Lovedrug - Blow Up A Rainbow Lyrics

lets start again
and put the wind back in our sails
throw down our magic stones on the graves of those gone before us
keep the wolves at bay so the children can play outside

lets start again
and put the bite back in the fire
we'll watch our tree house burn, the fall of Rome could learn from us

but when your heart starts its' slowing
you know it really hurts my head
I can't get far, without you, I'm stone dead

lets start again
and blow up a rainbow star
we spoke in foreign tongues, we watched as spiders spun their doom
I wanted us to stay like a windy day in June

but when you're cold and start your sinking
and when your legs get too thin
I wonder if maybe you'll be thinking
the fishes could take me too

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Lovedrug Blow Up A Rainbow Comments
  1. Jaret Glenn

    Great band. I had forgotten about them. Gonna have to pick up their latest album.

  2. Li Thekitty

    Amazing song <3 Really cheers me up when i'm down, and is pure joy to listen to! 
    Man I love Lovedrug.

  3. kapnkaitlyn

    This song is getting me through a very difficult break up. I'm so thankful that they exist.

  4. Somtimes Zooey

    i know a boy named Rainbow. He's pretty.

  5. Daniel S

    cant stop my body from grooving when I listen to this

  6. chelseabo17

    pretty sure that this is the best song title that i have ever seen:)

  7. Erik Nilson

    His voice is so relaxing! I'd sleep with him. But he has to sing

  8. Hunter Yeager

    Been with them from the start. :) I love these guys so much.

  9. coldfirevideo

    @MelinGrata Omg so did I

  10. MelinGrata

    just found these guys today, and already I think they're beautiful. :D

  11. Purp Bradley

    One of my favorite bands.

  12. LightningStance

    Great song