Lower Dens - Young Republicans Lyrics

In every generation
There are those who just don't fit in
We never asked to be this way
Born without souls or blood or skin
We're young republicans

The doors are locked, the curtains drawn
Our silken gloves and bonnets on
You cannot pass
You've no appetite
To taste the burning flesh of
A supreme joy no doubt at all
We lift our heads, we lift our heads
And see the world is burning

In every neat and tidy town
We can't help feel we've been let down
We never asked to be this way
No spines, no tongues, no fingerprints
We're young republicans

The doors are locked and the blinds are drawn
Our lamb-skin gloves and bonnets on
You can't pass
This is just for us
To taste the burning flesh of men
The greatest joy there's ever been
We lift our heads, we lift our heads
And see the world is burning

The doors are locked, the curtains drawn
Our silken gloves and bonnets on
You cannot pass
This is all for us
The doors are locked, the lines are drawn
Our calfskin gloves and bonnets on
You can't pass
You've no appetite
To taste the burning flesh of men
The greatest joy there's ever been
We lift our heads, we lift our heads
At last, the world is burning

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Lower Dens Young Republicans Comments
  1. Sound of collection


  2. Gil Riquerme

    BRILLIANT!!! <3

  3. ooopaulo

    This is great. I'm switching from Democrat to Republican!

  4. TJ Johnson

    SOOO much hate in these lyrics. Wow

  5. Michele Drummond

    That is a Republican Woman

  6. TheDesign

    I love you!!! I love this album!! I love Notropics!! I died to Escape From Nowhere!! And I was gonna kill myself before I heard this song and your new album!!! THE COMPETITION!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin Peterson

    This is such shit

  8. Mike Hanes

    Congrats on having gotten out of the locker someone locked you in circa 2009. I'm sorry you were hurt.

  9. Adam

    This music video makes me feel like some Oxy-addicted Beverly Hills resident.

  10. nymike06

    The left are so clueless and this embodies it. More power to Trump and all republicans, young and old.

  11. djjoseywalez

    Omg it's great! best song ever! stfu...this shit is wack....you know it, and I know it..

  12. David Vincent

    i must say that the gum was a nice touch!

  13. Charming Billy

    At 35 I'm becoming a middle aged republican

  14. Legal Tyranny

    More Duganist National Bolshevism in disguise. People need to look up who Alexander Dugan is. He's leading controlled opposition for alleged conservatives in America. The democratic party leaders and republican leaders are working together against the people. Stop falling for their divide and conquer bullshit. It's the people versus them.

  15. zen cat


  16. Nik Battaglia

    Like I said this song Fucking rules! 10 out of 10...🏆🏆😚😚

  17. Oloff Music

    Superb vocals

  18. thebestever475

    republicans are stupid

  19. Thomas Bubniak

    Sooooo..... Is this satire or not?...

  20. Nik Battaglia

    Fucking amazing song! 10 out of 10...💪🙂💪🙂💪🙂 Don't know if is is overt political for one side or other meaning but this song Fucking jams! ♥️♥️🎈🎈🎉🎉

  21. Hannah Van Hise

    i’m not gonna lie i don’t get this song at all but i REALLY LIKE IT

    okay. i looked it up. it’s pretty offensive, so i’m taking it off of my playlist. but it’s got a really nice soUND if we disregard the lyrics 🤪


    I can’t believe you find the lyrics offensive. They’re incredibly tame and you see far worse every day from talking heads on tv and Twitter.

  22. Dan Gee

    I've never seen a man so stoned in a music video.

  23. bottomendbliss

    Sharon van Stretton sent me here, sorry im late. Love this. Love your voice. Twin hands is beautiful.

  24. Chris Shelley

    Oh my god yes, you're back! Fuck yeah guys.

  25. Unofficial Official

    Is this a satire , comedy , or making the Republican party look bad I so confused


    I DONT KNOW BUT I LOVE TO DANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unofficial Official

    @XtreemBarry yes to what

    Andrew Heineman

    @Unofficial Official all 3 I am guessing

    Unofficial Official

    @Andrew Heineman ok

  26. Javier Ruffies

    This song slaps I be bumping this shit in my red coupe

  27. Stephen Yoshida

    Streisand effect from news stories about not getting radio play brought me here.

  28. PaleBlueDot

    I need their new album.

    Abbra Cadavere

    Totally agree! 🤣😘

  29. Abdullah Burak Uğurlu

    Great song guys! Love from Turkey.

  30. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Young Republicans" debuted at #13 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  31. sad drag queen

    Jana Hunter must be protected at all costs! Yes yes and yes!!!!

  32. Lauren Rael

    Helping us deal with the insanity of modern life always. 🙏🏼

  33. TBBMusicBlog

    Love Jana.

  34. lapalissiano

    I love you guys, you’re the best

  35. annie oakley

    Finally back! Undeniable jam and beautiful video!

