Lou Reed - Heavenly Arms Lyrics

Heavenly arms reach out to hold me
Heavenly arms entice you to dance
In a world of ill will, the dancers are still
Heavenly arms reach out to me

Heavenly arms soft as a love song
Heavenly arms bring a kiss to your ear
In a world that seems mad, all the dancers seem sad
Heavenly arms reach out to me


Heavenly arms come to my rescue
Only a woman can love a man
In a world full of hate, love should never wait
Heavenly arms reach out to me

Heavenly arms strong as a sunset
Heavenly arms pure as the rain
Lovers stand warned of the world's impending storm
Heavenly arms reach out to me


Ohhh-wohhh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Ooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhh, oh-woh-woh
Ooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhh-ooohhh, ohh-woh-woh
(Heavenly arms reach out to hold me)
(Sylvia, you mean so much to me)
(Heavenly arms reach out to hold me)
(Sylvia, you mean so much to me)
(Heavenly arms reach out to hold me)
(Sylvia, you mean so much to me)
(Heavenly arms reach out to hold me)

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Lou Reed Heavenly Arms Comments
  1. Andrew Aronson


  2. Oscar Zezatti

    El Perro Del Mar got me here. I've loved her version of this song for years but never knew it was Lou Reed who wrote it. Interesting that he says "Only a woman can love a man" because in the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch they feature a Lou Reed song and then in the song (of the same film) "Sugar Daddy" the main character (a genderqueer punk star) sings "So you think only a woman can truly love a man. You buy me a dress and I'll be more woman than a man like you can stand." The movie closes with a song that is basically a tribute to all the women badass rock-n-rollers. Having this point of reference is very cool!!!!

  3. Bobby Machete

    Has anyone heard El Perro Del Mar's version of this song? It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Oscar Zezatti

    YES!! I love El Perro Del Mar and her version of this song is one of my favorite on that album. I just found out that's a cover of Lou Reed.

    Bobby Machete

    @Oscar Zezatti That album heals the soul. L is for Love and Change of Heart are my favorites.


    @Bobby Machete completely agree.

  4. Brian Vincent

    I love this! This and waves of fear are my favorite on the album

  5. Joe Nicholls

    LOVE this album

  6. Dave

    Not my favorite Lou Reed's song, but I absolutely love the lines "In a world full of hate, love should never wait" and "lovers stand warned of the world's impending storm." So powerful

    szs voc

    no1 asked u

  7. Joe Nicholls

    Lou is the only rock musician who can make me cry

    marko marovic

    try Bossanova (Pixies album)

  8. plasticweapon

    satellite's gone, up to the skies...oh wait...

  9. jean maret

    "Sylvia , ô Sylvia... " trop belle cette chanson de Lou Reed , parfaite en cette veillée de Noël 2017

  10. Gonzalo Guzman

    I always have to go back to this song,  why will it be?

  11. golfsmoore

    great song - one Question - whose beautiful voice is singing the final verses? Thx

    Fernando Saunders

    Thanks RedWagon :)

    Fernando Saunders

    Thank you, RedWagon, golfsmoore , Ben Culture and to you all for your compliment !
    Have a great 2018 !

    Michael Johnson

    I also would like to know


    there is only one Fernando Saunders - and he and his craft are incredible - if you like Lou, you love Fernando.

    szs voc


  12. Lugless Booth

    this would be nice to re-do in a dew wop style...

  13. naturphilosophie1

    we're all missing our good friend Lou!

  14. Qando - ESL/EFL Questions answered

    In a world of ill will... RIP Lou.

