Low - Violence Lyrics

Lent you my favorite dictionary
Came back with ripped out pages
Stopped by so uninvited
Wasted good silverware on you
You can't trust violence

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Low Violence Comments
  1. spazzical

    Can someone tell me give me tabs for the intro?

  2. anna tomhave

    Low: for those who NEED 90's alt songs🔥

  3. Neypan


  4. xultsu

    ik this is edgy, but when i hear this song, i imagine myself in a house after the apocalypse and i’ve killed everyone in the house with good silverware

  5. Diane Stojentin

    I went to see them in Chicago at a place and they apologized for their music being so slow. Then they did Transmission. The people in the audience that got it applauded them greatly. Sadly, nobody else did. It wasn't The Double Door. It was a place called The Empty Bottle.

  6. Isaac the bartender

    Lent you my favorite dictionary
    Came back with ripped out pages
    Stopped by so uninvited
    Wasted good silverware on you
    You can't trust violence
    You can't trust violence
    No, you can't trust violence
    You can't trust violence

    You can't trust violence
    You can't trust violence
    No, you can't trust violence
    You can't trust violence

  7. Funeral bug

    It's so chilling me while lying on my bed

  8. Brandon Glover

    I’m not doing good, I want to die but I don’t want to kill myself yet, but if things keep on like this I might get there, I don’t want to live right now

  9. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    After all these years since first hearing this song, I just now realized it's their version of a murder ballad!

  10. J L

    I haven't listened to this since the 90s. I found the CD of Long Division in a box in my mom's basement the other day while helping her get the place ready to sell. Sounds really good. One of the few 90s bands that I liked that still holds up. I was 20 when this came out, am 43 now. In a way Low reminds me a bit of The War On Drugs.

  11. Mellissa-Lea Whitmore

    Here in 2018, & my goodness I've fallen madly in love with Low

    Alicia Kelley

    Mellissa-Lea Whitmore I've been in love with them for over a decade but good to see others joining in!

    Boston Guy in the midwest

    First saw them in Port Chester, New York in 1995 on tour for this album and supporting Soul Coughing. Interviewed them for my fanzine before the show. Been a huge fan ever since. Super nice people too. Check out all their other material too. Always creative and thought-provoking.


    Mellissa-Lea Whitmore Same here. Didn’t even know about them until a month ago.

  12. MG Gailitis

    Not one of their best tracks, but it's still stunningly beautiful. What a great band.

    Alicia Kelley

    MG Gailitis Really? One of my favorites. In your opinion, what are some of their best?

  13. Deleted Delete please

    Has anyone else ever felt like a tiny modest cartooned Speedy Gonzales?
    I try to slow down with a slow beat instantly meditating.
    Low songs were so sweet!
    Can words be violent?
    Can questions brake silence? In hope some answers are elaborated to feel you know. It's more than hope! You know?

  14. Bruno oliveira

    show demais

  15. New Dawnfades

    Listened to this when it came out in 1995. I was victim to the ultimate delusion/illusion. The song feels so different now that I know that violence is not just limited to terror inflicted on one's corpus.


    life is brutal. the world we live in is all we need to exist yet it wants nothing else but to destroy us.


    It's part of the cycle, it's not a point(death).

  16. 72twist

    Just beautiful....

  17. mlstrx

    wasted good silverware oon yaaaaaaaaa

  18. TheDayOfTheDog

    Absolutely awesome...

  19. Elias Ferreyra

    It sounds like early mornings

  20. TheArtificialNoise

    Hi guys, I would like you to give this a try. A band from Monterrey, Mx!



  21. F. Hawk

    Wow such a great feel to this song throughout. One of my favourite bands.

    If you get time check out Lucid Rivers

  22. Endymion766

    This sounds like the music my papa listened to before he died. I hope he wasn't sad. I was only 8. 


    @Endymion766  Everyone gets sad sometimes. It's the nature of this world.


    I only say this cause I can relate, but I hope so too

  23. jfeuiebf

    I only like 'I could live in hope' album, the rest is just 'too normal'

    Kevin Molloy

    Poor you :(


    @Kevin Molloy not really as my musical taste is the best in the universe 

    Kevin Molloy

    @jfeuiebf Then you must know Zulugugu from Sirius B... the Greatest band in the universe!! 


    only know Side B from Willpower

  24. Richard H

    Low, Codine, Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500...The most beautiful slow-mo car crash ever.....

