Lovedrug - Dinosaur Lyrics

Fever, Drugs, Money, Blood
Is it bad to love?

I got no faith in these dogs or my chance of survival, ho-hum
I got no cure for these kids or their cancerous rivalry
So dumb they go and go again

I got no need for these clothes when you get my blood boiling
My friend, I got no way to feel bad while your tree of life grows in it, it grows in it

We get so high, we get so low
We get so high, we get so low

We were dinosaurs in the end
We were dinosaurs in the end
We were carnivore to pretend
Like we'd opt out of survival
In lieu of some revival pretense

Got this belly of salt and a mouth full of glass teeth
I'm a fix, I'm a junkie, I'm a pirate
I'm a love maker, falling

We get so high, we get so low

We were dinosaurs in the end
We were dinosaurs in the end
We were carnivore to pretend
Like we'd opt out of survival
In lieu of some revival pretense
Some revival pretense
Some revival pretense

We were dinosaurs in the end
We were dinosaurs in the end
We were carnivore to pretend
Like we'd opt out of survival
In lieu of some revival pretense

Fever, Drugs, Money, Blood
Is it bad to love?

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  1. redmotherfive

    Came for the jean shorts, stayed for the song.

  2. Michael nesmith

    wus this song about.


    Well, the album is about youth and just being young and feeling invincible
    as for the song, I think what it's trying to say is that girls will mask themselves while boys hide everything

    idk, I'm not 100% sure. I do know this song makes me feel like i can start a fight and win (which is not true I've got noodle arms lol.)

  3. itsoutside43

    Reminds me of 'everything you do is a balloon' video on bike safety.
    Great song, great video :)

  4. Aaron Keith

    girls riding bikes and smoking cigarettes

  5. thelilfreak66

    That's not Miley that's sum slut

  6. Alexis Cruz

    We were dinosaurs in the end....

  7. whynotserius

    40,000 views? this should have like 800 million views

  8. Derek Aaron

    nice band

  9. NAPOLE666N

    im in luv with those bitches !

    Shoe Monster

    bunch of pixes 😍

  10. Aaron Chafin

    yeah I saw them at the gramophone as well.... the opening band was pretty sweet too...

  11. Jacob Sedabres

    This song is a beautiful mix between The Toadies and The Pixies.

  12. Jacob Sedabres

    same here! this song sounded so good when they played in STL.

  13. Sammi Stag

    Haven't listened to Lovedrug in years... still amazing.

  14. Aaron Chafin

    I saw them live the other day and cant get this song out of my head

  15. zach stroupe

    Soooooooooo, the yeti followed them on their entire journey to try and sneak some drank?

  16. jamfilms2

    we are dinosaur

  17. Danielle Gibson

    this is pretty good.

  18. Borrowed Oxygen

    Pledged for the album and got it on Feb. 23rd. The rest is just as good.

  19. KazD3

    <3 this band


    2 weeks later. lol


    not a post in two weeks? lame. this video ought to be so popular

  22. Sam Goodwill

    Really enjoyed the roman candle segment of the video.

  23. V. Millz

    congratulasion! brillant :)

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    one word, SUBSCRIBED.

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    Everything about this video is perfect, it must have took amazing talent!

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    some? of the videos were afraid not funny -.-

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    whatever happened to? vestigeworld, i havent been there in about 2 years haha

  40. Nguyen Tai

    great commitiment

  41. Thao Nguyen

    This video was so good that I told all my friends to watch it

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  52. silverlight

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    This channel is growing so fast and I LOVE their videos. how can you not subscribe to them? keep it up!

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    this reminds me of that old bike safety video, with the monkey faces

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  69. vn112203

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  78. Hamilton Barber

    @Craigcdubs I see elements from A Clockwork Orange (The seemingly pointless destruction from a single-sexed band of masqued cohorts)

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (a deformed creature cast out, intentionally or not, from the group, who is curious about these behaviors - snapping the twig, playing with the fire, skipping through the field, trying to drink their drink, etc)

    And Where The Wild Things Are, although perhaps this one is primarily because of the sort of larger than life monster.

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    Gah I love tongue-in-cheek literary references.

    Hands down, Lovedrug is in my top five favorites. I feel like it's unfair to pick just one haha

  87. SHEV073

    Awesome video!

  88. gypsyfade

    Really great song from these guys. I'm excited to hear more this year from them.

    And cute girls + Crazy 88 masks + fireworks? Perfect. I love it.