Lovedrug - One Of The Family Lyrics

Wow, you seemed calm in your letter
Sticky bound, black in a bottle and waves
Crashing on shore like a managed
Cold hand, warm heart

You said I ran off with the money
Leaving you stranded, naked alone
Now there's blood on the dance floor honey,
No sir, no more

Hey officer, I’m clean
No way, it wasn’t me
I got no motive here
So help me so

There goes my honey girl
Sweetly she'll burn the world
Shrug shoulders, roll the eyes
And let it go

Baby, don’t you know that it’s a saturday night
So, let me drink your blood, like I’m one of the family
Baby, don’t you know that it’s a scavenger night
So, let me feel your gold like I’m one of the family

So I heard you say you want a code ring
If you were a ride I’d put a dime in your heart
You know we want the same things baby
Gold friends that glow in the dark

I don’t really care it’s your money
But then again I care for you honey
I remember when we were winning, we're
Bankrupt now and you won’t stop celebrating

There’s no reason to fear
We’re all lovers, sincere
Licking ourselves in the briar
That warm mouth prickly taste of the fire

Now everything’s clear
There's cold blood in the mirror
If you reach down far enough you’ll see
The devil’s inside all of us
Not just me

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Lovedrug One Of The Family Comments
  1. Amph G


  2. Remember The Somber Productions


  3. Amber Murphy

    Seriously in love with all of your music! So excited for your new album!! :)

  4. Jake Delcas

    AHHHHHAHAHHAAA! You guys are the fucking best!!

  5. Micaiah Flores

    i'm pretty sure they all mutually all when their separate ways James has a kid,  and is married Jeremy said that he is no longer in seeing as he's also married and moving into different things and Thomas is The Wans so 1 i'm pretty sure he didn't want to drag everyone back seeing they are doing good, and 2 its nothing new from Lovedrug to have alot of studio and tour lineups

    laughing jack


  6. stealingroses

    ballin. Dennis Reynolds

  7. SebsVids

    Pretty good, cage the elephant vibes.


    OH and do you guys have any albums?

  8. SHEV073

    amazing song!