Lorrie Morgan - I Must Be Gettin' Older Lyrics

I've seen my heart get hurt
So many times I thought that it would die
I've found myself awake at nights
Where all I did was sit and cry
I'm not asking for your pity
I'm just trying to let you know what's on my mind
I must be getting older
But everybody says that old is wise

You ask me why I don't
Give my all and everything to you
Well I'm a little to old for merry-go-rounds
and games to me are just for fools
So until I know it's real
I'll never give my heart away again
I must be getting older
Cause I've never been smarter than I am

I've felt the pain of losing
When lovin always let me down
I'm not too tough for bruisin
My heart could probably stand another round
It's just that I've been weakened
And I'm finally old enough to make my stand
I must be getting older
Cause I've never been smarter than I am

I must be getting older

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Lorrie Morgan I Must Be Gettin' Older Comments
  1. Kayla Fitzgerald

    For my Fabian

  2. Tina Beck

    Great song

  3. Shana Clark

    Could you imagine the songs they’d have made if he hadn’t have died so young.. what a loss

  4. Jamie Snyder

    Omg love them both. ❤❤❤❤

  5. West Horn

    Damn keith sounds soo good! Best country artist ever

  6. Lora Blair

    I dont know how to explain it but lorrie nothing beats you singing a love song know matter who you sing with. It seems I really have a deep connection to them our lives compare so much. And all is I can say is you get me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your music life and love.

  7. Yvonne Powell

    Love this older country I grew up on it

  8. Linda Stewart

    Love this song , so sorry for Lorrie it didn't turn out this way, they were so perfect together , I know she misses him 🥀🥀💛💧💧👣

    Crystal Ray

    Linda Stewart blame her. She was a white and he grieved.

    Annzlee Brightone

    Crystal Ray I’m really curious, did she actually step out on him and got caught cheating and was the reason for his worrying??


    Great song, good morning thanks for sharing.

  10. Bobby Bowles

    Bobby B. This is a song I found and it touched me like a bolt of lightning The same way I feel when you look in to my eyes. Remember 1 thing for the rest of your life . Some times we have to make desicions that hurt our one and only which you are my one and only. I will always be inlove with you . I will hurt everyday for the rest of my life if it comes to the end. I love you so so much. Love always Candi xx

  11. Greta Alcindor

    Very nice song thank you for sharing God bless you all

  12. Camo Country

    Oh yeah and Bobby.Bare and Skeeter.Davis my parents seen her in concert

  13. Camo Country

    Awe they were so in love thank you Gurimalla for sharing.

    Crystal Ray

    Camo Country yea, till she was a cheating whore and he grieved himself to death.! I blame her. Keith was a wonderful man, and singer.

  14. Marryann Lamb

    Awesome thanks for sharing.

  15. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH OH!!!!LOVE.