Louise, Emma - Shut The Door Lyrics

Just one last night in the Cadillac my love
Said we wouldn't but we did it
Surrendered to what our bodies want
You are my favourite child
Sit so comfortably
Do I cry like a baby in the cradle when you're rocking over me

And just one last drive through the forest of our love
And a prophet tried to tell me
It's better if you can heal yourself
But they just don't know how much we need each other
And all the beautiful men that fall around me when we do

But I'm only half here
Since you've been gone
I think that I've lost myself
And why is it so hard
To breathe when I am
Only halfway here

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Louise, Emma Shut The Door Comments
  1. Aya Saab

    Woww she is insane!

  2. ダリル

    I want to see her live

  3. Jake Lloyd

    Gorgeous. Beautiful song.  What a perfect sound.  Cant wait to buy this album.  Cant wait to see live.