Los Lobos - Wake Up Dolores Lyrics

My legs are tired
My face feels hot
Wake up Dolores
Please try to walk

Oh sacred night

Our light is dim
We have so far to go
The stones are hard
On this endless road

Oh sacred night
On quetzal plumes
Of dying suns
And purple moons
Oh sacred night

As an eagle soars
Our spirits fly
To our gentle rest
Under loving sky

Oh sacred night
On quetzal plumes
Of dying suns
And purple moons
Oh sacred night

Auh in caltech

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Los Lobos Wake Up Dolores Comments
  1. Jason Farrell

    My favorite Los Lobos song.


    easily their best ever

  2. Sascha Conrad

    One of the best albums ever made, love this band.

  3. AmericanRTV

    I'm 19 now, it's been years since I have heard this album, but this song was always my favorite. My Mom had/still has the CD and played this album for me all the time as a kid. As a 2 year old I would always beg her to play this song. Thank you so much for the upload. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

  4. David Martinez

    viva los lobos

  5. oodoodanoo

    My God, this album is the bomb. Musicians taking music seriously.

  6. Chris Adams

    Very important song to me at this moment. Glad i found it again.

  7. paintedwordsmith

    From another brilliant album by a consistently brilliant band... LOS LOBOS, long may you reign!

  8. Randy Lutcavich



    Nah just a casual Los Lobos fan.

    Jaap Versteegh

    Typed "wake up dolores" into google. Expected westworld and got this. Interesting :)

  9. The Coup

    Never heard anything like this. Entrancing.

  10. T Bloopner

    Shocking there are so few listenings..this album is top 5 in history for me

    Jeff Whittington

    Yeah well people are idiots. Humans are literally about to exterminate themselves.


    @Jeff Whittington Not soon enough

  11. Yali Manzo

    "Ocuiltin moyacatla otlica auh in caltech". Me gusta.

  12. kirbyisme30

    my fav song on the album :)

  13. A Train

    One of my top ten... Ever!!

  14. sdushdiu

    An amazing song; a brilliant album!

  15. Ultrabrut1

    A very great peice of American music.

  16. fledertit

    Classic Los Lobos. Brilliant.

  17. BODLAW1

    Less than 150 views for such a great song. Surprising.

  18. Brian Campbell

    Brilliant!!! I love this.