Love, Rico - Bad Attitude Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Rico Love:]
Yeah, block niggas, ball players, and even cooperates
Boxed Chevys, Mercedes and even Porsches
Ass gotta 'em parked in the projects, them Astons
Tryna figure out who shortie, they all asking
She 22 and she do hair, she only smoke weed on the yacht though
The kind you don't wanna lose cause she too rare
She a G even go the keys for the capo
Fuck a recession, you see how she dressing
She ain't stressing, nigga she finessing
Grew up in Harlem on the east side
Hardly home but she always repping
Got a lotta class for a young bish
Bout to spend all my cash on this young bish
Yeah, she passed on a smart nigga
She prefer a nigga dumb rich
That's why she fuck with young Ric

Pay attention to what's going on, turn the lights on

Bad attitude but she thick though, bad attitude but she thick though
Shortie gotta, bad attitude but she thick though, bad attitude but she thick though
Got them niggas sick tho, yo, lotta niggas sick yo
Man she gotta lotta niggas sick yo, bad attitude but she thick though, turn the lights on

[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
(Ah uh, yeah nigga, aye yo yo
Rico Love, what up baby boy)
In beast mode, her toes bro immaculate
Jumped out the green rolls, bling up in her nose up on Castleton
Black down spotted her, with that mean sexy walk
No talk I just nodded cause I'm proud of her
Dress her ass off, fronting on niggas
Keep it moving if it ain't no cash there, She cracking up
Speed off, we both laugh it off, yo gangsta to gangsta, grown
Baby on her own, throw Patty on Xcel or ray fourth
I'm smoking, a purple take, king pin
With his thing thing right up under my wing
Yo them eyes though, she live in a plazo
I live off water, I need privacy for real, no fly zone
Yeah, you know the real winning, stay in luxury shit
That's word to every cane in the pan am
Rae's famous , haters get that they wings bladed
Come around here she gon' blow you, I'mma throw you out the plane hear me


[Verse 3 - Armani Caesar:]
(AC, Rico, turn the lights on)
Bad attitude but I'm thick though
I let a nigga know from the get go
Diamonds blue, got the flu, I ain't sick though
Six inch pump, I like walking on my tip toe
And I gotta fetish for them fellas that be getting the cheddar
Wanna taste it, said he give me 50Gs if I let 'em
So I passed on the good boys, I needed a G bad
Fuck E-Class, bitch I need me a G-Wag
You see me, you see swag, red bottoms on, Celine bag
Same Louie luggage Akeem had
Excuse the flossing, I'ma boss on my Ginger Ross
A nice ass and the lips is glossy, Han
I tear a niggas pockets up, if his guap is up
Nigga we can have lots of fun
Bad attitude, but I'm thick though
Ion want dick, I want the money from the bricks though, nigga

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