Lou Rawls - From Now On Lyrics

From now on everything has changed
And we will never be the same
The shame of our youth has been
Swallowed up in waves of grace

From now on everything has changed
From now on our whole
World has been re-arranged
As God reached down
To become man and clean the slate

Though we have come undone
Been blinded by the light of the sun

We are running into the arms of grace
We are finally seeing You face to face
And were singing songs of deliverance
For the return of our innocence

No longer are we walking the fence
Because the plot is finally making sense
The story has been told
For the world of deliverance

Under the law we lived by
Was the dream we kept
And looked so long for
A promise that You would
Do away with what for so long
Had come between us,
It will never be that way again

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Lou Rawls From Now On Comments
  1. Bizman RK

    Lou Rawls had a wonderful voice and his music was on point. Thx for this!

  2. Elayne Murray

    He's your man! Bring them days back please!! Soul, sweetness, passion, smooth dancing & caressing 💖💖💖💖💃🕺

  3. Nicole Boyd

    I love lou rawls song from now on