Lou Reed - Legendary Hearts Lyrics

Legendary hearts
tearing up apart
with stories of their love
their great transcendent loves
While we stand here and fight
and lose another night
of legendary love

Legendary loves
haunt me in my sleep
promises to keep
I never should have made
I can't live up to this
I'm good for just a kiss
not legendary love

Romeo, oh, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo
he's in a car or at a bar
or churning his blood with an impure drug
He's in the past and seemingly lost forever

He worked hard at being good
but his basic soul was stained not pure
and when he took his bow
no audience was clapping

Legendary hearts
tear us all apart
make our emotions bleed
crying out in need
No legendary love
is coming from above
it's in this room right now

And you've got to fight
to make what's right
you've got to fight
to make what's right
You've got to fight
to make what's right
you've got to fight to keep your legendary love

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Lou Reed Legendary Hearts Comments
  1. The Exorcist

    EN Yeehaw!

  2. Gabriel Dall'Onder

    lou wave

  3. Firststrike790

    So this is what having Lou Reed do karaoke is like!

    All joking aside, such a criminally underrated song and album.


    Yeah I liked most of the album it’s up there for me

  4. Alic Mumrazach

    Change the audio please!

  5. Criz Cavalcante

    Esse vídeo é muito estranho

  6. Patricio Fernandez

    Fight to keep your legendary love

  7. Olivier Bouchard Borgia

    Painfully out of phase, You Suck Vevo.

  8. SoulStylistJukeBox

    Awful. The 1980s were not a good decade for Lou.


    What Lou were you listening to in the 1980s? What about New York? How about The Blue Mask? In fact the Legendary Hearts album is damn fine too. I believe Lou hardly put a foot wrong in the 1980s, yes even Mistrial has some gems on it. I think Growing Up In Public set the scene for the 1980s Lou, he grew up.

    Bob Berry

    you're awful, this song is fuckin great. an honest song about relationships, and how they could be so much better. he lived that shit, and sang it. this is lou reed, artist singing from the heart. why you gotta fault the guy for having so many different aspects to his music?


    Disagree. He was at his worst by far on Rock n Roll Heart in the 70s. Blue Mask, Growing Up in Public, Legendary Hearts, New York, even some numbers on New Sensations are all pretty good to great.

  9. Mr. Price

    Greatest music video of all time?

  10. Isaiah J. P.

    first vaporwave video

  11. Abby Yohannes

    this video is so awkward,, Lou isn't really meant for music videos


    I think he just needed a real talented video director.

    sewerslide 665mg

    @TheSonnyjim1000 true

    Natalia Oliveira Moreira

    I think it's cute

  12. Juanse Caruso

    Amazing song, awful video

  13. steve hewitt

    Beauty song.

  14. brandontyler coleman

    who else here from bentheloony

    TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    brandontyler coleman Me

  15. freetofu

    Finally realized that No Reply by the Beatles was what this was reminding me of.

    C Conroy

    Me too!

  16. Jesus Lopez

    thank you! Lou

  17. Donald Porter

    I cannot remember a time when Lou's  voice wasn't a part of what I was. This world without him seems so much less...

    Heather Turner

    Donald Poter

    Nela Ordóñez Vázquez

    Same here

  18. Evertnr11

    And you've got to fight to make what's right!
    RIP lou reed

  19. Ben Culture

    Criminally under-appreciated song. If you don't listen to any other track on the _Legendary Hearts_ album, you have to hear this perfect opening number. The shit gets heavy as the album progresses, but this is absolutely the strongest track. "Betrayed" comes in at a close second. I love the romance in Lou's songs from the Sylvia era.


    I just listened to the album and I was quite surprised at how much I liked it. My favorite at the moment is Rooftop Garden, I love that loose, lilting stuff....

