Lovato, Demi - Trainwreck Lyrics

La dee da, yeah

You fled from medication 'cause it only causes pain
You won't go to the doctor, he keeps calling you insane
You're lost even when you're going the right way
You mean the world to me even though you might be crazy

And you said we wouldn't make it
But look how far we've come
For so long my heart was breaking
But now we're standing strong
The things you say make me fall harder each day
You're a trainwreck
But I wouldn't love you if you changed!
No, yeah!

I shook your hand and you pulled it right away, yeah
You asked me to dance instead. I said, "No way!"
Inside I was dying to give it a try and you begged me, so I stayed
I knew you were different from the way I caved

And you said we wouldn't make it
But look how far we've come
For so long my heart was breaking
But now we're standing strong
The things you say, you make me fall harder each day
You're a trainwreck
But I wouldn't love you if you changed!
Yeah, oh, no, yeah

We were so different
But opposites attract
So my hope kept growing
And I never looked back
You're one of a kind!
No one can change this heart of mine

You said we wouldn't make it
But look how far we've come
For so long my heart was breaking
And now we're standing strong
The things you say, you make me fall harder each day
You're a trainwreck
But I wouldn't love you if you changed!
Oh, oh, yeah

...One more thing I thought I'd share with someone special
I'm falling like I've never fell before
It's funny you said we'd never make it and look how far we've come
You're a trainwreck
But with you I'm in love

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Lovato, Demi Trainwreck Comments
  1. Emma Coates

    Love this song!Last year I had to go to a mental hospital.I stopped taking my meds but doing so much better now.I'm bipolar like Demi!I can relate to her I was bullied when I was younger.I've never have had a boyfriend but hope to marry someone someday.:)

  2. elle x

    2019, 9:26 pm, tomorrow is monday and i have college classes and im listening and singing to the song like if it was 2012 again. So much shit has happened and even though i dont listen to her that much anymore, the past always hits me in the face and the old songs come back to me 😄

  3. Janka Michaľovová

    Beautiful❤. Demi, you are the best singer I have ever listen. I love you so much

  4. Andre Garcia

    I feel you !!!

  5. Nabilah Jalil

    I don’t know why I always go back to this song and falling over heels for someone❤️❤️❤️ And I don’t even have someone to love BAHAHA

  6. angie565656

    Who is she talking about?

  7. Alejandra Palacio

    I miss these days

  8. bleed blue

    0:20 inzayn

  9. dani relloso


  10. Gwyneth Gailo


  11. F'taal Li

    So about her father.

  12. Luma Lima

    Seems that she's talking a about her mania, the bipolar up phase.. Courage demi <3

  13. Kaylane Andrade


  14. Camryn Jensen

    This is still a pretty good song!

  15. Catherine H. Wallace

    Love it

  16. Emily Ανίκητος

    Is it for herself?

    F'taal Li

    i think it's about her dad who was bipolar-schizophrenic

  17. Sierra Joy Kennedy

    I want that picture!

  18. Homophobia Is Gay

    2018 and still love this song♥

    Aliya Keith

    Pepela Martiashvili right

  19. Paige Burgos

    Demi: you fled from medication cause it only causes pain you wont go to the doctor cuz hes calling you insane you're lost even when you're going the right way....
    Me: I'm a trainwreck too 😳

  20. p.s. porrahis

    Welp, I love you too 😆

  21. marvelouspino98

    The interpretation of this song is like double edged sword. It's either about her mental issues or a guy that she's crazy about. As a guy I look at more of the second interpretation of this is a love song cause I'm girl crazy. That's why I love Demi Lovato's song it can go both ways


    It's about Cody Linley Demi's old bf

    F'taal Li

    It was inspired by her relationship with her father. But she wasn't comfortable yet to publicly reveal the pain that relationship caused her throughout her life, so she modified it to sound like a love song. Artists do this type of thing all the time.

  22. Kay Rodríguez


  23. Lalü

    la concha que te pario Guillermina ¿Ahora?

  24. Lexi Laios

    this song represents the best of demi. loved it for over eight years now

  25. Bethany Bruce

    Found this from stalia edit

  26. Lilly

    i found this on an edit about the og teen wolf and the ''come'' was cut with allison death scene. i don't know what i'm doing with my life

    Y Tho

    Omg me too! I really miss Allison 😭

  27. Martha Escalante

    Who else is Watching un 2016?

  28. 정국 & 지민Jikook is real

    tipo, no inicio da musica eu tava tipo: q merda é essa q a demi fez
    no final: não, não, não acaba essa música

  29. first name last

    Oops lol phan edits are cool I guess

    heyitsjaddle !

