Lovin' Spoonful, The - Money Lyrics

I get money from you
To tickle your whim or blow up your mind
Then I give money to you
And you pay me back in kind

And I gave money to Bill
He pays up my bills and helps me make up my mind
And I give money to Bill
And he will be on my side
Then I gave money to Joe
Cause Bill said he knows he'll pay me back in time
And Bill's gettin' paid to know
If anyone's lyin'

Then Bill said to give it to Hank
Cause Hank owns a bank and he can make it grow
Now ain't those amazing folks
That Bill is lucky to know

Somehow my finances will grow
With the interest I show
In the interest it gives me
And now a piece of paper from me
Won't seem half as flimsy

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Lovin' Spoonful, The Money Comments
  1. BeechRabbit

    i love this

  2. Jason N Stegall

    Fun Fact: The percussion on this track was provided by a typewriter. (And a couple of handclaps, too!)

  3. eatmyhole96

    Underrated Spoonful song!