Lovin' Spoonful, The - Only Pretty, What A Pity Lyrics

Eyes to look at,not to see through
She never could see truth for lies
With a smile she'd win em over
Her face a trick to take a prize

Tickled pink
The mid aged dandy
Sold his horse to buy her all the
Icing for her face like candy
Hung up the mirrors wall to wall

Married life was short but funny
With long lost cousins dropping by
Later on her alimony
Paid for young men's gentle sighs

By the window hangs a mirror
where she hides her sagging chin
Now sadly as she crouches nearer
Never seeing past her skin

Mommy said
When you were younger
The face you made would stay that way
That's all true and if you doubt it
Reflect upon yourself today

Everyone except the baby
Answers for the face they wear
It's the mast of your contentment
Or the mask of your despair

Only Pretty,What a pity
Only Pretty,What a pity

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Lovin' Spoonful, The Only Pretty, What A Pity Comments
  1. lee shafer

    jumped the shark perfect description for this

  2. Paul W.

    Underrated song and should have easily made it on to one of their more extensive 'best of' collections. I wonder how this one kind of fell between the cracks as there's a certain ironic swagger to it, particularly where the chorus kicks in, that's ahead of its time. It sounds like Robert Bloch's short story 'The Hungry House' put to song. Perhaps Joe Butler caught a rerun of the adaptation they made for 'Thriller' or even read the story himself?

  3. dean faw

    The drummer reminds me Carl Sagan like lost brother lol

  4. radiovalvulado

    Du caralho!

  5. Francis williams

    Let me give you my 2 cents.  This group plus Zal Yanovsky were so very very talented, full of energy and capable of really making an impact on the music scene at the time and to be  heralded for all time.  John Sebastian's voice was very good to sing on the radio airplay songs. I felt Joe Butler's voice was also very good ; "Full Measure" the B side of Nashville Cats. I feel they needed to really come together as a group and stick together and make music together like the "Beatles" of their time. Unfourtantlely  this type of coition did not exist in the Lovin Spoonful to make them last more than 2 years.  That is why a talented group is today but a blip and when my generation passes the Lovin Spoonful will pass away with it.

  6. JH Boob

    1:34 Is that a hairdryer?


    sure looks like one

    tyler denaro

    Hairdryers are fabulous and cool


    I'm thinking that it was somewhat of a joke shared among them to represent a vocoder.

  7. The Beatlemania

    Please, Post MORE ED SULLIVAN's Videos

  8. Funzo

    My cousin Mark was at that show (Oct. 15, 1967)!

  9. Barbara E. Hunteman

    I always wondered why Joe Butler didn't sing lead more often. John had a nice warmth to his voice, but Joe was just fabulous!


    use of the nature of pop ....MARKETING...each played a roll...

    Will Adapter

    He sang all of the revolution revelation lp, which I have to say is my favourite of theirs

    Greg & Mary Hughes

    After John left the group their last hit was "Never Goin' Back" with Joe on vocals. I loved that song and it made me wonder why they didn't use Joe's vocals more. Joe's voice has held up better than John's as well. These days John's voice is just a bullfrog croak.

    Alex Huey

    Greg & Mary Hughes That’s probably due to the throat cancer he had...

    lee shafer

    @Alex Huey now is that a fact? throat cancer? really? i heard an entirely different condition-although i did suspect that circa 1985 1982 he was perfect!

  10. Alan Elam

    Great song from what was arguably one of the best albums EVER ("Everything Playing")! But I never could figure out just what Jerry Yester was saying through whatever primeval vocoder device he used on the Waltz-y bridge of the song. Has anyone EVER decoded the mystery? If so, please share!

    Adam Small

    Mommy said when you were you were younger
    That face you made...would stay that way
    That's all true and if you doubt it
    Reflect upon yourself today