Low Roar - Give Up Lyrics

And I won't wake
A wealthy man someday
Cause the sun
Don't follow me

And I won't wake
Without a song to sing
Nothing to some
Everything to me

And in my worst
I'll do my best
To make it seem
Like I'm happy

Cause I've grown numb
Dry as my tear ducts
I've grown dumb
And empty

But don't give up on me
Give up on me
Give up on me

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Low Roar Give Up Comments
  1. Matt Parker

    Wow, what an incredible band Low Roar are. Death Stranding bought me here. I've since purchased every single Low Roar album and I'm simply in love with all of them. Thank you Kojima for introducing me to this great band

  2. Rully c-nel

    To make it seem like i'm happy i can feel when i feel sad to much i must make it seem like i'm happy to dry my tears little lying to make it right this song make me feel

  3. Adolf. Hipster

    :,( broo me hizo llorar

  4. Luis Dominguez

    Magic is pure magic

  5. LinkZer0

    Por alguna razón no puedo evitar llorar con esta canción... Y extrañamente no es tristeza lo que siento

  6. casablancas

    Mr Kojima was waiting for use their songs on a game and this is the ocasión for it

  7. Vault-Boy Dan

    I'm Sam!

    Hey, my name's Sam too :D.

  8. Natureman Fruits

    Keep on keeping on!

  9. Francesco Stassi

    Listen yours songs during my trip on death stranding it was like a sun after the storm... thank you and greetings..great band

  10. BigBossMan27

    Thank you low roar for everything you do 🙏

  11. BigBossMan27

    Noticed alot of people in the comments saying this song made them cry and they don’t know why. Well it makes me cry and I know why. Its because I live the lyrics. Except for the dry tear duct part lol. That part of me still work’s properly.

  12. Taoxic

    Doing what this man does is all that matters. Having some coffee, a smoke, appreciating the dog and sunset. Waking up every morning and just being at peace and thinking, watching the sunrise. There's nothing more beautiful than a life like this and I have had the opportunity to live it. I am much grateful for this. It will eternally rest in my heart and will never disappear. I will be waiting for you there eternally , always.

    such love and such peace. Such beauty and perfection. Such love. Such is happiness.

  13. Taoxic

    This song makes me happy because it reminds me that the worst that can happen is that you simply give up and you become accepting of the peace within you. I will never stop crying for this song and for myself to be happy😔😪🤕💝💖

  14. James B

    Absolutely beautiful song. Thanks Low Roar, thanks Kojima.

  15. Project M

    Thanks Kojima

  16. Tibit

    Just got this album, really good but kind of weird about the game with the babies you have to play to listen to it.

  17. Paolo Canova


  18. Deconverted Man

    what a nice old man :)

  19. PS4 Vídeos

    Cadê os br mano?

  20. Adel Elalem

    Very underrated song ❤️ you deserve more *Death Stranding fan *

  21. Tomcaydoss22 ALV

    Sigo a Low Roar hace 3 años y no logro comprender porque me vuelve sad escucharlos

  22. Breezy

    keep on keepin on

  23. Nico WarHier

    This is so damn sad.

  24. DigitalNuggets

    tfw this song gets interrupted by BTs

  25. The-Boto

    Can someone please help me find the correct tabs. He plays with a capo on 4th fret and nothing I find has it correct and it doesnt have to same feeling please help😭😭😭

  26. Vergildarkslayer Sparda

    Death stranding a Hideo Kojima game😍😍😍❤

  27. Jet

    This MV and the moment in the game are both truly masterpiece

  28. Stig's chinese cousin

    I'm probably going to be like this man in 40 years

  29. tisa909


  30. Davi Rosar Back

    this song fills the little gap i have in my hearth.

  31. Areal Fantasy

    Gracias Kojima por hacerme conocer esta banda

  32. Evangelion 01

    Amazing song ! Thank you death stranding ❤

  33. Rogue One

    I don't want to grow old.
    It'll be better if I end this now while I still can

  34. Richard Foff

    I'm not crying!

  35. Safer95

    Becouse i'm fragile, but i'm not fragile !! <3

  36. Trouble_Always_Inbound

    I don't know if it's sad that this looks like my ideal retirement or not. I wanna spend my later years getting stoned on my little plot and just spend my time away from everything.

    I don't hate people, they just freak me out. I don't think I'm meant for this world.

  37. Solid Neo

    Death Stranding is my GOTY

  38. prisillia gendis

    I came here because Sam

  39. JakBaronKing

    Who can’t help but cry during this song

  40. となりのゴリディア

    by BB

  41. C-Crystals

    Youtube: it's 4years ago
    Kojima fans: are u f*cking kidding me?



  42. Dane Celestia

    In my head, the way this is sung, everything in the lyrics is the guy's thoughts. And the last ones the "give up on me" that there is what the guy is saying to everyone around him.... :/

    For me, that's what this is.

    A silent and ironic plea...

  43. thinknoddles finks

    kojima made the whole game so he could show us those musics


    Kojima needs to make a spotify so we can all listen to his music

  44. Miltob Pin3da

    You merely adopted low roar (because of death stranding) I was born with it molded by it (youtube recommended it 5 years ago and I'm happy you are introduced to it)

    marc rios

    Well perhaps he was wondering why some one would like a song! Before playing a video game!?

