Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public Lyrics

Some people are into the power of power
The absolute corrupting power, that makes great men insane
While some people find their refreshment in action
The manipulation, encroachment and destruction of their inferiors

Growing up in public, growing up in public
Growing up in public, growing up in public with your pants down

Some people are into sadistic pleasures
They whet their desires and drool in your ears
They're quasi-effeminate characters in love with oral gratification
They edify your integrities, so they can play on your fears

They're gonna do you in public, 'cause you're growing up in public
They're gonna do it to you in public,
'Cause you're growing up in public with your pants down

Some people think being a man is unmanly
Some people think that the whole concept's a joke
But some people think being a man is the whole point
And then some people wish they'd never awoke

Up from a dream of nightmarish proportions
Down to a size neither regal nor calm
A Prince Hamlet caught the middle between reason and instinct
Caught in the middle with your pants down again

Caught in the middle, I'm really caught in the middle
I'm caught in the middle, caught in the middle deciding about you

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Lou Reed Growing Up In Public Comments
  1. Danny Miles


  2. JLipnicki

    Overlooked album. Great songs and straight ahead solid rock. Each song has more to it than fifty by most rock bands.

  3. Dani Noa

    My favourite song...


    RIP Lou Reed you are sadly missed by all of your Fans etc.

  5. ROY GUN

    Yipyip hell yeah

  6. Pinco Pallo

    How do you talk to angels, mitico Lou!

  7. joel105200

    Thank you so much Lou. And thank YOU for posting !!

  8. amsterjam66

    THE BAND: Lou Reed, Michael Suchorsky, Chuck Hammer, Ellard Boles, Stuart Heinrich, Marty Fogel, Michael Fonfara


    That was THE band! Along with the band from Magic and Loss!

  9. Jack Pradzynski

    Extremely intelligent, infinitely talented, completely authentic, humble, etc... and whatever the definition of "timeless cool" is?...

    Thanks Lou!

    the soul service

    I don't know if he was completely authentic and humble, but the rest i agree with. Imo as he aged he became cooler, and the tough guy personality was his shield.

  10. nightporter

    Growing up in public has always been one of my all times Lou Reed favorite albums and this song is so wonderful!

  11. cesare pierleoni

    Sono immagini abbastanza rare da me realizzate come regista durante i due concerti tenuti quell'anno da Lou Reed allo Stadio Comunale di Bologna e al Parco delle Cascine a Firenze dove venne girato l'intero Concerto per la serie 'in Concerto' di Raiuno curata dal grande Raoul Franco al quale voglio tributare un sincero ricordo e apprezzamento per aver consentiro la ripresa di tanti concerti importantissimi.


    @cesare pierleoni Salve. Grazie per il prezioso documento. Mi sono permesso di pubblicarne un frammento. La sua eccezionale bellezza meritava di essere condivisa.

    Fabio Vellati

    +cesare pierleoni
    Io ero al Prato delle Cornacchie (nel Parco delle Cascine), Cesare... La ringrazio per avermi riportato a quel giorno del 1980!

    Roberto Ferrabone

    TheMaximumVolumeable hai filmati eccezzionali

  12. Lyoko

    Very good! Merci Maximum.