Louise, Emma - Jungle Lyrics

In a dark room we fight, make up for our love
I've been thinking, thinking about you, about us
And we're moving slow, our hearts beat so fast
I've been dreaming, dreaming about you, about us

Hey, hey, hey, hey
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head, oh

I was speaking soft, see the pain in your eyes
I've been feeling, feeling for you, my love
And our bodies are tired, our shadows will dance
I've been aching, aching for you, my love

My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head, oh

My love is wasted, sorry for this I never meant to be, hurting ourselves, hurting ourselves
And I'm complicated, you won't get me, I have trouble, understanding myself, understanding myself
And my love is wasted, sorry for this I never meant to be, hurting ourselves, hurting ourselves
And I'm complicated, you won't get me, I have trouble, understanding myself, understanding myself

My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head is a jungle, jungle
My head, oh, oh, oh, oh oh...

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Louise, Emma Jungle Comments
  1. Madara Uchiwa

    Merci Zankioh pour son Best of

  2. Meg x

    I'm getting tinkabell vibes

  3. Merdüm giriz

    Film izledikten sonra dinlemistim bu şarkıyı ne zaman dinlesem sanki gerçek degilmisim gibi hissediyorum

  4. AdR!aNa !!!

    Hermosaaa canción...!!😌😌✌

  5. josako tarrako

    Ya no se hace música así

  6. FallenRise

    Millie Bobby Brown?

  7. wissal assouli

    I have started search for this song since I watched Black Opium pub. Finaly

  8. lxilly_14

    Every Song from 2019 is old 😂😂

  9. safia kausar

    Its too short.

  10. Ārty Cøøper

    I discovered this music in an ad, and I could not get rid of it, I waited in front of my TV to watch the ads, each time, with my phone and Shazam to discover which artist it was... so great song

  11. Ratched45

    Idk about people i found this by watching a doco on Australian pole dancers


    *belle chanson--peu connue...*

    satoru kendai


  13. mr Simple

    "Hidden beast" suits for this songs... what a beautiful song.

  14. Fatima Salem

    And my loveiswaistedsorryforthisinevermeanttobehurtingourselves hurting ourselves

  15. laya !

    I came back after long time helli from 2019

  16. Eric HAMPARD

    Why Ego Present ? Who is Ego ? Poor sound quality... Official channel ?


    Welcome if you come from Wentworth. (:


    R.I.P Debbie

  19. soso queen

    This song reminds me about black opiulm

  20. Sav Rah

    no one fkn cares why u people are here

  21. Anaïs Tebani

    On dirait la chanson de La Casa de Papel l’instru

  22. dejan peric

    an die deutschen hier... könnt ihr euch erinern, als das lied immer zwischen die werbungen von viva lief? 😂😂

  23. Misti-_-black

    Les Français ? 🖐🏻

  24. робин бобиб

    Скромная девушка, скромно поёт!! Что ещё надо!?!!!!!?!!!!!!

  25. Nezar Al yasery

    Lol who found this song from the perfume black opimium

  26. Alexey Lipov

    хээйййййййц ИТС ДЖАНЛГЭЛ ААОВЛДВ

  27. antwaun johnson

    Wentworth brought me here

  28. Girlpower648


  29. Shinriis

    Je suis seule a connaître cette chanson SANS la pub ??? 😂

  30. Samuel CHEKLY


  31. Reaper Quinn

    here from Wentworth

  32. Jorge Vicente

    I search Emma because of “The Future”

  33. Patrick Gabriel

    Muito bom mas o remix do vintage ó 👌

  34. Xella RQS

    Elle a une voix envoûtante je trouve.

  35. simren 888888

    Music is panacea

  36. u wish u knew

    Fucking tf blade got this stuck in my head

  37. Amine Azad

    I stlil listen to this song since 2014 till now

  38. me sh

    I've been listening to this music for about 3 years! And today I decided to see whether it has a music video or not. Thank you💙💙

  39. Gülşah Güneş

    bc of that bloody parfume 😂

  40. Sharefa mohammed

    Is there anyone still listening to this song?

  41. Madama Darwin


  42. lastrange kripton

    Vengo por Anatomía de greys :)

  43. H B

    This song will never get old. Iconic

  44. Geoconda Jurado

    Buenisima esta musica 👌👌👌

  45. Melissa YOGA

    C une française??

    Lords Ulrich

    Nope, Australienne !

  46. Ravichandran Rajendran

    Her head is a jungle because her hair looks so pretty😘

  47. Nabby #*#*#

    This song not only has brilliant lyrics, its delivery embodies the lyrics through her voice. This is perfection. Her voice is subtle. It haunts me with the softness.

  48. Agata Obarska

    low beatrate - give beter sound copy - ears aching and this song do not deserve this low sound quality

  49. yeux vert Antéa

    Black Opiom j'ai cherché le titre de cette musique pendant 2 jours putain maintenant je l'ai mis a ma sonnerie

  50. The spicy chin

    You say jungle weird

  51. Myriam Senhadji

    On a pas eu de réponse et vous prie yu

  52. itsitxgk

    2019 january? ❤

  53. One Love


  54. Quentin Lacombe

    J'adore Emma Louise

  55. CrazyJoeDuvolla

    I wanted to know who Bliss n Eso sampled their song "jungle" from... wow.. what a gem!

  56. nursima Doğan

    bu şarkıyı bulamk için çok uğraştım

  57. David Hernández López

    Feliz todo, bolín

  58. Анастасия Тай

    Интересно... есть кто из России?

  59. Stephen Byram

    First time I've heard this original version version and wow, it's beautiful

  60. Eddie Miller

    The remix brought me here

  61. Rinnara Brunelli

    Wentworth has brought me here 😍 end of S1E9, amazing song 💕

  62. Ιουλια Χριστοφορου

    Εκπληκτικό τραγούδι

  63. Gee Em

    I smoke black opium.

  64. Nontando Mthethwa

    Who else is here because of the black opiume advert

  65. Galaxseas & Oceans

    Really nice outfits!

  66. #S.L.C

    Super la musique est juste MAGIQUE la chanteuse est magnifique

  67. Kevin Swinson


  68. Бекки Тэтчер

    What a beautiful girl!

  69. Wiam Ammi

    Me en canta

  70. Realta

    J'aimerais tellement la chanter...

  71. ZIAD Ultras

    awkward :'( ♥

  72. kalimba de luna

    Bird free

  73. LS - 8D MUSIC

    Hi, can I use this music for (8d)? :)

  74. Léa Marija

    Oh...Nom de Dieu...

  75. You 346



  76. DirkDucat

    Sometimes , blip blip, she makes me think of Mazzy Star . . . from a certain angle  listening to her voice.

  77. Meme St


  78. Karim Benzalim

    So underrated song !!

  79. Iris Huerta Rmz

    Gracias al comercial de un perfume encontré ésta cancioncita 😊

  80. RezaGamer1800

    love you

  81. RezaGamer1800

    love you

  82. RezaGamer1800

    love you

  83. RezaGamer1800

    love you

  84. RezaGamer1800

    to love you

  85. RezaGamer1800

    I love you

  86. thesivi89

    Django django

  87. nina nina

    This song and the singer reminds me the cranberries

  88. Alec Matthew Granados

    This has literally been my favorite song for so long, I have more obsession and love for this song than I know what to do with.

  89. All Nick

    Хороший голос.

  90. Farkad star


  91. Mix Stuff

    How came from Black Opium ad

  92. Coco Phoenix

    it's my favorite musique

  93. Creative Creations


  94. Mustafa Onur Zorca