Lovedrug - Vampire Spy Film Lyrics

Broken rib, quarter mile
Red lips and a bruised neck, crooked smile
Will the walls fall away
While your'e floating down the hallway

Call me up, call me out
Vampire in a spy film, slinking around
Waiting for a better way
To put your eyes in the sunlight
It feels good to be bad, don’t lie

When you’re seeking my heart, oh
No fear, let it be strange
You sink your teeth in my heart, oh
Blood sucker, battle and rain
When I'm kissing the ground, oh
I know you’ll be coming around
To sink your teeth in my heart, oh
No fear, let be strange

Black flashes, dark stars
Eyes are rolling white
Do you know who you are?
All the fangs are hollowed out
To make room for the punch out

Call me up, I’m all alone
You know I sweat when you’re thumbing
With the core of my bones
Dial tone, it’s getting late
I feel spiritual, I can’t wait
It feels good to be bad, doesn’t it

Don’t feel mad if you’re harmed by the sun
Don’t be sad, after all, you’re immortal
and a little bored

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