Loveless, Patty - Jealous Bone Lyrics

Somewhere deep down inside of my heart
Makes me feel things that tear me apart
Got a jealous bone
Got a jealous bone
Ever since you walked into my life
Can't bear to see you out of my site
Got a jealous bone
Got a jealous bone

And I know I'm gonna run you off
If I don't learn to let you go
But oooh oh you make me lose control
I was born, with a jealous bone

See heads turn when you walk in the room
I know what they're thinkin' 'cause I'm thinkin' it too
Got a jealous bone
Got a jealous bone
I feel blood pound all through my veins
Every last part of me is callin' your name
Got a jealous bone
Got a jealous bone

And I know I'm gonna run you off
If I don't learn to let you go
But oooh ooh you make me lose control
I was born. with a jealous one
Jealous bone
Jealous bone
Jealous bone
Got a jealous bone

Got to have you baby
All to myself
Can't stand the thought of you
With anyone else
Got a jealous bone
Jealous bone
Jealous bone
Got a jealous bone
Jealous bone
Got a jealous bone
Jealous bone
Got a jealous bone

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Loveless, Patty Jealous Bone Comments
  1. megan4walker

    Good grief why is that coming in such tiny format :'(  great great video by one great great performer ✰✰ Patty my #1 ever ❤❤

    John Henry

    It's an old video, posted 7 years ago.  Low-def by today's standards.  Sorry about that.


    @John Henry Dont feel sorry :) i like it very much :)

  2. 2wheelsturnin

    Or...go all the way back to CCr's 'Green River'. John Fogerty. One of my favorite Patty songs right here.

  3. Diaval

    Ditto, same here. I was never a big country fan, but my mom listened to it alot back in the late 80's. This was one of the standouts. I liked the Judds too as well as Kathy Mattea. There were a couple others here and there I liked too. But basically I am a good 'ole fashioned rock boy. BUT I do like southern rock bands such as Skynard and Creedence. Oh yeah! Charlie Daniels. Love them!

  4. Diaval

    Nah, this song trumps most of Reba's stuff...with one exception...Fancy. BUT, that song was penned by Bobby Gentry and there is NO messin' with her.

  5. brian7301975

    Always had a crush on Patty Loveless

  6. Jim Burns

    Listen to the beginning of this and the beginning of Adele's Rolling in the Deep

  7. sunnyhammer4229

    love this song .. she is great .. and i have a jealous bone .. born with it i guess ..

  8. shonna smith

    i can't say carrie underwood can't sing...she just doesn't sing from her heart. she doesn't live what she sings. and i turned 20 just recently so i'm just old enough to have grown up with country music still being country. girls now days don't have to sing anything from their heart as long as they are skinny, blonde, and sleep with the right people...the guys for the most part just flat out sound the same to me. but this is just my opinion not trying to troll youtube i just miss real country

  9. James Otto Sweet Heart

    @Huntinbear Amen to all of that! God bless you and Patty always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

    P.S. I pray that Patty is having herself a safe and awesome 55th birthday today too! (smiles)

  10. shirley bird

    @sbrushfanshake her hand.

  11. itsafantakis

    One of my favorites to karoake to!

  12. Mitchell Wright

    i luv patty but reba is better

  13. Dave Wollenberg

    Patty hit #13 in Billboard, 3-28-92. God bless ya, Miss Patty! You sang it perfectly, with no dropped r's at all!

  14. Dave Wollenberg

    @nervousfrog You're right 'bout that, nervous. God bless ya for sayin' that!

  15. Jeff Hill

    its a great song! when i was younger i used to get her and suzi boggus mixed up. but hey love em both

  16. shocker147

    @kinicki22 They play Patty Loveless on Prime Country channel 61 on Sirius Satellite Radio a lot -- it's one of the reasons I kept the service. It's only $5 per month plus it's all 80s and 90s country.

  17. snarlingrabiddog5150

    This is Patty at her best. She could back up her looks with a voice that noone could touch. I've been to this bar. Theres stripper cages above her, lol. Gotta love Patty!

  18. Mark B.

    Classic Patty....Love her....and her voice plus she's easy on the eyes

  19. To0dlesGaIore

    So sexy... I don't know how that guy could still play the guitar with Patty hanging over his shoulder like that....I know i wouldn't be able to concentrate... :-)

  20. Huntinbear

    this is back when country music and country radio was good...maybe even it all sucks. With Carrie Underwood leading the band, that bitch couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag.

  21. Tommy Harden

    Is that Jeff King standing next to that red headed singer?

  22. januarynorth

    I think there's Vince Gill singin' in the background.

  23. Bec Zero

    Should you actually believe this, wouldn't you rather be cursed than be the cause of ruin in so many other's lives?

  24. Tom Lord

    she just kills me with that smile,and those sideways looks,too hot,great job

  25. nervousfrog

    Has there been a more beautiful woman in country music? I say no.

  26. DeanCainLover

    I miss this song! If I had the talent I'd cover this song and have my fifteen minutes of fame!

  27. surfcottage

    She is the best in country my opinion! Thank you so much...very pretty also..