Loverboy - Notorious Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey

Well there's a lone wolf out on the prowl tonight
Lurkin' in the shadows, always out of sight

I said, little girl, don't you hesitate, cause you're usin' live bait
Senorita, solitaire, you got a certain kind of savoir-faire

Cause you're notorious (notorious), everything you want,
everything you need
Cause you're notorious (notorious), every mother's nightmare,
Every schoolboy's dream

Everybody by name, every trick in the book
Everywhere that she goes she gets those dirty looks

I said, little girl, don't you hesitate, cause you're usin' live bait
Senorita, solitaire, you got a certain kind of savoir-faire

Cause you're notorious (notorious), everything you want,
everything you need
Cause you're notorious (notorious), every mother's nightmare
Every schoolboy's dream

Lock me up, I want to be your prisoner
Lock me up, I want to be your slave

I said, little girl, don't you hesitate cause you're usin' live bait
Senorita, solitaire, you got a certain kind of savoir-faire

Cause you're notorious (notorious), everything you want,
everything you need
Cause you're notorious (notorious), every mother's nightmare
Every schoolboy's dream

Cause you're notorious (notorious), everything I want,
everything I need
Cause you're notorious (notorious), every mother's nightmare
Every schoolboy's dream

Every schoolboy's dream, oh yeah

Lock me up

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Loverboy Notorious Comments
  1. Todd L. Owens

    Probably one of the greatest videos of the 80's! The female talent in this video is off the charts! It was great to watch it again even if it was minimized from the original video.

  2. RawhideProductions1

    Sometimes i return to my convertible Ferrari and theres a girl sitting on it with her legs wide open. I tell her to get lost. Car is not a toy.

  3. duckiedale80

    Loverboy mocked beer commercials a year before Neil Young. Fitting they’re both Canadian.

  4. giants8691

    BTW girl in beginning of this video, the notorious Traci Lords

  5. Richard Killy

    I've loved their music since they released their first album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dim Bulb

    The intro reminds me of Revenge of the Nerds.

  7. gary24fan

    When you try to do a ZZ Top-style video on a bar band budget...

  8. Jandro Paredes Argüello

    No volvera a existir otra generacion como esta.

  9. Todd L. Owens

    Epitome of the 80's.....Beautiful women, sports cars, big hair and great music!

  10. John Denton

    Makes me wanna jump on my Harley and found something....NOTORIOUS!

  11. RL R

    What an absolute PIECE OF STINKING SHITE. Description of everything these canadian tools ever made.

    rear speaker

    go listen to your justin beiber baby shit--this is for us adults.

  12. Michael Davey

    I miss Scott but lover boy still rocks loved to see em every weekend ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Maureen Riutta

    Nashville nightlife ruitta sudbury ont rr

  14. Maureen Riutta

    Loverboy rocks Canada

  15. Kenneth Futch

    Best Video ever

  16. Dino DiLabio

    The Guy in this Video kind of looks like Matthew McConaughey.1:20

  17. Mladen Palenkaš

    I was 22 when I seen this video first I am 54 and this song still rules.

  18. Tony Spicchiali

    The 80's...when men and women didn't get offended by everything and people actually talked to each other.

  19. Paul Staker

    This video saved me a ton on buying viagra.

  20. barbara lisa miller

    I want to go back please!!!!!!!!

  21. MaxKol

    This video is like a snapshot in time. If you weren't a young dude in the 80's than I can't explain it to you. Dudes were cool. Chicks were hot. Night life was fun and kind of thrilling. This video exemplifies that.

  22. Eric L

    The 80’s were fantastic! Dudes were dudes, they liked being cool and looking good. Chicks were chicks, they liked looking hot and being sexy. WTF happened? Effing transgender nation. Queer States of America

    Nia Gillies

    Gay and metal culture are very similar. Drag queens/glam metal. Gay leather culture/metal leather culture/ Gay culture is hyper masculine and Metal culture is hyper masculine, Over the Top Broadway productions with soaring vocals/Metal has over the top stage shows with soaring vocals. Trans singers in metal bands such as Life of Agony, King Kobra/ Unruly Child, Cretin, and Against Me.

    Nia Gillies

    Also Loverboy is Canadian so really has nothing to do with the USA

  23. Paul

    who is the woman at 3:10, shes insanely gorgeous

  24. Tanner Greenwald

    The first 10 seconds of this is the most 80's thing I've ever seen

  25. Jenn Lawson

    This Gen-Xer remembers a couple of d.j.'s talking about how it resembled a beer commercial at the time. Yes, very very '87. 😁


    Jenn Lawson Neil Young mocked them with This Notes For You.


    That was the group's stipulation for this video, that it look like a beer (namely Michelob) commercial.

  26. Voice of Truth

    schoolboy's dream?