  15. Ben Culture

    Oh, come on now! That's an incredibly nice thing to say, but how can you possibly mean it?
    Look, I adore Lou Reed. I have all his studio albums, and I've even listened to Metal Machine Music three times so far, but even I have to admit he occasionally releases complete shit. Almost the whole Mistrial album was a waste, and practically every album has at least one clunker on it.
    New Sensations is the only album on which I like every single song - but a lot of fans hate that album with a passion.

    szs voc


    The Relax Alex

    Ben Culture you like new sensations but why you don’t like mistrial

    szs voc

    plz for gods sake comnsider suicide, oxygen is scrace, injn pathetic turd

    szs voc

    jesus fkn qrist u r a retrd injn geek. he means men r so gross that only something as moronic as a woman could love it

  16. Ben Culture

    Lou Reed has had some of the greatest musicians in his solo career, yet never managed to hold on to any of them. Why the HELL would you want any other bassist after having Fernando Saunders in your band? Why did Lou mix out Robert Quine's guitar on the Legendary Hearts album, pissing off Quine so much that he quit? I just do not understand the man, and I don't think anybody does, with the possible exception of Laurie Anderson. Sylvia was good for Lou, but Lou was not good for Sylvia.

    David Langston

    shut the fuck up

    szs voc

    and ugly, clichred riddled midget,diiiie

  17. Ben Culture

    Aside from that one lyric that pisses some of us off, this is a damn good song. It's always cool on the rare occasions when Lou sings correctly in tune. (Another example would be the line "If you want to see___ me___" from "She's My Best Friend" on Coney Island Baby.)
    This song has great chord changes, and I love the Robert Quine/Lou Reed setup, with Quine playing in DGCFAD, and Lou in standard tuning, each guitar panned hard left or right. And Fernando Saunder's falsetto is awesome.

    Fernando Saunders

    Thx Ben is was a great moment recording this album / Robert Quine/Lou Reed R.I.P !!!

  18. Ben Culture

    I respect your anger. You have every right to feel insulted. *I* feel insulted, and I'm not even gay! I'm just a hard-core Lou Reed fan who's read THREE (3) different biographies of the man.
    Shortly before he met Sylvia, his great love was Rachel, a MTF transgender. He declared himself "a gay man, head to foot".
    Sylvia and he agreed to "rehabilitate" his image by not only claiming to be hetero, but DENYING he was EVER anything BUT hetero! It was an insult to any fan who'd been paying attention!

  19. Ben Culture

    That's a really nice excuse, no sarcasm intended. But I don't think it's correct. I think "Only a woman can love a man" is a self-contained line, whereas "In a world full of hate / Love should never wait" is a couplet that just happens to come next.
    I understand/respect anybody who is offended/insulted by the line. It was part of Sylvia's attempt to "rehabilitate" Lou's image, and it worked; he made more money. But only a year or so before, he had declared himself "a gay man from head to foot."

    Tom Wilson

    stop talking shit about LOU and fuck off you turd,,

  20. Tyler Z Simmons

    This song seems to always find me at the exact right time! <3

  21. BakinBacon91

    if you read the next line, he's saying that only a women can love a man in a world full of hate. i'm not entirely sure on this but maybe he's saying that because the world is so judgmental, we aren't able to express our true love.

  22. Anna Chinaski

    The strange similarity between Heavenly Arms and Satellite of Love.

  23. g37dude

    Loutallica. :)

  24. nzstrawman

    oh damn...this song went woooooosh, right over your head......i guess you needed to know what was happening in lou reeds life at the time....put it in context, the context being what he was experiencing at that time...its a love song for sylvia morales (ps don't listen to take no prisoners, you'll be offended)

  25. dvargashell

    fucking turn coat. men can and do love men. rat bastard might as well be born again. i am so glad he fucked up and recorded w/metallica. he had been losing his mind for years.


    szs voc i know right?? it's so obvious he's talking about energies not actual genders... he was bi wasn't he?! and extremely open minded and loving and accepting..

  26. Franck Peluso

    The Daugther of the best winemakers of Italy calls: Sylvia! I know that winemakers since 10 years and...

  27. tonybolonixx

    ME TOO !!!

  28. Zapril Rain

    i love this song!!!