Lorrie Morgan - Exit 99 Lyrics

I charged out on that interstate in a great big huff
The fight we had just made me feel I'd enough
I felt like drivin' anywhere if it left you far behind
And I hated you at exit fifty-nine

I passed the cars I passed the trucks I passed 'em all
Saw you sittin' home just waitin' for my call
My angry heart would not allow an ounce of sympathy
It was could as ice at exit sixty-three

With every passin' mile the question seemed to grow
Who was right and who was wrong and who's to know
My anger turned to sorrow as the tears began to pour
What a tangled mind at exit eighty-four

The city slowly faded into farms and fields
The world took on a different point of view
I loosened up my grip around that steering wheel
And I wondered if you were sorry too

I rolled the window down at exit ninety-one
Felt the cool wind blowin' through my hair
I saw a crimson light embrace a setting sun
And suddenly I wished you were there

I couldn't wait to stop and find a telephone
To call you up and tell you I was comin' home
Funny how a ribboned road can make you change your mind
And I loved you at exit ninety-nine

Funny how a ribboned road can make you change your mind
I knew I loved you at exit ninety-nine

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