Lori McKenna - Don't Tell Her Lyrics

Don't tell her that I drink tea and not coffee
I'd prefer if you didn't talk at all about me
Even in a brief casual chat
Don't tell her how I loved your smile, or things like that

Don't tell her how I was your best friend
Don't tell her how it could never work out in the end
Don't tell her how you learned a lesson from me
And that's why you have to take things slow and easy

If you can forgive me for my faults
Then maybe it can work out after all
I can't stand anybody knowing me the way you do
And I can't stand the thought of her knowing you

Don't tell her about that camping trip we took
Don't tell her how I bite my lip and never finish a book
Don't tell her how I like to sleep in late
Or that I believe in romance and fate

Well, what if we meet on some cross-town street?
And you'll introduce us and we'll finally meet
And I'll be alone when you're walking away
And I'll be wondering what she's going to say
Well, I know we'll never be the way we were
But don't tell her

Don't tell her that I'm too old for my age
Don't tell her that this love of mine was just a stage
She doesn't need to know my point of view
She'll never love you like the way that I do

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