  27. Ron Ditchen

    80s the greatest. Music era EVER EVER EVER wish they made that great music today so sad

  28. WineSippingCowboy

    Written by Mike Reno, Paul Dean, Jon bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Yes, two members of Bon Jovi wrote this! NB Bon Jovi was in Vancouver 1984-1986 working with Bob Rock and the late Bruce Fairbairn while recording Slippery When Wet!

  29. Chuck Platt

    Fall of 1987 I believe!

  30. KPEC3arrival

    who is the hottie at 0:13-0:14 ?

    rear speaker

    someone said traci lords.

  31. Mel Bee

    Not one of their better songs.

  32. Joe Joe

    edeting the helicopter scene, when the wind blows her dress up is pathedic. With all the crap kids see online today, that's nothing!

  33. Ron Hutchcraft

    Such amazing Music! Great Stuff! 😎👍🇺🇸❤️🎤🎼

  34. matthew roberts

    You guys sure always get the Hot chicks right on😎👍👍

  35. tommylikethewolf

    I was 15 when I saw this video. My voice was nothing higher than a squeak. After watching the video, my voice sounded like Barry White.

  36. Davey Givens

    It's so sad watching society destroy itself. This would be panned by SJWs and feminists now. They won't stop until we're all androgynous, sexless, neutered cats staring out the window.

    Nia Gillies

    That is the power of 80's Canadian Rock Bands who have the power to destroy society.

  37. Telly Vin-a

    one of the sexiest music videos i ever seen

  38. Claudio Giella

    :14 Traci Lords 😍😍😍

  39. Russ Lester

    Yes I would like to be the school boy!

  40. Robb Buzzeo

    I can watch these fellas everyday !!!!!!

  41. Joe Joe

    The red car is a Porsche 924S .Love the look on the girl with white top. That short haircut was sexy, it should make come back! Any one agree?

  42. BigDad biker

    Ah the 80's! Like the Eddie Money song says: "I wanna go back"

  43. Nick Knight

    Wonderfully AORgasmic beginning, but after that a very disappointingly humdrum effort -  like the Wildside album in general. IMHO nowhere near as good as Get Lucky or Keep It Up.

  44. tubedude54

    Everyone needs to boycott the Vevo videos! This video SUCKS!

  45. Jerry Steele

    good friend music

  46. Seth Schiller

    There was two versions of the video notorious that was made Mtv showed both of them until the Fcc and the Pmrc intervened forcing Mtv to play the less sexually explicit video

  47. streetsofsouthphilly

    I don't like anything by Loverboy except this song. What can I say? It rocks!

  48. BJB

    Songs just don't begin like this anymore....also they aren't awesome like this anymore.....and so on and so on.....

  49. supergacela


  50. Deep Center Field Press

    I first heard this song as a request by Notre Dame cheerleaders on Z95 out of Chicago. I was 15 and horny -- so of course I bought the album because I thought, "hey cheerleaders like this song."

    I was pretty stupid...and things didn't change too much. :)

  51. EduardoLoos

    PEOPLE !!!! PAY ATTENTION AT THE VERY BEGINNING (14 seconds only). ISN'T THE GIRL..... TRACI LORDS ????????????????

    Nia Gillies

    Yes that is the actress Traci Lords

  52. Martin Hansen

    I Think that the drummer Matt Frenette also played with the group Headpins. I am right?

  53. Martin Hansen

    Great video and music. I love it.

  54. Joe Joe

    80's babes! 80's music and more 80's babes!!!!!

  55. Dave Bridget

    LoverBoy rock and roll the way it should be played.

  56. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  57. Goddard Bolt

    These are the days when I ate so much Pussy my Goatee looked like a glazed doughnut....GOOD Times!!!...GREAT SONG!!!!!

  58. Loam

    I remember the year this came out, the economy sucked but it still was a fantastic time socially. (except for a few bar fights) Guys were guys not lame ass whiners. Women then had almost as much pull financially as men but if you looked at it they had more, because men would do almost anything for a woman. Drop the SJW crap and lets get back to living and enjoying life as in the video.

    Nia Gillies

    up with Canadian Rock bands.


    This video is probably in the top 10 sexiest videos of 80´s and 90´s.

  60. John McLelland

    So gloriously 1980's ! :)

  61. moofushu

    See! people got along just fine without cell phones.

    Ysabelflorentino Anaya

    got that right....

    matthew roberts

    Yeah you know it

    grant manewal

    No, we got along better. We actually had too think things through.

    rear speaker

    @grant manewal yeah, throwing a 80's cell phone would kill someone!!!!!

  62. EduardoLoos

    People, at 0:14.... TRACI LORDS ??????????


    looks like her!

  63. iddddaduncan

    Bon Jovi wrote this


    Damn, I didn't know that!

