Lou Reed - Dime Store Mystery Lyrics

He was lying banged and battered, skewered and bleeding
Talking crippled on the Cross
Was his mind reeling and heaving hallucinating
Fleeing what a loss

The things he hadn't touched or kissed
His senses slowly stripped away
Not like Buddha not like Vishnu
Life wouldn't rise through him again

I find it easy to believe
That he might question his beliefs
The beginning of the Last Temptation
Dime Story Mystery

The duality of nature, Godly nature
Human nature splits the soul
Fully human, fully divine and divided
The great immortal soul

Split into pieces, whirling pieces
Opposites attract
From the front, the side, the back
The mind itself attacks

I know the feeling, I know it from before
Descartes through Hegel belief is never sure
Dime Store Mystery, Last Temptation

I was sitting, drumming, thinking, thumping, pondering
The Mysteries of Life
Outside the city shrieking, screaming, whispering
The Mysteries of Life

There's a funeral tomorrow
At St. Patrick's the bells will ring for you
Ah, what must you have been thinking
When you realized the time had come for you

I wish I hadn't thrown away my time
On so much Human and so much less Divine
The end of the Last Temptation
The end of a Dime Store Mystery

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Lou Reed Dime Store Mystery Comments
  1. jamuga60

    The perfect ending to the perfect album...…………………………….Nobody tells it like Lou did.

  2. conchi dominguez

    Gran artista y poeta!! Wuanderful Lou Redd 🎸🎶

  3. Manuel Freitas

    Like the way he use to wrote,one of the best in hes genre..

  4. Max Herron Sr

    I do not know if Lou wrote this--But this is 1 Badass song...

  5. Ozram Nejè

    New York is a great album, so visceral and real - all too often overlooked.

  6. felipe arias

    He is talking about andy warhol as christ!

    Michael Thomsen

    maybe.... or maybe he's just talking about two events that happened around the same time, that made an impression on him: The premiere of Scorsese's Jesus movie and the funeral of Warhol.

    szs voc

    andys 1 ugly pos

  7. MrCowboyJesus

    A song about Christ's passion? Quite interesting. A beatnik perspective on the Christ event and its relevance to modern humanity.

  8. PlanetTudge

    Brian eno chek the guitars amazing_can you ask Prince to Phone me 07791416363 my name is Colin and I have a Question about Funk n the Truth{hope u know what that is Brian?}anyway we agree in wishing Lous Family nFriends all the sympathy we could muster...Blessed are the Mourners...

  9. Lone Eagle

    "Descartes through Hegel, belief is never sure"

    Michael E.

    An interesting affinity indeed - often I felt that some parts in Nico are not just inspirated from Hegel, but nearly litarally taken from the end of his jenenser philosophy. ("will there be another time...."), sometimes it reminds strongly on Nietzsche. Considering that Lou Reed was one of the reasons why she left velvet underground one could speculate they couldnt agree on some philosophical issus: belief is never shure, but often controversial.

    Opinunate ted

    @Michael E. Well, she was German, but I'm not sure she was as bright as all that. He was. But a more likely cause of the problem was that right after dating Reed, she started dating Iggy Pop. That was an issue for him. It was more about the organs between their legs than the ones between their ears, I think.

    Michael E.

    @Opinunate ted Probably right refering the cause for the split with Reed, but I wouldnt agree that she was to dull to understand what she sung, or that we are in a position to judge that, just because we are still alive.

    Opinunate ted

    @Michael E. Yea, I don't really know. I saw her sing once, She was a GREAT singer.
    I was basing what I said on a documentary about her in which somebody said "SHe didn't speak English. SHe didn't speak French. She didn't speak German. She had no language. She was inarticulate." But again, I don't really know.

  10. Roberto Rojas

    Se nos fue un grande del under el gran Lou


    +Roberto Rojas Si

  11. John Brooks

    Can't believe with all the music I've heard I am just hearing this. Oh well, since its so great, much better late than never.

    John Brooks

    The mind itself attacks. I know this feeling.


    A great work maybe his greatest and great audio quality too check out songs for drella and magic and loss

  12. Michael Harrison

    Blows me away every time.

  13. david haueisen

    Well Lou - you now know the answer to that same mystery. Wish you could tell us too. RIP.

  14. FromIwoJima

    That is a must!
    And dont worry new listeners, you will be rewarded!

  15. ThePizzageek

    'Ah, what must you have been thinking
    When you realized the time had come for you'

    RIP Lou Reed

  16. Gilbert Padilla

    I want this song played at my funeral. I've always said that since I first bought this album way back when.

  17. Tago Mago

    On Rolling Stone magazine list Lou Reed wrote about Bowie and said that he really loves his song called The Bewlay Brothers. I think it's kinda his version of that song, that is, more earthy and less lyrical but also more energetic, more violent and angry but just as mysterious. Great, great song.

  18. puzzlelongboards

    the one song from this album that really hits you!

    Kevin Chouinard

    The whole album is lyrically explosive, with guitars to boot

  19. Marcel T

    along with 'the Bells' and 'set the twilight reeling', I consider this the best Lou Reed album....oh damn how could I forget Transformer; oh wait -- Lou Reed ranks amoung world's best singer/ songwriters...

    Street Karaoke

    the Bells is special too indeed

    Chris M

    Yep. The Bells...as good as the others are...The Bells is the heart of the sunrise...

  20. Marcel T

    There's a funeral tomorrow at St. Patricks, the bells will ring for you......bonechilling lyrics....

  21. amrak63

    I have made it a personal habit to listen to this song every Good Friday.

  22. john atco

    lou reed is a great songwriter
    possibly one of the best ever.
    he is also an excellent guitar player
    underated by the plethoria of guitar magazines
    that deem who is and who is not to be listerned to
    by todays wanna bees.