Low Roar - Low Roar Lyrics

Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?
Two gave a low roar different?

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  1. Alexandre Ritzel

    3 Likes received from BB

  2. tiamat_023

    Norman Reedus sent me

  3. phantomhive

    The best music is the music that makes you intensely reflect on your life


    And make you feel the universe

  4. Gabriel Ribeiro

    Já fazem alguns anos que escuto esse som maravilhoso. Quando começou a tocar no game quase escorreu uma lágrima. Obrigado Kojima. <3

  5. Aussie saurus


    BattleField 1 Russia

    shut up =) this im Sam ;)

  6. Emanuele Cicoira

    Thx 2 the strand

  7. sengiko

    Reading some comments and listening to this made me come to a sad realization: I have forgotten what falling in love feels like, and I’m trying to remember. Can anyone describe it for me? What did you felt when you fell in love with someone else? How did you see that person? It must feel nice

  8. GUSTI GAMING Gaming

    Siapa yang kesini gara gara rega budi 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Puteri Adleen

    This is the kinda song that i would listen to while i watch the sun rise

  10. Rad RoZe

    who is coming from death stranding

  11. Areal Fantasy

    Check mail of sam Bridges

  12. Guellix

    who listens to this and is playing Death Stranding now ?

  13. SomeOneElse

    So odd - I clicked into a philosopher/theologian vid just last night and the into - very faint music - just a few notes - was from this album. Glad to have had the reminder.

  14. となりのゴリディア

    by BB

  15. Raven Morgoth

    Death Stranding brought me here.

    milton edward edward

    Welcome to the party.

    Fabian S

    Me too 😊

  16. Xcraigy85X

    Yes I’m here from death stranding 😂

    Niccolò Frangiones

    me too man

    Michal Valta


  17. Sai Rupesh

    death stranding brought me here

  18. Daniel Gebler

    Hey Bella, das wird mich immer mit Dir Verbinden ... Love You ❤️ for ever ... Daniel ...

  19. Saranago

    why am i crying when listening this nice songs?

  20. Gal Anonim

    reminds me of radiohead

  21. Lautaro Maiarú

    who loves this music after playing death strangding??? :)

  22. Alonso SSfiv

    death stranding <3

  23. Revaz Vazagashvili

    მეტად სასიამოვნოა, როცა ხედავ ქართველს ამდენად კარგი მუსიკალური გემოვნებით : )

  24. ベーアマテュー

    Landed here, coming from a Death Stranding "VOD" LiveStream. Perfect <3

  25. CloneHat

    Slamming a Monster™ Energy Drink as I listen to this

    Daniel Gülseren

    lou? you allright?

    Derek Chen

    You can skip all the cut scenes or you can play the music and take a break with Sam. Make a decision.

    Odin Satanas

    im reeeally curious to see the youtube analytics for this video.. i wonder how massive the spike was when DS came out haha

    Luca Ramazzotti

    What a great avatar, too

    Michal Valta

    Why would you do that to yourself?? :D

  26. NounVerbNumber

    I'll keep coming.

  27. Sebastian Fantom

    any one here from Death Stranding??

  28. IM-M4zed

    Death stranding

  29. phát nguyễn

    cter đâu

  30. Matheuskiev


  31. fuckerer bitcher

    i often listen to this and look at pictures of big cocks on the web because i wish i had a big cock lol

  32. fuckerer bitcher

    i like to listen to this and look at pictures of semen on the web

  33. snakey973

    A perfect floating masterpiece

  34. Tessa Martinez

    i can't believe i've never heard of this before now. what a beautiful and haunting expression of sound.

  35. Marcelo Nobre

    Just a Habit and Rolling Over... they break my heart 💔

  36. Luis Soto

    Hace un par de años me encontré con este álbum...desde la primera vez supe que me acompañaría por el resto de camino que me queda. Música simplemente grandiosa...una invitación a tu viaje interior. Una acompañante de momentos íntimos y profundos... Música sanadora

  37. Jefe

    Death Stranding brought me here.

  38. SlamifiedBuddafied

    I'm glad I came here. It's another reminder in this trivial existence that in the end, everything will be alright in one way or another.