    Tim Gueguen

    Along with Richie Sambora, Mike Reno, and Nashville songwriter Todd Cerney.


    This song could be about my sister's, 4 years old, daughter...


    She's a notorious flirt?


    YEAH! For a 4 year old boy!!!

  65. Alejandro Palau

    Que mujeres .. Uff bellas ochenteras

  66. Tucsonan Dude

    Am I the only one who'd rather see the musicians playing/singing than watching a silly skit?


    Yes, I think you are the only one. At least for this song, and these skirts !!!

  67. Rocky B

    I just found and bought a sealed copy of Wildside on cd. Not only that it comes with the Longbox remember those?????

  68. Robert Chandler

    daily motion- 4 minutes and 39 seconds and yes HELICOPTER GIRL is are welcome

  69. FrightfulAccountant

    Very cool video but the music just wasn't as good as it used to be ;)

  70. Marc P Coderre

    I remember that this came out soon after Duran had an album and song of the same name. A friend of mine asked them to play it at a dance and the DJ played this one instead. This one is okay too.


    Both great songs and videos. I wonder how copyright doesn't prevent such problems.

    Marc P Coderre

    People can't copyright titles. That's why there are many songs with the same title. "Hold On" for example. In 1990 alone there were two big hits with that title (and there've been others before then too) and in 2002 both Shania Twain and Peter Gabriel had albums called "Up" (and REM also had that for an album title four years before). I think in the case of Notorious, each side didn't know what the other was up to. But generally they try to avoid that with album titles to avoid confusion. Like in 1985, Asia decided not to call their third album Arcadia because it was going to be used for a Duran side project. And in 2004 Duran opted not to call their album Sunrise because Simply Red was going to use that name.

  71. RawhideProductions1

    All the women still look hot in this. I watch some big hair vids from the 80's and wonder what I was thinking. These chicks are all 2016 hot.

    Rocky B

    Women of the 80's were deadly!!!!

    smill 1985

    Do you mean in a GOOD way, lol???



  72. Tre404

    While it's a great video as seen here, VEVO has put up this version that is more "politically correct," and "less sexist." This version of the video DOES NOT compare in any way to the unedited one. :) The original is quite a bit racier. A lot is cut out of this iteration, and some of the scenes that ARE left in this one are "zoomed in" to focus on the girl's face/upper torso, and not show what was going on below........ trust me, folks, this is a very sexy video in its original edition. It's a pity that PC douchebags feel it's expedient to cave to leftist pressure.


    David - post the link David. Went to dailymotion and can't find it.

    OVI-Wan Kenobi

    Johnny Appleseed Wrong video, you're thinking about Slaughter's Up All Night video.

    matthew roberts

    Yeah i remember that and yes everything these days is so watered down it sucks lol yup

    B St

    "Leftist pressure" lol. I thought leftists were corrupting the youth with suggestive lyrics and videos and the right wing holier than thou people were for censorship. My bad. Lol


    @B St ... and therein lies the left's ubiquitous hypocrisy. Their desire is to sanitize and obliterate the past while pushing hedonism and depravity today. And that's the truth.

  73. Jani Virtanen

    everything was better in the 80s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    wizard wanda

    Jani Virtanen YouTube sure sucked back then

    kk comments

    Jani Virtanen cheers to that!

    Ed Wickham

    Yes but not the phones!

    James Bomb

    +Jani Virtanen can't agree no more.

    Colin S

    Got that right ! Today's music BLOWS !!

  74. thaddeus mcgrath

    I always imaged the streets of Alberta Canada like the video depicts, the woman are hot and easy as long you rocked out with a Loverboy mullet and frequent dive bars notoriously. I love this band, good music!

    SoCal Indi

    haha Loverboy mullet!

    Reverend Brown

    I always drink Molsons & wear a Mike Reno licensed headband when listening to this song.

  75. Mehdi Husain

    My god...

  76. Thomas Carpenter

    Harley's 883 Sportster never looked so good !!!!!!! Also on the album cover..... That WOMAN is NOTORIOUS !

  77. Rose Marie Schaff

    I remember when I was...I had a moment like that too, guys...the opening of "The Empire Strikes Back" in Orange, CA. I had dropped a bucket of popcorn on the floor as I was going up the stairs...skirt, butterfly string top, lace shawl and all. Got hooted and applauded when the slit of my dress came open showing the legs. I wouldn't be this open about such a cool moment in my life if I wasn't just going to let the guys know...we girls get off on it, too. :) One of the coolest memories of my life...this song sums it up!!

  78. Eighties Joe

    Helluva sexy ass video to go with a great forgotten song by one of the 80s most underrated bands!  This is a gem!! :)

  79. chris lowe

    Directed by David Fincher(Seven, The Social Network)among others.