    Lol thats why im here, i used the edit in one of my vids😂

  30. Jack

    For all coming from vine the part you want is at the very end

    heyitsjaddle !

    Omg thanks


    which vine?

  31. Tumblr Aesthetic

    came here from a 5SOS edit

  32. anna

    3:00 is my fave

  33. The Run away


  34. maisie olivia

    okay but was this actually written about gallavich

  35. Snake Charmer

    I came here from a Melanie Martinez edit :)

    Amy Nicole

    Me too!!

  36. Merel van Hengstum

    "You said we wouldn't make it, but look how far we've come."

    Our little Demi is performing at the Grammy's tomorrow. Proud is an understatement ❤️

  37. Berk Hunca

    Demi written this only herself. She was 14. So STOP FUCKIN SAY selena IS BETTER!

    Ranae Garcia

    i think they're both great...

  38. Sarah Mudeebe

    I have this shirt

  39. Sasha Lavato

    i feel this way right now

  40. Dash120z

    Guys this song is about Cody linley (old demi's bf)


    @Hallana Beatriz
    no that was Trenton Cole, Cody is the one played ''jake'' in hannah montana, he and demi dated long time ago

    Andrew Caine

    how do you know its about him?


    selena confirmed long time ago

    F'taal Li

    Selena probably wasn't aware of Demi's biological father's mental status, or if she did, she lied to protect Demi.

    T T

    @F'taal Li lol this can't be able her dad it's a love song

  41. Hallana Beatriz


  42. Bangtan Can Suck My Jimin Sized Pepper

    This is one of my favorite songs from her

  43. LC Valenzuela

    wait are the lyrics in comic sans omfg

    heyitsjaddle !

    Nyeh heh heh

    Meg Wighton



  44. Julian Swayze

    this song describes me perfectly. Demi is a recovering alcoholic too. Say what you want about AA, but it works wonders to spill your guts and bear your soul to people who care. I just wish I could stop relapsing.

    Isaza Practicante

    +Julian Swayze AA is great, and you're such a brave person.

    Julian Swayze

    @Isaza Practicante Thank you :)

  45. pinky naz


  46. pinky naz

    ♡♥this song

  47. Abubakar Abdi

    this song sucks

    Kaitlyn Aasland

    +Abubakar Abdi speak for yourself

  48. jimistial

    Allicattt brought me here 💙💙💙

  49. AmeliaPanics

    Found this from a Phan edit and omfg it fits their life so well


    and the lyrics are in comic sans ☺

    Abigail Williams

    same that's why I'm here

    jersie nicole

    omg truu

    heyitsjaddle !

    Me too!! I used the edit in one of my YouTube vids lol

  50. Simply Stefanie

    Can someone please explain to me what this song is about ??

    Tiqon TP

    No one knows

    Some people say its alcohol and shit but i think its just a relationship sex thing Pussy destroyer blqzer420 FUCKHERRIGHTINTHEPUSSY2K15


    Demi wrote this song about herself. She was bullied in early years

  51. Silke Tonniau

    So I had this friend and she was my best friend and she was crazy and she had emotional problems (trainwreck) and she said sometimes that I shouldn't hang out with her 'cause she wasn't good for me (you said we wouldn't make it in the song)  but I didn't want to hear that and I loved her she made me do things I would've never done on my own but when she begged me to do it  I did it ( the you asked me to dance part of the song) . But then she had enough of my and she ended our friendship but it's ok now I've learned from it

  52. Juuzou Suzuya

    I came here because of a Grace Helbig Edit omg

    Snake Charmer

    Tokyo Ghoul <3

  53. I go 0 to 011 mike real quick

    It's funny how you said we'd never make it but look how far we've come

  54. Ana

    I only now this song because i saw a vine about 5SOS were this song appeared, from 2:54

  55. PeachyMitchie

    I ❤️ this song!!!

  56. 2:49AM

    I cant get over the fact that shes just so inspirational, i love her like more than i love food and that means a lot lol💖💖

  57. LuLi Gamer

    I love that song 💕

  58. jasmine enriquez

    I came here from a Matthew edit

  59. Vanessa Marques

    my favorite song ❤

  60. Elyss Awad

    I feel like demi has changed so much i likes her better when she was like this

    Jada Turner

    When she was depressed and cutting ?

  61. Jenni

    1 day ago when you are reading thid do not stop or something bad will happen! (sorry about this) this girl's name is summer she is 15 years old and has blonde hair, many scars, and she has no ear. She is dead. If you don't copy this to more than 5 videos, she will appair one dark quiet night when you are not expecting it beside your bed with a knife and going to kill you. This is no joke. If you send this on 5 more videos something good will happen to you......sorry i dnt wanna die

    Aimee Silvester

    It's fake I've saw this and I didn't do and I'm not dead

    Riley Bubblegum

    UR a fail lol, plus, I can't copy, lol

    chan is tan

    if you wrote this 4 months ago she died 4 months ago, not yesterday.