  39. Evernight

    Yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend after 2 years. It was a common decision, but I was the one who said it out loud first.
    I met Low Roar because of him, he sent me this album. When I first heard "Patience" I bursted into tears, because I found that ethereally beautiful. I told him about that, then he said I was an exceptional person, as no one among his friends loved this music before.
    We used to be so close to each other, he was also my best friend, he was the one who I shared the best moments of my life with. He was actually my first bf, the first who loved me, the first who travelled with me during my first flight ever... and it was also my first breakup.
    The flame has gone out between us, our views of life were completely different, so he couldn't picture his life with me, we had no future.
    Now I'm listening to "Patience" again, crying, because all the memories keep rushing in my mind, and even though I know this was the right decision, it still feels like ripping a piece out of my heart.
    Somewhere deep I still love him, he's such a good and caring person, and I wish him to find the person I couldn't be. ❤️

  40. ran cohen

    39:00 trance? nice evening suprise tnx:)

  41. basma abbass

    I have been listening to this album every single night before bed since 7/10/2017 all I can say is.. Thank you for this album!!

  42. fractal infinito

    Brazil 👩‍🎤

    henrique freitas

    fractal infinito here we go again

    fractal infinito

    @henrique freitas Let's go


    Dificilmente vejo algum Br escutando o som do low mano . Tmj 👍

    Jaimerson Wellington

    @Eric eu estou procurando a discografia, é dificil achar!

  43. João Manuel Veloso Bárbara


  44. Marcus Asbjørn Olav Medalhus Маркус Асбьёрн Олав

    1. Give Up 0:00
    2. Just a Habit 03:06
    3. Nobody Else 06:36
    4. Patience 11:36
    5. Low Roar 17:18
    6. Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out) 19:42
    7. The Painter 25:12
    8. Help Me 30:00
    9. Rolling Over 33:54
    10. Puzzle 39:02
    11. Because We Have To 42:18
    12. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight [cuted] 46:18

  45. Andrew Neve


  46. rek

    i think it was maybe 2013? or 2014 i was shitting around and hoping to find music, and specifically i just put roar (probably for some katy perry shit) and i came across this. im really glad i did, think this was one of the reasons on how i matured. it was a soft transition of growing older, and i remember just.. crying. in the dark or drawing or whatever. it was really nice, and its really humbling to look back on.

  47. Victoria Hart

    Probably my most listened to album. Especially great to listen to when I'm trying to fall asleep. Chases away all my anxiety. Ahhhhh....

  48. Mitra Maheri

    I found this looking for Hygge music and it is one of the albums my daughter will drift off to its super relaxing 😍.

  49. satokibii

    help meow

  50. Gerson Cuevas

    Listening to "nobody else" in this album and then I notice the thumbnail of a video of a grandpa, riding a bicycle, smiling, and the video title is "visiting a city where a single person lives in'

  51. Dm Fo

    Hope more of low roar songs will be used in kojima's death stranding

  52. falsetto king

    I listen to this since 4 years ago. It’s a one precious album for me and a little treasure from my heart.

  53. Armin Johansson

    And I'm back again. This album has the makings of a classic.

  54. Tyler Neal

    I'm here because of Hideo Kojima. He has been influencing my life since I was 14 years old (31 now). His first teaser for Death Stranding turned me onto this group and now my band and I listen to them often. I am thankful to these guys as much as I am to Kojima for showing them to me.

  55. Egogaijin jinjin

    miss you so much Jen :((

    Egogaijin jinjin

    i hate me self,think i have not much time

  56. Horrendum Creatura

    well that's one fucking sad album. I love it but that's honestly one of the most moving artists I know

  57. Phlow

    Mr.Kojima I'm sorry but where is the GAME?

  58. Ebru Özbıçak

    I want to die listening to this album.

  59. Erika Wolf

    "Tonight, tonight, tonight" was the first song i heard by them, when they first came out. I'm glad they have become way more recognized.

  60. Jazne Judhen

    Keep it up ! I like this album !

  61. Ethan Hall

    I first found this album my freshman year of college when all seemed lost. 5 years later, all seems lost again, despite achieving everything I set out to achieve. So glad to have this back.