    Patricio Fernandez

    Bottoming Out is a gorgeous self torture moment for sure

  20. Amber Polley

    I can't really tell you exactly why, over the years I've come up with 12,000 different reasons, but Lou Reed is my complete favorite musician of all time hands down. I don't care how damn cheesy some of his music may seem to an untrained ear, but dude. Even I had to condition myself to like a lot of it, and I didn't think I would like all of it. That's what I love so much about Lou Reed, He's not here anymore. But I can still mature to his music. The older I get, the finer the taste, the more I can appreciate. Which is, well what more can you really ask for? 

    Ben Culture

    I had to learn to love some of it, too. I was introduced to Lou Reed via _New Sensations_, so the first two Velvets albums didn't go down too smoothly at first. To be honest, I dismissed a lot of it as "unlistenable noise", though I liked the latter two VU albums right away. However, I eventually learned that "Sister Ray" is absolutely addictive during the brutal Texas summers, "European Son" is too, and I've now actually listened to _Metal Machine Music_ three full times! on headphones! and will probably do it again! It does clear out the extraneous garbage in your mind quite nicely. Lou Reed is like a fine whiskey or something. For adults, and you've got to develop a taste for his extreme edges. But some of the finest songs in rock history!

    Amber Polley

    That is the best thing I have read I think all day long. I first heard Lou Reed when I was 14, I listened to his definitive collection, I liked them all until I got to the song, Street Hassle, I listened to only the first half, got so embarrassed I destroyed the cd. haha That was my natural reaction, he scared me because he said things that I shocked me. About a week later, I dug out all of his other cd's and started listening to ALL of them, and I never turned back. I once went a full 3 solid years listening to absolutely nothing but Lou Reed, I wasn't exactly shocked by being unexposed but that I had known too much about things and it just shocked me that someone like him told it all so perfectly well and just the style he did it in. It was an very memorable and earth shattering moment in my little girl world. I spent those 3 years growing up with Lou Reed. My father had died and I found it in his collection, From that point on Lou Reed was my idol, my mentor, my everything. He got me though a lot of rough times and he never watered it down, he always gave me the straight truth. 

    Matheus Vila

    That may be right way to say it, "growing up with Lou Reed". I'm very glad to read about these things you feel, Lou has a similar importance to my life. Everybody talks about the huge impact Bowie made on culture and over many people's lives, but his language was always based on some kind of aesthetics. People face it as some sort of perfection by which some of us may never be capable to reach or experiment. I think Lou went beyond. He shows us that we should be exactly how we are without fear of judgement or failure. We are already good for being what we are. Both of them have been teachers during my growth. You've mentioned "Street Hassle" as a song that has shocked you. If I had to choose one, I'd go by "The Blue Mask". This one has changed me forever.

    joe murphy

    I know exactly what you mean. I too have conditioned myself. So good!

  21. beseeingyou6

    I always think he's going to say "As we loose another night of legendary sleep"

  22. Morrisseys Quiff

    papa loves baby

  23. 竹野瑛人

    one my favorite lou reed's tune.
    great fretless bass sound.
    it's great warm sound.

    Ben Culture

    Fernando Saunders and Robert Quine were two of the best things that ever happened to Lou Reed. Mike Rathke, too. What would "Heavenly Arms" be without Saunders's sweet falsetto?

  24. Ante CRO

    Beautiful video and a beautiful song.
    Lou Reed,rock on in Heaven.

  25. Tanfa

    I never knew Lou Reed actually did music videos


    Yeah this is kind of weird...

    Clumsy Dad

    pretty cheesy... reminds me of that Dylan vid from empire burlesque, kind like.. .wha?


    whimFire um yeah ! A lot ! He has tons of them ???? Where have you been ? Sad ... miss you LOUIUUU


    Clumsy Dad yeah he did that on purpose ! Sarcasm ? Aka Lou reed = sarcasm .. wow what are you "new Lou fans"

    Balxam Oviedo

    He was a pioneer in music videos with Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. The problem is when he is available in doing a commercial videoclip without sunglasses...it does not work at all.