Lovedrug - Anodyne Lyrics

You crawl in the fire when you're feeling down
When you feel it hurting
These ghosts have been a -chasing you so
If you could violently swim to the opposite shore
I'd be there reaching out so

I'll be your drug if you need it
I'll be the one that'll chase you so hard
I'll be your drug if you need it so
I will be there when you need it
I'll be the lover that you're chasing so hard
I'll be your drug if you need it

Crawling in the streets of abandoned towns
Graves are swaying
Lost in their conversations

If you could bathe in the sound
Then the parties will rise
It's what they're here for

Black is the rain when it's washing away
All of our sinner's and saint's delight
Bathe if you want, there is always some more
If you need, if you want...

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Lovedrug Anodyne Comments
  1. Brian Dotson

    No other song has affected me more than this song.

  2. Brian Dotson

    I just love this so fucking much

  3. TheEndTrend

    Excellent song! Wish so much this band would reunite!!!

    Adrian G

    They're still together...


    I guess technically they are, but I wish they would start playing shows again.  


    they went on tour recently for their album 'Notions'


    Just dropped another album recently check it out it’s called Relive

  4. Georg Ruf

    Why isn't there more I mean your band is fantastic. I really like it and I want to see more. Please make more music.

  5. Aaron Keith

    the melody during the chorus reminds me of wheels by the foo fighters 

  6. allegri9cl

    Lovedrug always make similar beautiful music please!!! Because I cant find these kinds of music from other bands.. Love you

  7. Kyle Masa

    It's like bioshock's splicers coming out of the water. AND I LOVE IT

  8. Quinton Rouse

    Incredible as usual. Such epic and intense music

  9. Justin Lapka

    i feel what u mean... :)

  10. Jessica K

    every album they've came out with has had that one song that saves me from letting ago <3

  11. Adrian Garcia

    Life changing music.

  12. Stephen Mlinarcik

    In case anyone was wondering, the footage is from the film 'Carnival of Souls'.

  13. Drew Douglas

    Album kills. Love this song.

  14. Shannon Dempsey

    Can't even begin to explain what this band means to me and how much their music got me through some of the hardest times in my life.


    Shannon Dempsey ditto


    Love everything about your music though.


    I was tab searching so this may or not be valid, but the video looks really creepy.

  17. Augusto Johann


    From : brazil

    Thiago SH Dos Santos

    Augusto Johann mto toopp tmj