Louis Tomlinson - Just Like You Lyrics

It's the guy from the one band
Cigarette in my left hand
Whole world in my right hand
25 and it's all planned
Night out and it's 10 grand
Headlines that I can't stand

But you only get half of the story
The cash and the cars, and the glory
No sleep and we party 'till morning
'Cause nobody cares when you're boring

I'm just like you, even though my problems look nothing like yours do
Yeah, I get sad too, and when I'm down I need somebody to talk to
Yeah, I feel the same as you do
Same stress, same shit to go through
I'm just like you if you only knew

If I had it my way, pub lunch every Sunday
Cheap beer and it's okay
I wanna lay where she lays
I wanna stay in these days
Gonna smoke and it's okay

But you only get half of the story
The cash, and the cars, and the glory
Just like everyone else here before me
'Cause nobody cares when you're boring

I'm just like you, even though my problems look nothing like yours do
Yeah, I get sad too, and when I'm down I need somebody to talk to
Yeah, I feel the same as you do
Same stress, same shit to go through
I'm just like you if you only knew

Every heart breaks the same
Every tear leaves a stain
Can I just be the same?
Every heart breaks the same
Every tear leaves a stain
Let me be the same

I'm just like you, even though my problems look nothing like yours do
Yeah, I get sad too, and when I'm down I need somebody to talk to
Yeah, I feel the same as you do
Same stress, same shit to go through
I'm just like you if you only knew

If you only knew

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Louis Tomlinson Just Like You Comments
  1. Universo da Malu Viegas

    So proud of you!!!

  2. Life as a Cynophilist

    Best song ever: Really the best song ever
    Story of my Life:- True story of my Life
    No control :- really I have no control when I see you
    You and I: wish it was me
    History:- you were the greatest team that the world had ever seen
    Midnight Memories: once my friend and I were talking in the midnight and I wrote to her : MIDNIGHT MEMORIES OH OH OH OH BABY YOU AND ME GOING ON CHATTING, SINGING, SINGING, SINGING .....
    Live while we're young: so we went CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY till we saw the you and got crazier after seeing you
    Olivia:Still dream that my name was Olivia...(actually thinks herself to be Olivia)... And the Olivia-s being proud of their name
    What makes you beautiful: Your smiles
    One thing: You've got that one thing which I need... I love you.
    DRAG ME DOWN: Literally Nobody Nobody, Nobody can DRAG you down with our love..but come back...
    Steal my girl: you were my Kings since you were 23 Louis,
    21 Harry,
    22 Liam,Niall and Zayn ❤️...
    Night Changes: The night changed, really , you are not together anymore 😭
    I want: You to come back One Direction..
    Miss you: We miss you
    Just like you: I know you are just like us
    Back to you: I always keep coming back to you
    Walls: these high walls never broke our souls and we watch you all coming back, coming back ... For Us

    This is the life of a Directioner..
    Words are not enough to explain how much we love you and miss you ❤️
    Please come back❤️

  3. Bervelly West

    I love this song
    Walls is fucking masterpiece

  4. Hang

    the only person that this song reminds me to is Zayn. Zayn only!!! is there any possibility you 2 could be friends again???

  5. chapiz flores

    Like fhor louis

  6. chapiz flores

    My song favored

  7. Damián Coria

    1:49 Lionel Messi <3

  8. vineela sriram

    “It’s the guy from the one band”

    That hit different

  9. BharathWaj Manoharan

    This is so good to hear. @UNITEONEDIRECTIONIN2020

  10. Carina Westerlund

    I really like this song, both the music, lyrics and your voice. Well done! Thumbs up!

  11. parthaprotim deori


  12. mer

    1:22 A gay hairdresser

  13. Giorgia Melandri

    This song needs more attention, it's amazing

  14. Life as a Cynophilist

    "It's the guy from the one band"

  15. Dim Ple

    now that Liuis finally released his album, im so freakin happy that finally they noticed him. LIKE THAT WHAT HE DESERVED SINCE MANY YEARS AGO!!!

  16. ester vitoria

    Amo tanto essa música, esse ser maravilhoso ❤

  17. ester vitoria

    Todo amor do mundo para você ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. ester vitoria


  19. Phida

    1:12 Those eyes 💞

  20. sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ

    Amo tanto esta hermosa canción 💗

  21. Amer Asyruff

    my favourite one direction member is louis and it has always been louis, he is so unique he is amazing, his songs are really good they're just perfect. i love you louis

  22. Giuliana Sosa Cristaldo

    *Louis te amo mi amor! ❤*

  23. Ela Ç.

    Super underrated song!!! This song is amazing🔥🔥🔥

  24. Sky Matt

    Wow this song is utterly amazing 🖤

  25. Fla Vie


  26. Sakshi Jhunjhunwala

    Y this song is so underrated

  27. 1D is the best boyband dont change my mind

    2:38 but uh "I NEED *H* " is so clear ???????? skdksksks honestky just punch me in the face

  28. Asa Wendel

    I cried way way too much

    Louis if you're sad you know you can always talk with us and we are here for you and we will always support you.

    Thanks for showing the world that a famous person have the same problems like not famous persons and famous person are like not famous persons. We are all the same we are all humans.
    Thanks for everything lou

  29. D payton

    My baby louis💙💙💙

  30. straykids


  31. Lone Wolf

    Im in love with this song

    lots of love a nobody ₩

  32. D.H. Patel

    Wait, if he wants to lay where “she” lays, not with her but him being in her place that means.......I’m calling on all the larries 😅😂

  33. Our Direction

    Louis problems (Just ones I heard please don’t hate😧)
    *Like Harry but to scared to tell people (idk I’m a Larry)
    *losing his mom
    *losing his sister
    *a on and off relationship
    *so much work while having a kid
    * apparently not liking Eleanor (just what I’ve heard)
    * band breaking up
    * depressed (maybe idk)

    If you only new...

