Lou, Tobi - Orange Lyrics

I been cuttin' up, tryna get at you (Get at you)
Divin' in this cup like a swimming pool (Like a swimming pool)
Yeah (Ooh)

Why'd I stop rockin' flannels? (Flannels)
I still wear socks with sandals (Sandals)
I'm from the Chi like Chano (Chano)
My favorite color Channel, Orange (Orange)
I still watch cartoon channels (Channels)
My favorite shows got canceled (Damn)
So shout out to those assholes (Right)
I really wanna travel, window seat, first class, though (Yeah)
Lean my seat, so far back, niggas think I'm Fat Joe (Yeah)
Shoulder lean like Fat Joe (Yeah), shoulder lean like Uzi (Uzi)
We flipped That 70's Show, now these bitches think I'm groovy
But I'm ok with that though (Okay)
I'm looped up like a lasso (Okay)
I'm happier but most these days I be extra sad though
Gotta be extra careful, like birds around scarecrows
Not to let the sadness take advantage of my fragile (Stay)
I feel so insubstantial but I'm more than a handful
Do you know who I am ho? I started from the ground floor
And I made it here (Yeah), yeah I made it here (Yeah)
Now let me make it clear, I ain't goin' nowhere (No)
Bitch I'm from Chicago
I like Giordano's, I'm in love with deep dish
She love all my deep shit (All of it)
Hmm, but she extra shallow
My BM like Three Six, all my shit is decent
I just got into fashion, I used to hate that shit
But now I'm feelin' like, I was fuckin' made for this
All these niggas came and went, all these fuckin' tailored fits
I should be in Taylor Gang, bumpin' Kush and OJ

'Cause my favorite color Channel, Orange (Orange)
But nothin' rhymes with Orange (Orange)
Hey are we still recording?
Were we recording just then? Ha

I know it's all love but don't step on my tennis shoes
I been cuttin' up, tryna get at you (Get at you)
Divin' in this cup like a swimming pool (Swimming pool)
I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to (I wanted to)
I know it's all love but don't step on my tennis shoes
I been cuttin' up, you ain't seen the moves
Divin' in this cup like a swimming pool
I couldn't stop it even, if I wanted to

I couldn't stop it, couldn't stop
I couldn't stop it, make it stop
Just make it stop, make it stop

I wonder if society still thinks I'm a menace
Black and beautiful, hello world, I'm the business
Step in this bitch and I swear I ascended
I know it's all love, but don't step on my tennis
I wonder if society still thinks I'm a menace
Black and beautiful, hello world, I'm the business
Step in this bitch and I swear I ascended
I know it's all love, but don't step on my tennis

Yeah that's it

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Lou, Tobi Orange Comments
  1. Harold

    I still watch cartoon channels, all my favourite shows got cancelled.

    S/o to those assholes 😭

  2. Icarus Love'Bugg

    So many bops.
    Love this dude ♡

  3. fakyubetch

    Bro what is he wearing😂

  4. Lousyta Stupid idiot

    Love all his music

  5. 휴학하게해주세요

    진짜 존나 귀엽다 얜..

  6. Jalil White

    I see the acid rap vibes

  7. Anielle Yakira

    his jaw off an x pill

  8. Cassandra Ngomdir

    My twins are Adeyemi too and I hope the name just works the same for them as it does for you and your sister. So so well done the two of you....much love

  9. alisa koay

    taylor bennett

  10. TM Nation

    Would it be wrong if I said that I like his music better than Tyler the creator ... (idk y I compared them they just give the same vibes yk yk ? )

  11. Liqo The Alien

    where the drums at colors, yall Trippin!

  12. Darius Watson

    Found this man like 2 years ago he got me hooked when he dropped game ova

  13. D'Jallo Houslin

    Is he wearing a skirt?

    Ķîll Çąpõńë

    No just shorts

  14. DMZ

    Tobi Lou : 1:35 "nothing rhymes with orange "
    Me : Porridge, College, ....

  15. Aurora 5

    He is a mixture of black guy magic with a combination of. Adventure Time, Mario kart, anime and the 80s and 90s

  16. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    Beautiful talented 🌹

  17. Shiyen Sinclair

    you did that

  18. Ankonisaho Madima

    Another name onto my favorite aesthetic artists list

  19. A Jones

    I love him too!

  20. Ms Gonsalves

    I love you Tobi!!!😆🙌🏽💕

  21. Stefaun Watson

    He killed this shit!

  22. The Best

    got put on immediately

  23. Dash Vincent Nellas

    Well another TOBi make a music about beige

  24. onlytaylorwolf

    This guy's music always makes you feel better. Like the mood changes every time

  25. Cruz

    Aminé’s song: Yellow
    Tobi Lou’s song: Orange

  26. Kierrah

    Me: Searches what rhymes with orange...
    Google: Orange has almost no perfect rhymes. The only word in the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary that rhymes with orange is sporange, a very rare alternative form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant).

