Low Anthem, The - Hey, All You Hippies! Lyrics

Hey, All You Hippies!
And I ain't yet fit to come down
A rose is a rose, a balloon a balloon
You got to go right now

Go get a job and don't work for your father
For he ain't no salt of the earth
Your soft little palms beneath the Hollywood palms
Might just do well by some work

Hey all you hippies, you got a bad name
Ever since you let your guard down
Here comes Ronald Reagan o'er the Hollywood Hills
It don't look like he's fooling around

You know how they feel, you're hip to the steel
Strutting so bold and aloof
You pray to God for luck while the reconnasissance truck
Is watching your every move

You wanted to fish and to live off the grid
You said, "Life should be easy and free"
But just one bad actor and his benefactor
Can bring the old girl to her knees

Hey all you hippies, you got a bad name
Ever since you let your guard down
Here comes Ronald Reagan o'er the Hollywood Hills
It don't look like he's fooling around

Do these fireworks arrays and low flying planes
Stir your patriot voice to sing
To each flickering flag on the Arlington lawn
For each pawn who has fell for his king

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Low Anthem, The Hey, All You Hippies! Comments
  1. Born on Valentine's day BatizedNineEleven

    to day is 10/10/2019 and the president is Trump... Hopping on the big cheese.

  2. David Gardiner

    This is fucking great

  3. David Gardiner

    Right on. Good shit!

  4. TV13

    YEAHHH!! Your voice Ben! Yeah! That's music!

  5. Dan Roth

    I love the hippies.
    I love Ronald Reagan.
    I guess I'm hopeless.
    I'm kind of happy with that.

  6. LR III

     Hey, I liked Regan. Seemed like a cool dude. No worries though, Sure obama is a lot better...



    Jack Windrom

    And Obama was way cooler, smarter, intelligent, had respect and just as effective as the guy you currently suck off. Reagan was a fucking fake prop Californian who played John Wayne, Dr. Stone, and John Birch for you thick headed yahoos. #ownthatshityamoron

  7. Sebastian O. Welander

    @YellowRedBrownGreen How come? :)

  8. Zac T

    @cbennz514 from radiohead

  9. Amorican Dream

    I love this song! I hate to say anything negative but, whatever that guy is soloing on was way off key.

  10. Joe Weightman

    @luizfmaf I wouldn't have thought they'd have given a shit.

  11. ack1961

    This band rules

  12. piperjo99

    Too bad if you don't like all the Thom Yorke comments! Keep your irritating comments to yourself.

  13. Joe11yeah

    These Thom Yorke comments are irritating

  14. Meghan Barwick

    @cbennz514 thom thom thom yorke!

  15. aneternalsunshine

    do you think thom is trying to send us a message?

  16. cbennz514

    Who is thom?

  17. Ricardo Cárdenas

    thom yorke sabeeeeeee!

  18. Allen Vaughn

    Thom! Ha! Famous? Really? This is awesome.

  19. bunnyzero0

    It's kind of silly to make people famous, and then hate them for it. I"ve loved this band for a long time. It's nice to hear Thom Yorke give them a nod. And I'm totally in love with Thom, BTW.

  20. Danielle Singer

    thom yorke lkes your song guys

  21. taramtonche

    Checked them out cause Thom told me to!! Awesome guys!

  22. Artemis In The Summer

    @luizfmaf oh, they definitely know..

  23. Luiz Felipe Fonseca

    I wonder if these guys know that thom yorke likes their song...

  24. Paul Budgell

    Thom makes people famous.

  25. Katy Rose

    They came to New England Music Camp 2011:) awesome night. They're really good.

  26. MrMarmeladeSky

    SO James Taylor. Really Good...

  27. anael55

    GREAT SONG!! Reagan wasn't fooling around. A Manchurian candidate named Chapman murdered Lennon and the hippies died too. SAD TIMES!

  28. John Neidhart

    Hey all you hipsters!

  29. Uilium Powell

    canned heatish, cool

  30. s1rrah

    Nice single camera shot. Thanks for this. And the audio is great. Would love to hear what sort of mic and room setup was used. To the band ... namaste. The recent changes an songs have been very refreshing. Rock it.

  31. Detlef Vonde

    Great new album. Congratulations from Germany.

  32. doccam69

    Cheers to Ben, Jeff, Jocie, and Mat. Congratulations on the new album!