Louise, Emma - 1000 Sundowns Lyrics

I met a boy who made me cry
He said "stay away from my kind"
I said I appreciate his honesty and I
stayed away for a while

Then he cried and I laughed on the telephone
And we talked for hours
He says he wants to be a rock-star
So do I, so do I
Guess it would never work out

But on these summer nights
When the weather's right
I miss him by my side
Oh by my side

And when the wind blows wrecks from the hills
On these April nights, I'll think of him
Oh the boy who surely taught me how to love
Showed me how to trust
And I gave in

And oh our love it was so strong
It was so deep
And we were young
And I was a little bit naive
But still how I was in his arms for one thousand sundowns

It was a love worth remembering
And on these summer nights
When the weather's right
I miss him by my side
Oh by my side

And oh, my darling
Please say you miss me too
On these summer nights
I miss me by your side

And I know I'll see your face at the gates of heaven
When it's my turn to go
But oh Lord, please do not pass judgment on us
We were but young and full of love
And oh please let me cry in his arms
Just once more
For one thousand sundowns
For one thousand sundowns

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Louise, Emma 1000 Sundowns Comments
  1. Claudine ORNE

    Magnifique voix, une belle découverte ....

  2. Colouring and Cats

    Such a beautiful song and its so perfect for Patrick's funeral <3


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  4. MAria Goi

    One more happy ending bring me here

  5. Ophelias E

    Such a sweetly beautiful and delicate sound

  6. Maike S

    a beautiful song, makes me thinking about many things and I love her voice, so full of emotions...

  7. angilo6677

    Goose bumps and my mind is everywhere.    

  8. Pineapplesisters

    Love this!

  9. Ramari RF

    'Alone on the water' fanfic feels increased

  10. theoretically09

    Emma Louise is a true artist. She's so talented. Omg.

    Dr K

    +theoretically09 Indeed.

  11. Cathy Vaughan

    This song makes me cry :-(

  12. zoe naylor

    i cry everytime omfg
    poor nina

  13. chessnuts101

    i know i heard this of offspring but i cant help but ball my eyes out. oh gosh. so sad :(

    Helen King

    It made me cry my eyes out too when I heard it on offspring...

  14. Sirena Perez

    She is my music teachers cousin :)

  15. Charli Jane

    beautiful song

  16. avatar korra

    This song is perfect<3

  17. Anon E. Moose

    makes me cry

  18. Alexis Jayde Bishop

    This is beautiful.I love your voice witch makes the song.

  19. Jason Harding

    A beautifully constructed song; one of my all time favorites!