  27. Charlee'B

    Them slippers w/ socks tho.....

  28. Beverli Collins

    Luv this dudes raw talent..he so dope!!!💯🔥💞

  29. KRIYO2Devontae

    he’s filthy 🔥

  30. Eason Leslie

    Dang ALL Cartoons get CANCELLED

    All the good Ones Any way

  31. Angel Austin

    "Ohhhh, you're the best part...ohhhh, If you love me won't you say something, if you love me won't you..." This is the music for "Best Part". Sing it.

  32. Jacobina Uushona

    I love how he's ACTUALLY wearing socks with sandals😁❤️❤️

  33. Ashley Chavez

    i love himmm 😭 i finally saw him at his first tour as a headliner and he killed it

  34. maria rodriguez

    A year later still a bop

  35. Akiru's Lab

    I love your deep shit, but I ain't shallow though.

  36. Andrxwc

    Please bring him back for another performance. His album came out and that shit would be so good live.

  37. Efrain Villa

    XXl soon

  38. Guia das Curiosidades


  39. ben bundidsilp

    this dude a joestar

  40. Bee Sauce

    Literally love all of his songs.

  41. always got something

    *I know its all love, but don't step on my tennis shoes*

  42. Matthew Gonzalez


  43. eri dayrie

    I love this man

  44. Chantelle Peters

    Am I the only one that thought he was wearing a glitter purple skirt....

  45. Michael Joyner

    Gotta r3spect it

  46. Phil V

    Nice. Unusual. Original.

  47. Harold

    Hello World, I'm the bidnessss.😁😁😁

  48. Charles Lawrence I

    So beautiful transparent soul. I felt every word. Beautiful!

  49. Hello sunshine


  50. itsHurRae

    Gonna see tobi in September. Can’t wait 😌😌😌

  51. Jeremy Pena Salazar

    A lot a words rule with orange

  52. Harold

    Same pants everywhere and everyday ❤

  53. maheyhey


  54. UL Keeloh


  55. green legend

    we got some lil baby bop (˘³˘)♥

  56. Ibrahim Aldossary

    We have young lil Wayne here, Woow. 👍

  57. Bryan Cooper


  58. Jamilla Aladin

    He is beautiful 😍 Xj

  59. Gemini Roo

    I LOVE TOBI SO MUCH. I feel like I love his life and I want my cousin to too https://soundcloud.com/334817/paranoia

  60. AGCmusic

    These are the Best Part chords! I DIG IT

  61. maheyhey

    the reprise of this song is such a bop

  62. Adrian Gomez

    Eminem could rhyme with orange ...

  63. TriiggaTre

    Tobi lou x Big sean orange remix #MAKEITHAPPEN

  64. Darkryder321

    Tobi lou live on ice album 🔥 go check it out

  65. mikeruck2888

    "..she love all my deep shit.......but she extra shallow.."

    Check mark

  66. Yana Davis

    I love this mannnnn 😍

  67. Cierra W.

    tobi lou look comfy

  68. Jonathan Alves

    everytime i see him i feel compelled to click

  69. Jaris J

    Certified bop never stop making music

  70. ale a.

    I am confused, he really asked if they still recording? cause even that was lit

  71. Mariama Marshall


  72. Max Tozz

    Bello figo sei tu?

  73. Gamer Kiki lover Reynolds

    Colors has the best music and music artist

  74. NukaGirl

    Mystique Summers Madison would be proud

  75. Rachel Batula

    He's giving me Chance the rapper vibes

  76. Yann. AzeF

    This is obviously fire

  77. Fiorella.

    I understand know why Vernon loves you. This is lit.

  78. emani .c yep

    He know how to rap well good keep it up

  79. Ash Has

    I love the pizza shout out

  80. Jennifer Duncan

    i live for tobi’s shorts 🥰

  81. David Haskins

    Pretty girl from the magazine

  82. bro, bro biggs

    Why all rappers can't just come out if they really gay like this brother ain't nothing wrong with gay rappers we ride to they song just like the straight ones

  83. Pfouuu


  84. Kevin Wright

    And he was taking shots at cartoon Network for canceling regular show and adventure Time

  85. Anna Jones


  86. Benja _

    I wanted to buff baby :(

  87. sarah sabs


  88. Pine Apple

    Lmao 🤣 what if the background wasn’t orange💀

  89. Sir Isaac Petty

    "My favorite color channel... ORANGE."
    Frank Ocean?

  90. yellopops

    my favourite song from him is the blue

  91. The Guy Who Cares

    Damn , his music is really dope, last time I followed someone like this before they blew up, it was JID and Uzi, hopefully Tobi is next

  92. justiceforjeb

    This hair.
    This lyrics.
    This sandals.
    This voice.
    This star under your eye.
    Love you tobi lou.


    Diving in this cup like a swimming pool

  94. 김정연

    노래 좋다

  95. Joshua Bascombe


  96. Prisca Mulongo

    Tobi lou you best