Low - La La La Song Lyrics

All there years you've been speaking without breathing
Spinning closer to the sun
Had your way with an unsuspecting public
Little threads are all it takes
La la la la ...
I have learned all your secrets, so familiar
I know where you lay your head
Fear of god and a disappointing father
Holds the hand around your neck
La la la la ...
Sometimes I could just choke myself with laughter
Sometimes everything's so true
So when you come down from your death-defying labors
I'll still be in love with you
La la la la ...

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Low La La La Song Comments
  1. Nate Johnson

    My favorite song on this LP, and that's saying quite a bit.

  2. The thirdman

    너무 사랑하는 곡..

  3. Terry Barham

    In spite of itself this song has always made me happy. Love it

  4. Erline Andrews

    And interesting game would be to count how many references to death or dying Low can sneak into a song: "speaking without breathing", "spinning closer to the sun", "holds hands around your neck", "choke myself", "death-defying". :/


    This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Their music is so freaking haunting.

  6. Maverick Summers

    also winter by the dodos

  7. rabbitsandcarrots

    One of their best songs

  8. BoyGenteel

    @TheBikeAccident Wow, I've never noticed that before. Also: "Until You Came Along," by Golden Smog.

  9. Jaspertine

    someone needs to mash this up with "everything you've done wrong" by Sloan.

  10. Thomas Smith

    Singing "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga over this song is just hilariuos..

  11. ssssarah

    this song <3