meaning of the song its just incredible but unfortunately doesn't even succeed to one million views 😢 shout out to lowkey and Global Faction for making positive videos that people can actually listen to and learn from god bless u and us.

  88. Heidi Young

    Halas is an arabic word for stop

    Heidi Young

    Oh okay thanks

  89. nathenism

    is this mexico city?

    James Casey

    @Nouman J  He did some good input on interviews on RT news- you can find some of them on youtube. But yeah I hear you, its a shame so much crap out there gets air time and words of wisdom from people like this don't.


    James Casey it's a shame that no one can hear what he is talking about, most rappers now days are talking about drugs, smoking weed, women, sex and shit like that. This guy is on another level, speaking about politics, and world history etc. Sorry I don't know how to explain..

    Also have you heard of immortal technique?

    James Casey

    @Nouman J  Hey don't worry you explained very well. I agree, far too much of the musical content that rappers display today is just garbage. Where much of it spoke for the poor, now it speaks for the rich- where before it pointed out the evil in inequality, now some rappers love rapping about having shit other people can't afford and don't have. Much of it has become an advertisement for capitalism, and where it praised women highly now they are just objects for sex and nothing more. The whole message got fucked. For me personally, the only reason its still alive as an artform is because of artists like Lowkey. And yes I also Immortal Technique another rapper with some great tracks. You're english is very good if its not your first language ;)


    James Casey thanks bro. It is my first language lmao, but to be honest I don't know how to explain it. You know lol, anyway you know tupac I think he would have been proud of what he has said and preaching, if tupac and him was alive now they would preach and talk against the presidential Alliances and government fraud and shit like that, I bet they both would be a very good talker and they will all get so much votes and speak the message out to the world, against the political views and Illuminati. Warning everyone against what is going to happen, etc.. As you if heard the song Obama Nation, by lowkey. He predicted so much from happening, what Obama was going to do, dropping drones to different countries. I hate Obama now, firstly I thought he was good but now I think he is a right cunt..!!!! Dude you speak the truth I know what you mean brother! :P

    The Notorious ANJ

    Command 10 He's back..

  90. Boxcutter Hooligan

    2016. still...

  91. Amin Abdul

    R. I. P Adnan

  92. duke of york

    This probably one of the best tracks he has made right?

  93. daGbox1

    I love you, man. I believe you will come back with even more wisdom to shed more light to this dark and cruel world. Your work will never be forgotten.

  94. Zoltán Boján

    Lowkey better than 2pac. Respect from Hungary.

  95. Nasir Muhsen

    Lowkey. Love brother all Arab 1 love you g