Low - Point Of Disgust Lyrics

Once, I was lost
to the point of disgust
I had in my sight
lack of vision
lack of light
I fell hard
I fell fast
mercy me
it'll never last

then, in the dust
all the things
we discussed
were thrown to the wind
so at last
we begin
'cuz we fall hard
we fall fast
mercy me
it'll never last

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Low Point Of Disgust Comments
  1. Pat K

    after all this time, i still keep coming back to this song. i always remember it, i don't even try, but it's here


    its about losing yourself and becoming invisible and death

  3. Crepsy Chess

    9gag bring me here


    u no alone bud


    I just started the list and here we go ..

    Rene Ryan Inapan

    Depressed virgins unite!


    same here

  4. wab star

    Down to the bone (2004) brought me here

  5. Ella Davis

    Skins, rewatching at the moment! EFFYY ❤️

  6. rayndai

    I so very much love this song...

  7. Diane Stojentin

    Minnie's voice is so pure, so layered, and perfect.

  8. Agnes Värik

    Always takes me to another world . This song has such a weirdly relaxing and sad efect on me.

  9. Samahra Daly

    I've loved this song for yearsss....it's so beautiful

  10. life on universal credit

    Luv skins brought me here 2

  11. abcdefuck

    skins seni aklimdan sokup atmak icin napmaliyim:(((

  12. Nate Johnson

    Man, Low is just the best. I can't wait to to see them again in 6 weeks, I can only hope that I'll finally get to hear this song live.

  13. Walter Sobchek

    TV brought you here.. I weep for the future

  14. Kelton Miller

    skins :)

  15. Bethany Moyes

    Skins ❤

  16. AlexSuperTramp

    Effy sucks

  17. Shablaw 28

    Skins ♥ Effy

  18. Neftali Calzada

    Skins :')

  19. Jesus Shuttlesworth


  20. Irish Daze

    Finders Keepers Soundtrack

  21. Bonfim Junior

    Skins 😍😍

  22. kieron Stevenson

    Very powerful song.

  23. Grace Elaina Vickers

    Elizabeth Stonem the greatest character of all time🌙✨😫✨🌙

  24. ThePeakIsNeverPassed

    Um... Does anyone here actually like LOW?

    Marta Enerlich

    I like Low very much. But won't be hiding fact that first time I heard this song in Skins and after that looked for more and more and more of Low.


    Love them, have for 15 years, don't know what the fuck "Skins" is/are, and couldn't care less.

    Jon Rankin

    Low are great


    watch it. beautifully tragic.


    Nope :)

  25. Claude Alain

    tellement beau que ça devient surréaliste, supra... supra (je ne sais pas)

  26. Ian Close

    SKINS! S2E7 Effy

  27. Lawrence Kendrick

    skins ❤

  28. darren 890

    I love skins so much!

  29. Florian Dyatlov

    skins ❤

  30. Khushi Srivastava

    skins brought me here <3

  31. Can Urla

    Skins <3

  32. Graaz Iell

    skins ❤

  33. rasp berry

    amazing description of "trips" ..

  34. frymillstrum

    Re discovered this in the documentary Finders Keepers, knew I recognized it from the first note but didn't know where from. I presume it was Skins based on the comments.

    Kind of weird that the pic in the video is just of an arm because the documentary is about an amputated foot.

    Sita Sky

    +frymillstrum I also heard this song on Finders Keepers, it seems like a silly documentary but some parts had me in tears, the scene where they were going over John's drug abuse issues got to me and this song was just perfect.

  35. cancer sucks

    Skins! <3


    I just saw your nickname, are you okay? I Hope you are :)

  36. Rascal BackFat

    fuck skins ew

    Tanne van Amerongen

    Lord Farcwad you lil bitch

  37. Alesandra Morais

    Skins <3

  38. Dara Marvila

    amazing skins, love this song

  39. michael castro

    Man, Canale di thinglostinfire makes that cigarette look so damn good in the picture. Haven't smoked in about a year, and I'm drunk right now. To The Point Of Disgust!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! rum.

  40. HorizonTheEvent

    In the beginning it sounds more like "I held hard, I held fast", anyone else agree? And the "Mercy me, it'll never last" part almost seems optimistic to me, like the point of disgust won't last, like there is hope, though I realize the tone of this song is sorrowful.


    you are correct

  41. drunk troye

    fucking love this and fucking love skins

  42. Tara Huveneers

    can someone please tell me what the lyrics mean


    @Tara Huveneers Basically the hurt from falling in love. The downs of falling in love, throwing everything to the wind. At least that's what I'm getting from it.

    Tara Huveneers

    @Khaleesi Clouds Thankyou :*


    You're welcome, glad I could help<3

    Douglas Ironside

    @Tara Huveneers to me it means the feeling of being an addict, unhappy with yourself, but there is some hope

  43. Sofia Dorrell

    When Anthea Stonem sunk to the point of disgust :~(

    Sofia Dorrell

    "want to hear my best cock gag?" 