    Gautam Siddharth

    Cigarettes After Sex is also an Amazing Band

    M Brontë

    The National is right in there.

    Leo olho

    We also have the Canadian melancholy singer Barzin Hosseini

    Franz Kafka

    Richard H,
    Throw in some Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis, Wilco, M. Ward, Elliot Smith, Pink Floyd, Mac Demarco, The Gun Club, Unkle, Neva Dinova, Damien Rice, The Smiths, Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, Sufjan Stevens, Death Cab For Cutie, and you’re not still not even up sh!t’s creek with razor blades for paddles.
    But, if you really—and, I mean really—wanna delve into the melancholy throw in some GYBE!, Sigur Ros, EITS, Mogwai, ASMZ, Coil, Aphex Twin, FPA, or BOC, to name a few.
    Then, after consuming all of the aforementioned schmorgesborg of doom and gloom, if you still find yourself itching for all that is intrinsic and extrinsic in this godforsaken life, you’re gonna wanna go classical. We’re talking Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin—I mean, the list is utterly astronomical.
    Now, after you’re filled to the gills with all that is auditory bliss, and you’re still finding your pallet unsustained, you’re going to want to peruse the art of film and written word. For great recommendations in these arts you’re going to want to get with me.

    imax digital

    Cigarettes After Sex

  25. tatonn ement


  26. Charlie Cosheril

    Nice,so smooth !!

  27. tee palileo


  28. Lola Volkan

    lying in the meadow, watching the sunset and listening to this... having no problems.
    only imagine...

    Heather jill

    Lola Volkan that's exactly what I imagine

  29. thirtiesgurl

    One of my favorite Low songs. I return to it again and again.

    shadowboi 16

    Hi, are you okay?

  30. Classic Nathan

    Once again saved and stored in the moment by bieng a creep.

  31. Violet TM

    This is the meaning of art.

  32. Duck0f Doom

    This song sounds like long, lost memories, to me.

  33. Ale Roccia

    I've just found my heaven.

  34. Thomas Germann

    If the Twin Ports had a definition in the 90's this was it. Don't know how many times I passed out on the "point" with this in my head.

    Heather jill

    Thomas Germann I absolutely love this post! It's so true! ❤️😌

  35. blackened667

    It's OK i figured them out.. it's ( A, G, D ) in standard tuning but it's played in an open G. just in case any one else was wondering :)


    blackened667 merci!

  36. blackened667

    does anybody have a clue what the chords are to this song ??? the internet doesn't seem to want to tell me :(

  37. OJSimpsonization

    Awesome. Me too. I'm going to listen to Spain next. :]

  38. Pablo Cordero

    One of the greatest songs of the past 20 years.

  39. Jamel Williams

    I fully agree with you. This song is the epitome of musical beauty.

  40. Jess i

    The only thing that needs a new name here is my youtube account.
    Why does everything have to have a catagory?
    You might as well go outside and put post-it notes on every fucking flower. We have hundreds of different lanugages in the world - there are thousands of words for 'love'.
    In the end, we're all hearing the same thing here. Labels tell us what something contains. I dare you to find one word that epitomizes what i'm hearing.


    Jess i MUSIC.

  41. skylilly1

    mainstream radio...with all the beautiful music out there, we deserve better radio stations! Love this song...

  42. Tyler gamble

    which falls under music.

  43. Jesse G

    @PostConsumerMedia slowcore, art rock, trip hop, doom metal, sludge, stoner rock, grunge, prog rock, psych folk, acid rock, space rock, shoegaze etc. it really don't matter what you call it is psychedelic rock.

  44. Post-Consumer

    Slowcore? I didn't know that genre existed.

  45. nuclearjanitors

    I don't know why I like this as much as I do.


    I like this song!

  47. Thomas Germann

    This song created an entire generation of moody, passionate, Twin Port dreamers.

  48. Dave Cormier

    so good...

  49. hstg98

    Have always loved this one...

  50. Nelroy

    I agree. My Favorite?

  51. nadirzenit

    what a beauty