Los Lobos - Don't Worry Baby Lyrics

Standin' there by the window
Starin' out at the night
You've got so many troubles
On your nervous mind
But don't worry baby
It's gonna work out fine

You hear the sound of footsteps
Stealing 'cross the floor
You picked up the receiver
You didn't know what for
Then you saw the shadow
Steppin' through the door

Well don't worry baby
What the world may bring
Well don't worry baby
It won't change a thing
Life is a fly
And then you die

Standin' near by the window
Starin' out at the night
You see your lover leanin'
Against the old street light
But don't worry baby
It's gonna be alright

He was tossin' and turnin'
And he couldn't sleep
It ain't sure to bother
And it was just a dream
So where was he goin'
Headin' down the street

Well don't worry baby
What the world may bring
Well don't worry baby
It won't change a thing
Life is a fly
And then you die

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Los Lobos Don't Worry Baby Comments
  1. jimboBFC1

    I think this song inspired the music on the movie From Dusk Till Dawn

  2. aaronstandingbear

    if your feeling chilly...This'll warm you up. This song makes my car run better.

  3. Mary Ault

    This is the real L.A. IViva Los Lobos!

  4. Ramon

    These guys make me proud to be from east la.

  5. ronin1978111

    What film was this in?

  6. Ian Kerr


  7. oswaldo vogel

    I also like the way they lay down the bues,real down and low.

  8. Trevor Smith

    Happy birthday David Hidalgo

  9. Vincent Polite

    I was listening to Latino USA. They had Lou Diamond Phillips on talking about his role in the film 'La Bamba'. Los Lobos performed la bamba in both a historic and rock and roll version. Both were cool.

  10. jimbobfc1 jimbobfc1

    This song is brilliant, it sounds like it should've been played at the titty twister 😆

  11. Enzo Music


  12. Anny Ruiz

    Alguien los escucha en 2019?

    Michael Moisseeff

    si senor, desde Francia


    Oui, monsieur!

    Michael Moisseeff

    c'est bientôt le jour des morts. Une bonne occasion pour écouter Los Lobos!!

  13. Leon Horder

    Chicano cool 🙅🎸

  14. SuperStuey2

    Great album.

  15. Thereis Hope


  16. Eric Leetham

    Was watching weird science last night when I heard this...still kick ass

  17. Brad Rogers

    for the people who marked this video thumbs down - we know where you live

  18. Native Sista

    Happy birthday Louie Perez 💙💙💙🎸🎼🎶🎵

  19. Thomas R. Skidmore

    Blues rock at its height. These guys have the blues moxie.

  20. asqrss3233


  21. GuitarlosCarlos



    STEVE WAS IN MY BAND........
    Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs



  22. Black powder Productions

    Just saw them in KC opening for big heading Tod and the Monsters , there still kicking ass , August 2018
    Todd and the Monsters tore it up also .

    Mo-Mutt Music

    Saw them in '98 on the Barney Allis Plaza. Tight set. Great band. One of my favorites. Shawn R., Mo-Mutt Music

  23. Arduino Banzi


  24. Bluetop Guitar

    Monster guitar tone

  25. Berliner Stadtschloss

    Music meant to be danced to.

  26. Jimmy Crackcorn

    What a great band!

    Mo-Mutt Music

    Damn straight. S.R.

  27. Alfred Baggiani

    Los Lobos is one of the most under rated bands and Cesar Rojas as well as David Hildago are great guitarists and song writers!

    Mo-Mutt Music

    Amen! Louie Perez is a good drummer, too. S.R.


    No shite! This tune has been rockin my world for almost 35 years.

    randy rysdale

    love 'em

  28. Mark DeSod

    Helluva Band!