    Jake TVSalesman

    I was high when I watched that cock gag bit and I felt like crying haha, made me feel pretty uncomfortable

  44. jhonn brooks

    Amo esta canción. Desde que ví Skins me gusta. La primera vez que la escuche, me puse a llorar. Las otras veces, la canción me pone como si estuviera drogada o hipnotizada. Recién soñé despierta, o imagine, a una bailarina de ballet, un comediante, un pintor y un hombre triste. Ellos iban por la ciudad separados, el pintor pintaba murales mientras iba, la bailarina bailaba, el comediante hacia reir gente, pero el hombre solo caminaba. Se encuentran en un punto y los artistas se mueven al rededor de el hombre, para animarlo y sacarle una sonrisa. También hay un cuervo, que se "convierte" en un animado colibrí. El hombre sonríe al terminar la canción, y yo abro los ojos...

    Brisa Guissel

    Me agrada como imaginas y piensas... Yo también imagino muchas cosas al escucharla. Jaja.

    jhonn brooks

    Gracias, supongo. Es que la canción tiene ese "no se qué"

    Brisa Guissel

    Sí, la verdad inspira de cierto modo, es algo que no se puede definir pero es totalmente genial. xD 

  45. Sandra Dąbrowska

    This song is soooo fucking amazing... I can't even describe how I feel listening this song... It's like I'm drifting away or something... <3

  46. Tanya Gaytan

    Skins will always be in my heart along with this song and others. This also reminds me of Effy Stonem.

  47. Rösa Altamirano


  48. Scott Blogs

    song perfectly describes effy/cassie/sid/tony/cook most of the characters that were lost and had disastrous lives


    Oh, shut up.

  49. ludivine Gastaud

    Beautiful <3

  50. Belle Chu

    I love this! first heard it on Down To The Bone. 

  51. Moonlight Shadow

    This is so emotional. Speaks to me in a special way..

  52. MegaSnippezz

    Skins as such and amazing soundtrack to it. 

    Fátima Vinay

    Yeah I also listen to this song cause I heard it on skins

  53. mauro harretche

    Skins <3

  54. liv H

    you're not alone hahaa

  55. Dwinkleblumbs

    i was with my friends listening to drum and bass and stuff like that and i was like hold on gotta put this on, of course they were like "dude wtf change it" and i said no it reminds me of skins, at this point my mate says whats skins so we ended up skipping all our plans and watching all skins episodes for an entire weekend.

  56. Augusto Floreal

    Esta canción me mueve todo! esta genial muy melancolica!
    César Daniel

  57. Dwinkleblumbs

    same here

  58. Ionescu Alexandru Bogdan

    you are so beautiful...

  59. Matthew Graham

    This song made me just break down in tears

  60. 0HellcatMary0

    Okay, didn't realize that would just lob it all together in one string (shows how often I comment on YT) so let me give you some commas... Words, Dinosaur Act, Lion/Lamb, Canada, Lazy, Violence, Lullaby, Anon, Two-Step, In Metal, Starfire, Over the Ocean, Canada, July

  61. 0HellcatMary0

    Well, I can't say that these songs are similar necessarily, but Low has been one of my favorite bands since childhood, so I an definitely list you what are at least my favorite tracks aside from Point of Disgust and Sunflower:

    Dinosaur Act
    In Metal
    Over the Ocean

    Hope that wets your thirst a bit!

  62. Peter Kidd

    what other songs by low does anyone recommend which are similar to this and sunflower

  63. Tom Flavin

    Channel 4 on demand, its an internet catchup service. :)

  64. André Machado

    what is 4od ?

  65. liv H

    it does if you watch it on 4od on youtube,

  66. megadudextra

    Sucks that the online version of the skins episode don't have this song.

  67. theloltete

    effy <3 !!

  68. DU S

    I likeit

  69. Zaden Reivax


  70. Zaden Reivax

    To my last comment underneath I say fuck it who cares if ur correct or if I am or not right?!

  71. Zaden Reivax

    The fist verse u got wrong. It says "we held hard, we held fast" the next verses are then "we fall hard, and we fall fast"

  72. Erika930227

    Effy!! ♥

  73. leah beals

    Skins :)

  74. Dedrey Erng

    prettiest song ever ><

  75. Carpian

    Effy <3

  76. Megan Holliday

    Amazing. It'll never last... Truth.

  77. Alex Williams

    half an hour i spent trying to find this.... so worth it <3

  78. Reto Schumacher

    Das ist jetzt der Punkt von einem ungeschriebenen Roman.

  79. CardiffBoy1927

    Wow, what a beautiful piece of music :)

  80. oli via

    Once i was lost, to the point, of disgust

  81. יובל אפריים

    SKINS FTW <3

  82. Ness Cortés

    Effy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U.U