  36. Elias Denny Films

    The song was incredible and the video was even more amazing

  37. Zhan Borukhov

    Ok song, with real bullshit divisive message.

  38. Kkidzz

    in every generation, there is a phone cord that goes nowhere.....

  39. Alex Johnson

    The world is LITERALLY BURNING..... 😑😖

  40. rajesh rao

    Awesome songs all the best

  41. Gleb Syromyatnikov

    I don't share your anti-capitalistic views, but it's did wonderful, and I'm waiting for new album.


    @Charming Billy hahaha, look at this tough guy trying to get physical over the internet. what a joke. how much you make a year big boy? what economically deprived shithole do you live in?


    @thebestever475 Have you tried making more money bro? Might improve your lot in life and attitude.


    @hobmarg i make 6 figures, that has nothing to do with me wanting to structurally change the system that hands 99% of the value created by workers to the top 1% billionaire class. your argument is trash


    @thebestever475 You would not be making six figures, and the utility of money would change drastically if you overhauled the current system to arbitrarily place limits on wealth/value creation. Money is arbitrary, utility is not. Innovation is the real value creation not production by workers.

    Beauty of a free country is you can absolutely support insane lunatics like AOC who will try to implement stuff like MMT.


    @hobmarg lmfao, you people are such cucks it's unbelievable. such subservient, submissive cucks.

    you're right i wouldn't be making 6 figures if the system was drastically overhauled, i'd be make more. more of the value created by the fruit of my labor would be captured by me, the worker, and not my boss who doesn't do shit and not the fat cats who sit on wall street and don't do shit either. you're right though, money is arbitrary, which is why i want to arbitrarily give more of it to workers who actually create value. and if we did get as far as absolutely dismantling capitalism with socialism or beyond (which isn't likely, nor am i advocating for communism), then the amount of money i make would mean less and less because the "free" markets wouldn't dictate the value of may labor (i quote 'free' because it's funny how many subsidies are given to oil companies, especially when republicans are in office).

    i agree, innovation is the the real value to society, but right behind that is the production by workers. and i don't just mean people in factories, i mean engineers and scientists and doctors and inventors and entrepreneurs (in some cases) who actually build and create things. nobody is saying we don't want innovation, the left is saying we want the value and control of that innovation not to be overwhelmingly in the hands of a few people, people who are mostly born into those circumstances and don't do anything useful to society (donald trump, for example). i know empathy and equality are foreign concepts to you people, and as you've already shown you people do have the submissive, bow-down-and-kiss-the-boot-of-authority mentality, but we on the left want the advancement of technology to improve the lives of everyone on the planet, we want technology to improve the life of the actual planet, we want the fruits of our labor to be distributed fairly, we want some things like healthcare to be socialized and everyone to get treated and treated without going bankrupt, we want democracy in the political sense and in the workplace, and quite frankly we want more leisure time to do whatever we want, both in regards to the hours of the day and years of our lives. like you said we're free to support and vote for any policies we want that will shape our lives. if you're not behind what i just said you're either a mentally ill religious nut, a racist and a bigot, or an oligarch who's afraid you'll lose the billions of dollars in wealth you've stolen through the financialization of our economy from workers and you're afraid you might lose your 6th or 7th house (that could go to housing someone who actually needs it). or you're a cuck who loves to be dominated and watch the ruling class fuck your financial life silly while you sit idly by and admire. it's one of those things. which is it?

  42. Adam Gelatt

    getting a real Wham City vibe from this. amazing

  43. Holographic Marlon Brando

    so happy they're back!!! watching their ascent not only in popularity but also in sound has been an absolute joy

  44. Sound of collection


  45. fresher brine

    "But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever."

  46. DJOODI

    Yeah, fuck Republicans.

  47. Michael

    5.1 / 10

    Chad Long

    Yeah, man, don'tcha realize you're never allowed to be negative about anything and must at all times pretend stuff that is quite honestly mediocre is the best. thing. ever. (pretend those periods are clapping hand emojis) and you can't even! Be careful, or you'll get sent to the Buzzfeed reeducation camp.
    This song is a pretty middle of the road.


    @Chad Long Nobody said you're not allowed to not like it. But I'm also allowed to tell you I think you're wrong if you post about it online, so give the persecution complex a rest.


    5.1 surround sound

    Huge Chrome Peach

    Just a bit above average. Agreed.

    Huge Chrome Peach

    @GasparLewis Low IQ response.

  48. Nicholas Mastro

    Reminds me of Beach House. I like it!

  49. Pedro O. Pinto

    in every generation, there are those songs that blow your mind

    Huge Chrome Peach

    This is not one of them.

    Pedro O. Pinto

    Huge Chrome Peach it is great to have different perceptions in music ✨ i’m sure lower dens would support both our feelings.

    Huge Chrome Peach

    @Pedro O. Pinto We can only hope.

    roberto rojas

    and we are still waiting for it

  50. Musos Guide

    Tweeted @musosguide

  51. Filipe Pinto

    i want that jacket!