  45. Hello Twinbee

    Thank you Kojimasan, this game, this music, everything in this game speaks for me. The solitude, the sound of the rivers, the amazing scenery of the mountains, everything is just perfect

    This game is a love letter for me, someone who enjoy loneliness and solitary

  46. kamil szablewski

    Very Nice.

  47. Nicola Pisanu

    No va bé il vecchio con gli occhiali di sferaebbasta è meda

  48. Panic Station

    I hear you loud and clear...

  49. Matt Hafey

    Well, looks like the time fall finally caught up with Sam 😝

  50. Lil Sanic

    This song made me think , what I need to do to be happy and don't feel empty :(

  51. Lewis Ng

    from truc tiep game streamr with love

  52. Abbey Road Abbot

    Hideo Kojima sent me to this masterpiece of a song.

  53. Jax - Bậc Thầy Vũ Khí

    Ae từ đêm qua bên ttg đâu điểm danh

  54. Federico Seijo

    Thanks Amazon futurist guy...

  55. NG GI PH

    From TTG

  56. Saad

    Amazing what putting quality music in a video game can do. Enjoy the views Low Roar, you deserve it!

  57. Родион Скрупский

    Гениальная музыка

  58. Фёдор Михайлов

    Время не щадит никого....

  59. Dane Celestia

    I feel that ultimately, despite everything... this is what my dad wanted to say to me all those years... Sad that I didn't get it in time.

  60. KEGO

    Trevor Philips got older

  61. Fahd Sumat

    it is the best song of the game and those fucking BT cut it on me so i had to see it here :))

  62. Ten Akuma

    Why does every song from Low roar feel like it belongs in Life is Strange

  63. Gianni Barone


  64. Kazze

    Thx Kojima thx Death Stranding

  65. Gravy Beats

    Came here because of my man Kojima, stayed for the breathtaking music <3

  66. kax0205

    Thank you Low Roar! Thank you Mr.Kojima! and thank you....SAM!

  67. Mehmet Canbaz

    Deat stranting ;)

  68. kyuzo

    when this song pop up while walking with a pretty chick in my back, it brought chiral allergy in my spine.

  69. BetterNes4


  70. Alperen Demirkaya 3

    "Zaman yavaş yavaş geçerken, hepimiz silinmiş olacağız,
    Öyleyse güneş batmadan son bir kez, birlikte gülümsemeye ne dersin ? "

    mu kal

    Harika ❤

    ozer ilhan

    Evet diyorum...

    Geçen gün arabada 1.5 saat boyunca sürekli bunu dinleyip yaşlılığıma ve yalnızlığıma gittim... Herşeyden geçtim dag olsa geçerdim. Ta ki evladımın gulumsemesini göremeyeceğimi anladığım ana kadar...

  71. Rodolfo Yuzo

    OK, let's carry this fucking living body through
    BT infested territory

  72. Thiha Kyaw

    Thank you, Hideo Kojima for introducing us with a great music.

  73. Gaming Devil

    Death Stranding?

  74. Ranga

    Thanks to Death stranding and Kojima

  75. Andy Gerard Marino

    Some delivery guy with weird fetus on his stomach send me here. And i'm thankfull.

  76. Luis Amarillas

    Death Stranding bring me here...

  77. 리로럴라랄ᄅ

    This song is used to original sound track of game 'death stranding' in 2019.11
    This song is alive legend

  78. Darren Slaughter

    Death Stranding anyone

  79. Celso Luiz Tonim Junior

    Death Stranding... kojima genius


    i know you're here because you just sent a japanese girl to some junk dealer dude

    António Lisboa

    you should have made your way along the lake and then before you reached the ghost town you climbed the mountain


    I thought it was his daughter.

    adalis gonzales

    Lmao yes fam

    April Adams

    @Tyerell same.

    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    um yeah dude

  81. Crow Corvinus

    this Beautiful song brings me to Tears....and way to short <3
    I Always Looking on the timer when this masterpiece ends and cant believe this should be was 3 minutes !?!?

  82. T1me Marçal

    alanzoka live death stranding

  83. Zimo9494

    Sam Porter Bridges, the man who delivers

    António Lisboa

    Tha man that never give up!

  84. Zac Cr

    The old picture he looks at looks like Tad from Friends.
    I love this song so muh btw. I just JUST noticed that lol

  85. Pristo

    Gave some Bon Iver vibes ♥️

  86. Linas Ciucelis

    If you are crying to this, you understand subconciously, you are getting that intoxicating idea out and creating beauty of the song on it. Cheers people. Low Roar is amazing musical act who talks with listeners heart

  87. Flávio Veiga

    One of most beautiful songs ever.
    Low Roar is great.

  88. vanie saffran

    So chill 😍😍😍

  89. vanie saffran

    So chill 😍😍😍

  90. Lynda Macdonald

    Yes. Just don’t give up x

  91. Epilog Visual Project

    Segelas berduaa 🌿

  92. Frajna Puspita

    I feel like this song is giving me a mental hug as I listen to it.

  93. Morena Blight Hlatshwayo

    Oh my goodness... Wait is this the actual music video... This is my FAVOURITE ALBUM EVER BRUH.... 😭😭😭 But don't give uuuuuuup on me

  94. Akun Youtube

    just... speechless...

  95. siyahus

    when i listen this song i remember my ex loves.

  96. Sergio Payan

    Existen dos tipos de musica, la Islandesa y toda la demás.