  62. rv remy

    It's just a grand plaisir. Merci l'artiste

  63. Cane Libéro

    I actually miss the relationship I used to have with my mother

  64. Lee Hoven

    When an Album recorded in a kitchen is better than 99% of today's music


    Lee Hoven
    Word 💜

  65. Waqas Irshad Sandhu

    A few weeks ago I was out of gas and out of money. I had $5 in change that I kept in one of those little drawers in my car for unexpected tolls. On this particular night, I pulled up to a Cumberland Farms pump. I had no option. My bank account had less than 0 in it. I counted out my quarters, dimes, and nickels at the cash register. $5. I went out to pump enough gas into my car to get home. As I was finishing pumping ($5 does not take long), a guy came out to my car, breathless, and said "You were in front of me at the register. I tried to get your attention before you came back out here. I added $10 to what you threw down on the counter for gas...".
    I thanked that man and cried all the way home. I am going through tough times, like lots of you. But this random act of kindness boosted my night, my week, my months. That was about 3 months ago. I do not know who that kind man was. But I will never forget him. I am not exaggerating when I say this--he made my life worth living with his kindness that night. Please realize that the simplest act of kindness that you bestow on a stranger will have a ripple effect through all eternity.

    Sun Child

    This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. Hope you're doing well ❤️

  66. Jesús M. Torres

    Amazing! soul´s music.

  67. 19Circles

    Once in a long long while, you come across a band like this.

  68. Jean-Paul Kotze

    one of the best albums I have heard in a long time

  69. Oreo Killer

    still my fav <3 ^^

  70. Truewarlock

    22 October 2018

  71. Send Help

    There are a few thing that make me cry. And this is one of them.

  72. Carlos Sansot

    Please name the firts song??

    Tom Walters

    Carlos Sansot The first song is called Give Up, the song titles are in the description if you need to know anymore btw

  73. beatriz c

    guys does anybody knows where Give Up is from????/ like a movie, anything... i cant remember
    im sorry for the english!!! brazilian here
    xoxo thankss

  74. FIRE Breath569

    Wow! Loved this album I discovered by pure chance... Thank you so :). Just beautiful; warm and honest. Needed this tonight :).

  75. Jon Won

    I listen to this when I'm on the road for hours (this plus passing landscapes esp during rain is magical), when I'm drawing and when I have troubles falling asleep.

    It's so calming and melancholic and unique

  76. Boris Frenkel

    Making that album as a soundtrack for my funeral...

  77. Nigel Fletcher

    The first song

    This plays when you die with no hope but remember your family and friends and smile with one strain of tear

  78. lakelustre

    Love this album. Maybe you'll like this too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abOf0U6zazI

  79. Andrew Harris

    This is superb

  80. Droga hiperactiva

    Why does this masterpiece have 1k dislikes???

  81. Francisco Huete Montealegre

    This is just too beautiful!!! Just amazingly awesome, haunting and great in every way!!!

  82. sinejan yasar

    20 aug. 18

  83. Tawan Nansin

    Thank you Hideo Kojima for this band

  84. Isabelle Walker

    this was a random choice to listen to at work and what a great choice. Love it. thank you


    great album

  86. alexandra frank

    very beautiful

  87. Sergio MIllan Gonzalez

    A day I will remember is today. I´ll remember a sight, a warm hug and a her big caramel eyes. And when I kissed her soft lips, Low Roar started to play! Now, she´s not here, with me, but I remember that moment with a nostalgic thought and feeling.

  88. Thingaloo

    This isn't as bad as the absolute garbage of pop but it's so damn uninteresting.

  89. Peter Szabo

    Masterpiece!! Accidentally found gold!

  90. my name

    this is actually pretty good for meditation

  91. Rosangela Lima

    Como gostaria de ver um show dessa banda no Brasil. <3

  92. Snaw Mlt

    Reminds of sweet and sunny days I used to live

  93. Smau Lanus

    This shit hits deep. It has a completely different emotion to it, it reminds you of a place that you've never been. Waking up on a cool morning, walking out of your wood house, over the fresh-green grass. Taking in the fresh air around you, knowing that you've found peace.

  94. Pheromone

    I have this strong fond of icelandic indie pop singers

  95. Project RAZLAD

    good writing music for mysteries

  96. Yam dR

    So Beautiful

  97. Nina Àrtemis

    Brasil, cade?? 😊💖