  80. Tammy Nelson

    I am seeing them tomorrow night in a free concert! Can't wait!!

  81. Mr. Chip

    I believe this was their last top 40 hit

    Christopher Baker

    +Mr. Chip It was, unfortunately.

  82. Steve Sullivan

    I'll bet my "good nut", that this was played in almost every nudie-bar back in the day!  Lol!


    I'LL BET MY TITS they played this song, a lil' everywhere! A lil' HERE & a little THERE.

  83. David Buswa

    Who is playing harp in the solo? It's a great rendition.


    +David Buswa Darrell Mansfield plays the harmonica. Also...Richie Sambora plays the guitar. He and Jon Bon Jovi actually wrote this song.

    Christopher Baker

    +sejobl Yes, this song definitely has a Bon Jovi vibe.


    Listen to "Just Like Paradise" by David Lee Roth. Heavily influenced by this song, no doubt.

  84. Jorge Vazquez

    tuvo el poster original de este dissco en mi pared en 87 , hasta que se cayo y rompio,,,,, al lado del de bruce con tunnel of love :)

  85. CJ Mark

    What is Loverboy doing in this video?  They're walking around like a bunch of chumps when there trim walking all over the city!

  86. Dale Ray Akridge

    The helicopter girl was probably my greatest fantasy when I was a teenager in 1987. I taped the video off MTV and watched it, particularly those closing moments, many times. The helicopter bit relates to the lyric in the song "I was lurking in the shadows, I was out of sight." What actually happens (in rapid Fincher cuts, mind you) is while walking along a darkened street, a stunning brunette glances around to make sure she's alone. When she she's satisfied that she is, she reaches back and pulls up her tight dress to adjust her panties. The helicopter then hits her with the spotlight and blows her hair all over the place. She giggles at getting caught in such private moment, playfully slips her dress back down over her butt and confidently struts away. It was, when I was 15, the single hottest thing I had ever seen.


    Please please repost the original if you can!! I remember it well!! This edit sucks!

    robert chandler

    The other video is 4 seconds longer and is worth seeking out .pretty sure its META something its 236 time wise. Cool side note,this was shot to mimic a BEER COMMERCIAL of the 80's.

    Joe Joe

    You described that scene like a Director would, lol !

    grant manewal

    Note the world class superior shit-eating grin on her face. The director wanted that but the only way you get that grin is if the girl truly believes the scene. When her panties flashed and she looked up the pilots were looking down and thinking the very same things we are. She knew it too. Luv that girl.


    The lyric goes, "ALWAYS lurking in the shadows, ALWAYS out of sight."

  87. cormus1

    Benoit Vanhees
     it's savoir faire, that is French, and it's right on the girl's shirt in the video @1:25 and the meaning is "know how"

  88. David Etemad

    To my gorgeous wife; Michele Etemad!



  89. alcide vernoux

    j'ai comme l’impression que c'est toujours un peu pareil les clips et chansons de ce groupe...
    moteurs et belles nanas

  90. badmts


  91. Dave Wollenberg

    Co-written by Todd Cerney, who also co-wrote Restless Heart's, 'I'll still be lovin' you'. Loverboy hit #38 in Billboard, 10-17-87.

    Andrew Green

    Jon Bon Jovi helped write Notorious


    @Andrew Green ... He also produced the song.

  92. Benoit Vanhees

    Sidewalk flair ? What the heck is that for a compliment ??? The human species reduced to its most primitive state.... Urkkk...

  93. bucky468

    Funny how "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith (which MTV had to censor) is unedited but this video (which MTV did NOT) isn't...WTF???

  94. yuri muzquiz


  95. Pesky Angel

    Does anyone else remember seeing "more" in this video?
     this seems censored from what I remember.


    @RavenClaw88 Yep. And I'm thinking WTF???


    +RavenClaw88 Yes that's why I posted look for the one with 4:36( comes up every now and then) you get an extra second of girl in booth and you get the shot of the girls ass from the helicopter not "X" but solid "PG13" lol

  96. TheEarlymtv

    man 1987. would love to go back.. great times


    Yes, so would I.

    David Talkington

    I was 2 in 1987, but love 80's tunes.

    Steve Schreindl

    Never left I stuck in 83 for ME

    Doug Ruden

    I turned 21 in 1987. Great times...what I can remember. Lol

  97. Jerome Cabral

    I saw these guys here in Hutchinson Ks .great classic long live the 80s

  98. supergacela

    mi hermano tenia esta cancion en BETA pero nunca pude encontrarla otra vez, siempre encontraba a DURAN DURAN, pero la busqueda acabo, gracias al cielo

  99. Hockeyguy17

    My God I SO miss the 80's...please some get Dr. Emmitt Brown to make a time machine out of a Delorean in real life.