  29. jokerman1964

    get their greatest hits record, 'just another band from east LA'

  30. jokerman1964

    coolest band ever

  31. Boza Markovic

    fuckin yey

  32. david staples

    Badass Texicans

  33. B. Rod Clark

    I remember reading about Los Lobos through Creem magazine in '83...i was totally blown away when I saw this video

  34. Nomadcreations

    His Telecaster  Has a Nice Unique Tone To It.  Any One Say What The  Guy To The right Of  Lead man Brand Of, On the BackUp Guitar?


    Looks like a Danelectro.

  35. TheGreatToucan

    TURN IT UP!!!!!! Great stuff!

  36. William Cordova

    They've been "kickin ass "for a long time!!!The WOLF WILL SURVIVE!!

    randy rysdale

    more than 30 years

  37. electrojones

    This whole album is only the best.


    +electrojones A very rare record, not a single weak track. To my mind it joins a very short list of maybe ten albums.

  38. Michael Lunden

    I love this band!Got hooked on Heaven then Don't worry baby blew me away.All good baby.

  39. 68blownpony

    Great f'in band! Always loved Los Lobos and David Hidalgo.

  40. tidepoolbay

    Nice!  One of the Best Bands in America!Woof!!

  41. Mario Martinez

    Yeahh chicano rock !!

  42. Marsha Rupe

    Great, great rock song. The first time I heard it I ran out and bought the album. I was not disappointed.

    Elvis Jackson Jr III

    Bull Durham

    Mike Crowley

    A very cool band, most people just know them from la Bamba. There's so much more.

  43. Irina Stevanovic


  44. dom d

    I love this song

  45. amy foster

    these guys just put out a great vibe. I mean just a lot of positive energy and the band just feeds on it, putting the listener in a great state if mind. And this song just plain rocks!

  46. Testarossa Sosa

    Weird Science brought me here lol

    Kevin S

    "Tell you what, Ill shove the entire bottle right up yo ass"

    George Graham

    @Kevin S On the rocks is fine

  47. Steve Reece

    The BEST AMERICAN BAND hidalgo is my idol !

  48. Scott Grimes

    I only knew "la Bamaba" before I saw them live, opening for U2 on their Joshua Tree/Rattle and hum tour in Pittsburgh. Had 5-6 goth girls sitting behind us, and I can say, we had more fun  with Los Lobos. They were just plain fun to dance too. Almost was a swing fest with the 9 of us. Just a lot of fun to dance to.

    Rory Pate

    Very cool story Scott, my parents saw them open for U2 in Indy same tour.

  49. daniel stigol

    mexicans playing white music ,,like mexicans playing black music and thatvrap shit,,,pobres,,,


    @daniel stigol  Yes sir.

    C A

    I agree with you to a certain extent. On the other hand Los Lobos, yeah most of their music is like this and I like all sorts of different type of music, but they don't sound shitty for one. Two they do have songs in castellano (or Spanish if you prefer). Three they are Mexican and they made it. I give em props for that. Cancion del mariachi is one of my favorite songs of all time, and its theirs.

    Rafman 52

    @daniel stigol good music is good music. i don give a fuck if its played by Martians.

    Jon Conway

    @Rafman 52 AGREED! They are musicians creating and playing great music.

  50. Rev Eddro

    Killa stuff

  51. Barry Belkowsky

    this shoul have been in all tarantino FLICKS

    Santos Gutiérrez

    Too ok o you Oki iBook

  52. Matthias

    muy buena

  53. richintalent

    It just hit me... Cesar is a lefty!!!!


    He cool!

  54. BODLAW1

    Man, does Los Lobos rock.

  55. Teachering

    Great band! Great song!

  56. Luke Sacramone

    Me encanta esta canción, gran guitarra

  57. Conrad Lin

    cant hear sax at all

  58. matt gabe

    Los Lobos =  Rock and Roll

  59. gjschaaffmedia


  60. planetcheck

    So damn cool.
    And they know it too!

