Louisa Wendorff - And Dance Lyrics

Stomp with me,
Swing with me,
Cha cha cha with me,
Rumba bounce, and wobble with me, [?]
Walsh with me,
Sway with me,
And do the dougy with me,

When I look in your eyes,
I start smiling on the inside,
The more I'm with you,
The more I want to,
Kick off these old shoes,
And dance
(dance [x8])

Jive with me,
Conga with me,
Dosey doe with me,
Bump volly wood with me
Shake and groove with me
Twist work it slide with me
Do the cotton eyed joe

When I look in your eyes,
I start smiling on the inside,
The more I'm with you,
The more I want to,
Kick off these old shoes,
And dance
(dance [x8])

When I look in your eyes,
I start smiling on the inside,
The more I'm with you,
The more I want to,
Kick off these old shoes,
And dance,
The more I'm with you,
The more I want to,
Kick off these old shoes,
And dance
(dance [x14])

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Louisa Wendorff And Dance Comments
  1. Fresh Tomato

    Taylor should invite them in her “Lover” concert

  2. Ren

    Happy 5 yr anniversary of this mashup release!

  3. Salima Ahmed

    Omg too much memories with this amazing cover ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Beatriz Britto


  5. Renée Richardson

    This is just EVERYTHING.

  6. Zixv Song

    Im here

  7. MariaDelMar Molina

    Almost in the new decade and still the best mashup ever

  8. Adriano Houat


  9. irondoom44

    Ever little thing. is me and my wife wedding song and its not on youtube no more really

  10. Kimia Haseli

    Wow this very very perfect

  11. Bonnie Causey

    Still love this ❤

  12. Brandi Edstrom

    Still the best duet/mashup, ever.

  13. Rilla Pospieszalski

    We need some reputation/lover collabs!

  14. Alice Lai

    Devin is so hot😆😆

  15. Daphne

    I'm still obsessed

  16. Krista McIlmoil

    Louisa and Devin, please do another mashup but this time from Lover! <3 (But for real, 5 years later and I still listen to this!)

  17. Nisha Acosta

    Favorite mashup!

  18. Z G


  19. Z G

    HOW this hARMONY and FEELS

  20. shereen banu

    This was so gooooood

  21. Kelly Grogan

    Still my favorite mashup ever.

  22. Khen Khen

    Here before December 2019?

  23. juehaniza juhari

    still love

  24. Shayne Hanks

    This is such a great mash-up and I am not surprised by Devin Dawson's huge success on the US Country charts in 2018 and 2019.

  25. Lucía Cabeza Ferrero

    Please put this in Spotify

  26. The Ketukies/Kangleipak

    You got that red classic lip that I ❤❤👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Emory Gregory

    Hi it’s now 2019 and this is still the best mashup of all time

    Krista McIlmoil

    There is so much truth to this!

  28. Johnny Mo

    Another lonely night

    B F

    R u just being moody or can I help

  29. Diana Merriman

    He should be a country singer forget the mash-up stuff.

  30. Nick Casey

    5 years later, this is still the greatest mashup to date.

  31. RedisFun2

    Still gives me chills!

  32. Samantha Houston

    I played this at my wedding during the processional. Thank you. 💕

  33. Ayami Jayanetti

    This is a treat for my ears❤

  34. Jay Nelo

    If they combined and did majority of their videos like this, they'd be much bigger - a lot more people would know their names

  35. Diogo Kihara

    Aaaaaa eu amo tanto esse cover❤️

  36. Connor Sherrington

    These two just seem like a couple who are impossible

  37. ryannana

    This is Fall Season Nostalgia every time

  38. Vanessa Butler

    Still wish this was on Spotify

  39. Alan Ridwan

    I'm looking this song on spotify but there's not

  40. Stefany Gv

    can't believe this has been in the world for 5 years and i only now hear it, please this is so good

  41. Andreia deia

    Very god... muito bom....

  42. Paul Wells

    Still an amazing rendition... Could listen to these guys all day.

  43. Moonlight .Z

    A look at the comments...

    And a lot of people are here in 2019


    Really makes you think about how big the world is. Doesn't seem like you can go anywhere on YouTube without meeting someone with shared interests.

  44. Pooh Belle

    Do you have this in Spotify?

  45. veranya2074

    louisa makes every song perfect

  46. Mathew Nicholls

    Bit too cheesy for me 🧀

  47. Hoàng Sơn

    Very good!

  48. Chinkhiong Leau

    that dude sound just like shawn singing 😂😂😂

  49. D Garcia

    Best. Mashup. Ever.

  50. leah lorraine

    i remember being 14 and voice recording this on my iPod so i could listen to it when I wasn't on wifi lmaoo

  51. ShaJuanda Campbell

    One of the best mash ups EVER!

  52. Catonellie

    I know it's been a long time since this came up but please please add this to Spotify!!!

  53. D Author

    Love this version, love this song

  54. Annie Duda

    Saw you tonight at the Belmont showcase and I knew I recognized your voice! Absolutely incredible, and it was amazing to see you live! Your voice is stunning. Keep inspiring with your words and voice, God bless 💕

  55. kween y

    Idk why but i always go back here 💕

  56. Lily Demarco

    I keep coming back to this

  57. Kyle Mayne

    Why can't I get this video out of my head. Not this song. This video.

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  59. Books For the Blind

    Audio & Video better than, well, you know her name's videos.

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  61. TheyCall MeMoe

    I love the scene

  62. Jimmy Lim

    August , 2019
    Anyone? ✋



  64. monalisaa

    I really want Devin to do the full cover of Style! 😍😩

  65. Quentin Targaryen

    I still come back to this on a daily basic

  66. john noble

    Awesome song!

  67. PimpMaster K

    why does he look like everyones cousin lol

  68. Connie Richie

    Here in 2019 also. I love this version.

  69. Jeromerebirth15

    5 years and I still find my back here. Always lol

  70. Jordan Apodaca

    I accidentally started listening to this at 1.5 speed. Just try it.

    Clementine Luna


  71. Alisha Menezes

    Can I please know the guitar chords

  72. hi im a potato

    I met her!! She came to my school in a assembly and sang this song !!

    Clementine Luna


  73. Chalanthorn Siri-aksorn

    i can't stop listening to this!

  74. karen auz

    the guy's voice singing style is just sooooo good

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    Still my fave❤️

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    The synergy of the voices is just so perfect and very marketable ! Well done

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    I saw her today

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    Better than the original 👏🏼👏🏼

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    this is my favourite cover.periodt

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    July 2019. Still coming back to this. 💕

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    Anyone from 2020?

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    most of the song is good, except towards the end, there's too much there

  86. Mauna McCorkle

    GAWD. I just love this mash up, I love their voices. This is all just perfect. 10/10 would recommend.

  87. Tristan Brightwell

    I came listening to this

  88. TastedGlory

    This is absolutely the BEST sad cover mashup out there 💖💖💖

  89. Subah Samaun

    I'm here for the first time anddddddd this is so awesomeeeee

  90. Mj Rivera

    Still in love with this

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    that's what happen if taylor swift and Shawn mendes do a featuring ?

  92. Clare Vela

    My husband and I looove to sing along to this!! And it NEVER gets old

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    You know wend you was to drunk to remember you see this video 2 months ago .And you love its like the fiirst time ^^ loll

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