Loving Caliber - I Want You Lyrics

I know that we would never work
I know that someone would get hurt
I think I have to let you go
Should be easy
But it's not

Cause the problem is
I love you, what to do
I count to three when you're next to me
I love you, what to do now, do now
Only problem is
I love you, what to do
You got me bound, make my world spin round
I love you, what to do now

I want you
I want you

You're stuck inside my head
Oh, I can't stop thinking about all the words you said
I think I have to let you go
Should be easy
But it's not

Only problem is
I love you, what to do
You got me bound, make my world spin round
I love you, what to do now, do now
Only problem is
I love you sunk down
Watch every word you say
Every time we touch
I love you, I love you now

Oh, dear I want you
I want you
I want you

I want you (I want you)
I want you (I want you)
I want you (I want you)
I want you
Oh, dear I want you (I want you)
I want you (I love you)
I want you (I don't know what to do)
I want you (I don't know what to do)
Oh, I don't know what to do

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Loving Caliber I Want You Comments
  1. tin doox

    Matti and Peter friendship ❤️

  2. Bay Tasi

    Love this song so much ... always with me ...

  3. Yvette De Jesus

    Here from Sophie’s channel. 🥺

  4. TheTangyMango

    aphmau is a good music enthusiast

  5. ขออีกดอก จะบอกว่ารัก

    เพราะครับ ❣

  6. Jamie Cee49

    I want you and I love you. I'm with you. I love you, what to do you got me bound make my world spin around. I love you what to do now. I want you.

  7. eliza natha

    It sounds like coldplay's something just like this 🙈

    Jamie Cee49

    Yes it does.

  8. 주원김


  9. 황태인

    진소리 보고왔다 손

  10. Awesome Gaming

    Thank you so much Jess for uploading this video I love it good awesome.
    And can you make same video on "I love you" song and thank you so much again.
    And who love this song from bottom of the heart.❤️❤️😊

  11. Amja5d Shinati


  12. ooga booga

    i love this song :) im trying to find another instrumental version of this since the first one got deleted :(

  13. Natalie Vilkova

    It is my favourite song in youtube, good job.♡

  14. Neha Rai


  15. 조민서

    롤선생님 고마워요 진주커플 파이팅

  16. Dapp

    This song is insane,i love it

  17. Nicole 73

    you have earned a lot more subscriptions! 🤔


    Reddy 73 well! Not really. Been staying at this number for months now 😞😞

    Nicole 73

    @Andymallone sorry my english is terrible. 🙈
    You have to get much more attention👏💪
    . The songs are very emotional and sung with passion. 🤗

    I have already sent the links to my friends😀😀


    Reddy 73 Thank you! Glad you like it. Enjoy 😉

  18. ScArlett

    try playback speed 1.25

  19. Random Sims 4 Addict

    I've been looking for this song for so long. Thank you so much.

    Jamie Cee49

    I had it once. Then someone had put it in private. Finally found it again :).

  20. Trunks Briefs

    Why no Spotify?😞😞

  21. ViWoof

    🙏 I love this song Ty Jess

  22. GachaPoptart 01

    I probably the only one not from Aphmau 😂

    Jamie Cee49

    I didn't hear it from there. :)

  23. Rando Girl


  24. Brian Sweet

    Omg Jess played this song in hearts point i really love this song know thanks to her this is the best song I have heard great work

  25. Leirea Aeriel

    Thx Jess!

  26. Myria

    Cue Aphmau famdom

  27. Ellee Draws

    75% of comments = Aphmau heart point
    15% of comments = It not being on Spotify
    10% of comments = About the song itself

    Ellee Draws

    @Leo_Valdez_Is_Amazing🔥🧡 😄

    Kyle Thornhill

    0.0000001% about the comments

  28. Lil' Meow Meow has SWAG

    I really wish this was on Spotify! :c Thank you for making this though. I love this song so much!


    Lol always aphmau using my favorite songs then they get flooded

  30. Alondra Castillo

    Who here from Aphmau

  31. main yess

    Heart Point ❤❤❤

  32. Et Smash

    Came from aphmau

  33. Sweetie Vic

    heart point but i love this song the moment i hear it XD 8D

  34. Ãriceãn


  35. XXLovable* AtlantisXX

    Heart point! Aphmau! Thanks Jess!

  36. —Bi Disaster—

    I am so thankful for Jess, because without her I wouldn’t have ever found Loving Caliber and I love their music.
    This is my new fav song👍


    Jess R glad you found us 🙏


    Ayy Aphmau fan! Im also a fan of her! You got it from Heart Point right?

    —Bi Disaster—

    Galaxy Sushi sure did, Heart point is my favorite series from her so far.

    Jamie Cee49

    Loving Caliber should get more recognition then what they do. I love their songs.

  37. Brianna G

    I LOVE this song!!! Thanks Jess.

  38. TehyaTastic20

    Basically every song on my YouTube playlist and Spotify playlist has every song that you have made and I’m obsessed with ur music it’s so great

    But it’s not on Spotify!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍

  39. DarkStarz _ GamingYuh


    DarkStarz _ GamingYuh

    @Xx_Sebby_BxP_xX :P I wanted to find this song because of that series, it's so cool!


    @DarkStarz _ GamingYuh me too, it was such a good series

    DarkStarz _ GamingYuh

    @Xx_Sebby_BxP_xX I'm sad it ended...I was interested on what would happen to Aphmau and Ryo once prom was over. Oh well it was good while it last. :3


    @DarkStarz _ GamingYuh same. I hope she emds up making a season two, I don't wanna force her to to make somthing though

    DarkStarz _ GamingYuh

    @Xx_Sebby_BxP_xX I hope so too

  40. Shieria

    Is this song going to be on iTunes 🥺

  41. Sierania

    Heart's Point made me love how beautiful this song is

    Lil' Meow Meow has SWAG

    same (o^w^o)

    wow okay

    Yeah same

  42. Silver Cavelli

    i think i found my new fav song

  43. Crystal Wolf

    I love the music and thnx for the lyrics btw


    Eliotrope Legend Thank you for listening 😁

  44. tyger_kk

    The beginning sounds like closer.
    Thx for lyric ><


    Wedidit :P Thank you for stopping by 😊


    Draco’s Apple the whole background is lol

    Ken P

    Why’s the lyrics showing sunk down watch when he’s saying so damn much?

    Person You Don’t Know

    tyger_kk oh my god it does sound like closer woah