  61. Syed Salman

    You will know that depressing situation when your nephew (who’s been a loser permanently) gets an amazing girl to fall in love with him in, like a couple of weeks? Yep, that just occured. I am aware I ought to be pleased for him but I would rather it to be me. He revealed that he ran the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to hide out inside a cave at this moment...

  62. oscarbrizmusic

    killer band!

  63. Cynthia Galvan Bennett

    Well Los Lonely boy canceled Madera Fair 9-5 but gonna see Los Lobos they are the bomb too..Can't waite

  64. j medley

    great stuff boys !

  65. TheAle60

    muy wenaaaa!!!!

  66. charlesalber

    This is true rock n roll!

  67. Michael Knight

    I believe the album is called "How Will the Wolf Survive".

  68. Bob Ryan

    viva los lobos!.tight,drivng &2flying lead guitarists.Loved them from 1st listen.Survival,Mr Marley?yes,you bet!!

  69. Walt Fechter

    This music cancels out all of the negativity of this world. White hot guitar riffs here. Music for guys who still kick-start their motorcycles. King tone from start to finish.

  70. El Rey

    Arriba Boyle Heights

  71. Antonio Soltero

    These guys can compete with any band out there!

    Russell Crawford

    Antonio Soltero true they are extremely good in fact great and if they ever come back to Dallas I will try and get them to autograph the Shakin Shakin shakes album however they can't compete with Paul Revere and the Raiders

  72. Martin Ramirez

    ritchie vallens brought me here

  73. Rob Mosbacher

    One of the best American bands ever.

  74. Jorge Alvarado

    cuatro mas para esta mesa, i me cambian las mujeres!!!

  75. thehizznizz

    These guys are sweet, super underrated, and they kind of remind me of the Blues Brothers too lol

  76. Néstor Cheuquelaf

    es de aquellas bandas que tienen sangre¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  77. docego130

    LOL..Louie Perez is the drummer. Conrad Lazano on bass...Cesar Rosas (Ray Bans) and David Hidalgo on guitar last but not least Steve Berlin on sax

  78. danas nedam

    proper rock n roll

  79. fuducker2

    ..... pierce the veil brought me here... don't even ask

  80. Nick Cicero

    they opened for neil young and crazy horse last night... they were great

  81. Mark Allen

    Bad. Ass.

  82. frank 6000

    this is a terrific track from their debut album - the overall beat is great but particularly love the guitar work by both Louis and Perez

  83. Andrew Lasky

    Los Lobos @ Brooklyn Bowl July 11, 2012!!! XD

  84. Giulia Dpls

    great musicians!

  85. Laurence Hudson

    Went to see them for their top 40 stuff, then realized the depth of their music, culture and respect for their predecessors. Each top 40 tune was offset by four or five traditional numbers on an amazing variety of instruments. Hope they get back up to my neck of the woods soon.

  86. glitteringman50

    This song defines rock n roll. I want to rip down I-19 from Tucson to Nogales in a '66 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power at 120 mph while this song pours out the speakers. Perfection from Los Lobos: these guys never disappoint.

  87. hivoltagefx4

    14 people have no taste in music at all! These VATOS are awesome! Long live Los Lobos!!!

    randy rysdale

    for sure

  88. Gwen Hardison

    me encantan!!!!

  89. Drew Anguiano

    Los Lobos at San Jose MissionFest, April 29, 2012.

  90. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  91. clearviewmind

    which album does one buy first?? I only just seen the film La Bamba!! Quality.

  92. MrSrbinCCCC

    greetings from serbia

  93. nate rudy

    you gotta love los lonely boys too!

  94. mairottarod

    One of the most underrated bands in Rock history. Los Lobos Rocks.

  95. fligemon

    To the Mestizo Culebra that dissed me.....No Hay una puta que chinga tu,,,,,,,,,,

  96. noiui

    A wonderful mix these guys are truly blessed to have such insight into the music world... I am in awe.. sorry I didn;t take note before , but feel that is the media's fault. God bless you Los Lonely boys xoxo