  62. Erin H Shingler

    I can relate to this so much. I have depression, a stress disorder AND anxiety. So That might explain stuff a bit.

    Erin H Shingler

    Thanks. But now my depression meds don't work. I'm getting prescribed a new one soon

    Jessica Sheridan

    +Stella Müller how could you even say that???? They are illnesses, like cancer or Ebola or anything else and they are just as important. People die from depression but no one cares because society doesn't class them as a proper illnesses, which is sad and if you knew what it was like you wouldn't be saying those things. To the girl who wrote this post, I hope your better now, stay strong.

  63. nirvanita821

    I'm a natural born metalhead. My bf loves Demi... This song really describe us. :3

  64. Maryam Jay

    If you replace all the You's & We's with I's it'll make sense

  65. xX_Jade_xX

    We were so different
    But opposites attract
    So my hope kept growin'
    And I never looked back

    F'taal Li

    they were more alike than she knew at the time

  66. Irmak

    You fled from medication cause it only causes pain, you won't go to the doctor, he keeps callin you insane. You're lost even when you're goin the right way.... It reminds me of her issues......

    SkyLove Nightcore

    Irmak same


    The song is about Cody Linley (Demi's old bf)

    F'taal Li

    No, it's about her dad. Her dad was bipolar-schizophrenic.

  67. Snowphia

    one of my dearest old addictions ; this song ♥

  68. Dat Bookworm

    just listen and read the lyrics carefully ❤ 

    rubee wasilewski

    i love it

  69. Ezra Aria

    The sad thing is, this is from her first album(2008)  and no one knew about her issues until 2010 

    로렌 Lauren

    I know right! It's so weird to listen to this and know she has those issues. 

    로렌 Lauren

    @***** Okay well, she just had a lot of things happening..

  70. gianna p.

    i love this song so much and i love the ending omfg

  71. Yazi

    this is one the most songs i releate to this song is not like any other song its special:)

  72. Geraldine Hammond

    I can relate to this song so much. Not with a guy or girl but with my selfharm, starving,etc. Its sad really! But this is why demi lovato is my idol she is one reason why i stay strong! I have been through so much just like her. But the train wreck part i can relate to my foster father he 'hurt' me in ways. Sooooo i guess i'm a wreck.

  73. Looly poiuy

    her life has been a train wreck not the guy her life..... poor demi

  74. Looly poiuy

    izzytoofy demi had a eating disorder too!!

  75. Francesca Alexandra

    <3 Love it!!!  :3

  76. cassie mccrory

    you can really tell from her lyrics that she was broken....how did we not notice? :(

  77. Abi Hernandez

    I love her so much. such an inspiration

  78. natasha b.

    This is a great song she's singing about herself when she went through bullying , she had to stay strong which she did. Love u demi.


    natasha b. She went through bullying ? When ?

  79. TheMiley2506


  80. All but one heart was fazed that day


  81. musictowatchdemito

    Every time she says "You" or "You're" replace it with "I" Because basically shes talking about herself :)

  82. Victoria Rose

    This might not be about a guy.

    Señor Sushi

    I think it is for herself.


    It's for Cody Linley

    F'taal Li

    It's not about a boyfriend. It's about her biological father.


    It's about an old ex boyfriend of Demi

  83. Philopateer Ibrahim

    I'm your fan

  84. Philopateer Ibrahim

    I like your singing

  85. rock4ever

    ahhhbsesssed t this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. RusticBlade

    Love this song

  87. rock4ever

    this is my 1 of my fav songs by demi ..... she is sooooo awesome and i luv her soooo much!!!!! #lovatic4ever

  88. claudy cardenas

    what is mean trainwreck a perso who is a mess ?

  89. Bob Chen

    So using this song in a project ;)

  90. Bree's Vlogs

    My Hero xoxox

  91. Tatyana S.

    I haven't heard it in like 4 years omggggg

    Anusha Misra

    tøp ayyyy

    João Antonio Figueiredo Vidtoto

    And now ahhahaha

  92. Tatyana S.

    omg I missed this song

  93. Illyana Arvelo


    Victoria Rose

    Omgomgomg you're right!!!!!

    David P

    Oh em gee you must be a smarticus.

  94. Laura Mannertz

    Demi lovato <3

  95. marissa baez

    #demilovato   loveing her