  34. stypayhorlikson stylinson

    1:36 i paused. I turned the phone upside down and bruuhh in the middle down the bold article says "Northern Ireland" i just remembered the irish lad 😭

    By the way amazing song💓 i'm here having a breakdown in 2020. Anyone else?

  35. The Coaster Craze

    Crazy the improvement between this and his new music, can't wait to see where Louis' career goes!

  36. moonlight hellen


  37. Kal in Song

    You're voice is fucking amazing baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍 i love you sunshine 💙

  38. Asmaul Shahana

    Louis is so underrated that ain't fair😑😑

  39. Estefani Valeriano Campos


  40. Raman Preet


  41. jen

    the lyrics<3

  42. Gleika Santos

    this is deserves more recognition!

  43. Deduction Geek

    i love how genuine his lyrics are. i hope that he gets appreciated on his music, because clearly he deserves it.

  44. Auryn Kilbanks

    Um excuse me why is my heart breaking for him 😭❤️

  45. Valentina Hernandez

    LOVEEEEEEEE THIS SONG!! His voice the lyrics 😍

  46. Harper Sollish

    ok this song is great but that noise at the very beginning makes me want to throw up

  47. Carilia Zaynny harry

    La canción más bella de Louis... Te amo Louis... I really love it... Love you 😍 Louis you are my everything

  48. Get a Life

    HIS VOICE. oh my god.

  49. stram walls by Louis Tomlinson

    Here before walls because I need to have an energy charge listening to Louis music

  50. HILDA Brewis

    He's so under rated come people

  51. Craft s

    I think this is one of his best songs❤ He should make more songs of this genre....

  52. SweetBaby 16


  53. Swapnil Bagai

    At 1:55 the colors that portray Louis in back are the same colors of Harry's latest album 'Fine Line'. (P.S No disrespect or anything, just saw something and thought to share)
    (PPPPPS Louis I'm soooooo proud of you and always support you💜)

  54. Sunjida Sony

    Louis Tomlinson I don’t like anybody. I am just like you.

  55. urulou 10

    Best louis song and also the most heartbreaking

  56. Big Brother

    Waiting for #WALLS

  57. Pushpa Agrawal

    I really love this song. It tells me that he also suffers some or the other problem like I do.He also needs someone to talk to like I need when I'm sad.

  58. Aakriti Gurung

    His lyrics comes from his heart❤️❤️😌😌😌🦋🦋🦋

  59. Sayman G


  60. xMystxrious Gaming

    Wow like it.... do u?

  61. Aish2000 Aish

    Louis ur songs are so good 😍😍

  62. Luna Ramirez

    Sigo enamora de esta canción, me la se completa, espero y la cantes en tu tour.

  63. Shazia Ahmed

    Smoking isnt okay. Alright

  64. امجَادْ حمُود.

    I listen to this song for first time,it’s amazing 💕.
    10 January 2020.

  65. Anjali Ujjaniwal

    A guy from 1 band : zayn
    25 it's all planned : Zayn left on 25 March
    Cigarette on his one hand : Zayn use too smoke
    The I read some articles in it and it says about eating disorder and depression and all

    So I think it's about Zayn that how he just left the band

  66. Имя Фамилия


  67. sansi uwu

    I remember watching this in vh1 and being on absolute love, and now again, here thank you xx

  68. larriando ando


  69. k e i


  70. love you DEJVIT

    2:17 ,,can't I just be the SAME "
    The way he says SAME is killing me. that fookin voice crack bitch!

  71. Keli Oliveira

    Love you KING 💚

  72. Charlotte Parry

    *aggressively looking for larry references in the backround*

  73. JBkarthi At_Almonds

    Larry detectives: *why youtube doesnot have video speed less than 0.25x?*

    And I too felt the same

  74. Meel Alvarez

    This song is very good 😢😢💜

  75. Meel Alvarez


  76. Aditya Gupta

    This song is so underrated! The feeling is so damn accurate ♥️♥️

  77. Always_maria


  78. Sweet Girl


  79. erandi rojas

    Esta canción merecía más, pero bueno no todos tienen good taste :)

  80. Jadie Maree


  81. larry stylinson

    So... we're not going to talk about "two weeks before they return"
    Canyon moon: "two weeks and I'll be home"
    Im Larrying rn don't mind me.

    Doria dorii

    Where exactly he said that!? The "Two weeks before they return"!!

  82. isle

    the meaning behind this woah

  83. HILDA Brewis

    2020 just like you

  84. Eduardo

    Waiting for walls!! 2020 anyone?

  85. Sonja Webb


  86. Sonja Webb

    Hi loius I love you so much baby and I'm sorry for your lost in your heart to see your voice

  87. Nirjal Tamang


  88. Georgia Bell

    "its the guy from that one band" 😢😢
    Like if ur a directioner still in 2019/2020

  89. w bc

    Wow this song is a masterpiece 😯

  90. toneej88

    i think this is a call out to a friend
    Like he is telling this friend that he is also stress, and have problems like you do and he just wants to talk to a close friend.

    i think it can be a call out to zayn

  91. Ana Luise

    Maneira eu estoy até cantando em inglês love you me sou mot

  92. Directioner forever

    Lou and BORING...
    I don't believe that