Low - In Silence Lyrics

They put the treasure deep inside us
Inside us, inside us
They thought the desert would divide us
Divide us, divide us
With silence

They filled our hearts and hands with violence
With violence, with violence
It's time to leave the fields behind us
Behind us, behind us
In silence

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Low In Silence Comments
  1. Matheus Santos

    🇧🇷❤️low is perfect

  2. Manuel Cabral

    They put the treasure deep inside us
    Inside us
    They thought the desert would divide us
    Divide us
    With silence
    They filled our hearts and hands with violence
    With violence
    It's time to leave the fields behind us
    Behind us
    In silence

  3. Ian Aizman

    no need to defend this video bro! it is artful, suspenseful, and reflects the lyrics in a dissonant, interesting way. keep shooting! ...sometimes the coolest videos take a few days time to complete.... obviously.

  4. oksford2001

    where are the voices?

  5. K Kuzubova

    Woha! how did you do that effect??

  6. KronnangDunn

    @cbaci GREAT JOB. This video is awesome...

  7. peteratanas

    thank you for wonderful song + video ... I also like new stuff

  8. Ta Mante

    9 dislikes? :)) like it is a matter of political opinion..

  9. apolitiq

    i thought something reminded me of low tonight!

    misfits season 2 episode 4! Low – Laser beam

    go low!

  10. apolitiq

    @cbaci - erm well.. only rediscovered low again recently - the lores on this is frustrating, but if you really did the video for this, it's perfect - despite the fact almost all of my previous low experience has been in a tiny club in new orleans, i'd keep the monitor on - just squint a bit....

    Jum Hed


  11. Sarah Macgregor

    @PWMaarten You took a massive shit on the video though, and I felt the issue needed addressing. I bet Sparhawk cried tears of blood to make this video. He's that kind of guy. How does that make you feel, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarten? Eh?

  12. PWMaarten

    @SarahMacgregor I'm not saying it's not a good video. I'm saying i like music better then video. It is a good video but i rather listen to the song with my eyes closed.

  13. Sarah Macgregor

    @PWMaarten It's a good video, it's very unnerving. The monitor stays on.

  14. LunaSeaSane


  15. Alexander Nelson

    It's at the skywalk at the DECC!

  16. The Fly

    @Fluppezot Easy tiger! I like Low , but you have too admit thats pretty funnny! lol


    how come mormons are allowed to "not suck" ? like check out christian rock . it is horrid as fuck , but mormons are allowed to make good stuff. low kicks ass.

  18. PWMaarten

    Beautiful song, I couldn't care less about the video.
    Turn off your monitor and listen!


  19. Timmybear

    Not that I suppose subpop was really expecting airplay/videoplay, but this will certainly guarantee its not being played (it's wonderful, though).

  20. cymbeli

    pixies did a low budget video for velouria in order to satisfy the demad for once to be on the charts....it cost literaly nothing...it was kind of an f u video and yet its brillaiant

  21. Filip Peeters

    funny, LOW-budget video's. You're a funny ass, aren't you?

  22. julucha

    Fuck video era

  23. MarxAviano

    you should probably expand your musical repertoire.

  24. dtrellis

    They should've just made one good video for this album instead of a pile of low-budget ones.. love the song though.

  25. Zhaid Al Fayad

    Lento, muy lento. Me empiezo a clavar con esta banda.

  26. Black Field

    This song is very strongly influenced by post-rock in terms of the instrumentation.

  27. Exile

    Hooray for superficiality!

  28. Kristopher John

    I think it's pretty cool

  29. MechanisticMoth

    The video almost seems like a return to those crazy nineties music videos; taking a simple idea, adding an effect, and executing that idea with the effect throughout the entire video in different ways.

  30. Jessica Bourse

    my goodness, Low. i love you.

  31. animaguspadfoot

    Editing is awesome song kind of creepy

  32. funeralxprocess

    not so crazy about this video...