Loretta Lynn - You're The Only Good Thing Lyrics

Are you thinking that I don't care for you
Could it be you believe that I've been untrue
Oh listen sweetheart it just cannot be
For you're the only good thing that happened to me
We've had our ups and downs like all lovers do
But you know in your heart that I worship you
So don't ever think of setting me free
For you're the only good thing that happened to me
[ steel ]
If you ever should think that I don't love you
That I'm not satisfied with the things that you do
I want you to know and please understand
There's nothing in this world worth the touch of your hand
We've had our ups and downs...

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Loretta Lynn You're The Only Good Thing Comments
  1. KT Allen


  2. Alexander Griffith

    Her smile is awesome

  3. Roxane Mathis

    Am country..but still denying. Someday will go back to my roots.

  4. Stacey Northrup

    Love you doll

  5. The Guardian Dragon

    Running barefoot in a corn field = VERY painful

  6. John Whitewöod

    Loretta is just amazing! Beautiful Lady with a cute voice!

  7. Danny Dougin

    Why isn't this song mentioned being from Loretta's 1971 LP "You're Lookin' A Country" and only from a greatest hits package?

  8. Loretta Basedow


  9. Mary Daniels

    QUEEN OF COUNTRY !!!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  10. The Official Andy Saenz

    WOW, this is an old video! When was it recorded?

  11. Roxane Mathis

    Loretta was the female version of Hank Williams. Wrote them and sang them like no other before or after.

  12. Marilee Dent

    Been up the hollow she lived

  13. Yvonne Morrow

    Lookin at EVIL!

  14. Kim Williams

    Good Girl!!!

  15. mlongpre100

    0:42  if you're looking at me - you're looking at cunt tree

  16. George Washington

    Yes we are 😍

  17. Tim Briand

    Your looking at country

  18. Hop

    Great job, Loretta. Very well-sung, and you wrote it!

  19. kkiilljjooy

    https://amzn.to/2AEYyM7 "You're Lookin' At Country" (Single Version) *MP3 download* Loretta Lynn from album "Loretta Lynn's Greatest Hits Volume II"
    https://amzn.to/2nfkFFV "Loretta Lynn's Greatest Hits Volume II" (11 tracks album) Loretta Lynn *audio CD*
    https://amzn.to/2LJwzBw "Loretta Lynn's Greatest Hits Volume II" (11 tracks album) Loretta Lynn *MP3 download*

    Marilee Dent

    I've met her . She is country

  20. Jason Parker

    She sure was a looker!

  21. Tammy Nickelson


  22. Daine Jir

    Why am I forced to watch a Macdonald's commercial in spanish before trying to watch this video?!?!? WTF!!!!!!

  23. Michael Davies

    I came here after seeing Metallica doing a cover of this. They said Loretta was at the concert when they were playing it, and she said that she was just "tickled by it".

  24. David Nigenda

    Kacey Musgraves kind of reminds me of her. Lets celebrate country!

  25. G Yorkshire

    Was that bit at the start what I thought it was?????

  26. gunfighterzero

    she reminds me of my mama so much, they grew up about the same time and same area, sounded just like her



  28. The Official Andy Saenz

    Chevel Shepherd did justice to this country music legend!

  29. Diane Smith

    I grow up country that’s way I love Loretta because country people are down to earth and that’s with Loretta is down earth person what you see what get keep singing Loretta

  30. David Resnik

    I grew up watching coalminers daughter and taking trips to Tennessee I miss it!

    David Resnik

    @moe problems depends who you know and where you go...

    David Resnik

    @moe problems yea for sure I got Fam in Kingsport

  31. Anthony Weir

    Happy birthday to you Loretta Lynn

  32. Sherrie Keith

    Happy birthday Loretta Lynn you’re still very 😎 cool! Type of music you just wanna play loud 💖😍

  33. rujohnso

    Loretta is in a class all her own, yer engine is missing cylinders if you can’t appreciate her style and talent.

  34. Trust Issues


  35. Creighton the Histoman

    She is so damn pretty.

  36. Vanessa Poss

    Sister I love u. You will always be just this too me

  37. nikita simpson

    Well I like my lovin' done country style
    And this little girl would walk a country mile
    To find her a good old slow talkin' country boy
    I said a country boy
    I'm about as old fashioned as I can be
    And I hope you're lik'in what you see
    'Cause if you're lookin' at me
    You're lookin' at country
    You don't see no city when you look at me
    'Cause a country is all I am
    I love runnin' bare-footed
    Through the old corn fields
    And I love that country ham
    Well you say I'm made just to fit your plans
    But does a barnyard shovel fit your hands?
    If your eyes are on me
    You're lookin' at country
    This here country is a little green
    And there's a lot of country that a you ain't seen
    I'll show you around if you'll show me a weddin' band
    I said a weddin' band
    When it comes to love
    Well I know about that
    Country folks all know where it's at
    If you're lookin' at me
    You're lookin' at country
    You don't see no city when you look at me
    'Cause country is all I am
    I love a runnin' bare-footed through the old cornfields
    And I love that country ham
    Well you say I'm a made just to fit your plans
    But does a barnyard shovel fit your hands?
    If your eyes are on me
    You're lookin' at country
    If your eyes are on me
    You're lookin' at country

  38. anthony pucci

    she has amazing voice hope her health gets better

  39. Priya D

    Tunescribers has created sheet music for this, you can find it here: http://www.tunescribers.com/2450/more-work-samples/youre-lookin-at-country

  40. Michelle Post

    My fave song of hers! She always seemed like she'd be really nice, if met in person.I grew up with those old songs...real country music.Thank God.

  41. Steven Stone

    Your also looking at a REAL  woman , Not a transsexual   like  Faith Hill , Tim McGraw , Tanya Tucker (Look at him now )  and a whole slew more Im not going to mention .  Do your transvestigations on these  abominations.  LL   is  the real deal !

  42. Margot Gorske

    wrote her own hits! what a great lady

  43. Timmi

    From the Wilburn Brothers Show
    Broadcast October 30, 1971

  44. dcron6

    Metallica brought me here. Nice song. They did a tribute to her at their Nashville concert. They butchered this song but it was a nice gesture.

  45. Jeff Snyder

    The voice, the look, the writing and the band. Classic.

  46. david hollingsworth

    I did watch Chevel many times on u tube, and she was great. I did click on this for a comparison, yes.

  47. The Official Andy Saenz

    Wow! I can hear the similarities between Loretta Lynn and Chevel Shepherd.

  48. TheLittle599

    I came here after hearing at the Country TinkerBell from the Voice

  49. Misya React

    who's here because of chevel's dazzling cover of this song? loretta would be so proud!!! different and fresh version of this one. well done can chevel 💖

  50. Marion Robertson

    Loretta is country and I love it.Love her voice.Love he style.She's tops in country.Thank's God bless.

  51. Heidi Vitha

    Lol! Omg! This is so oldlol! My mom used 2 drink a lot and this was one of her songs I remember when I was little like 7 or 8! I've always thought Loretta Lynn was Dolly Pardon's mom lol!

  52. Pamela Maloy


  53. Smiley L

    *I'm here after listening to Chevell on The Voice December 4th 2018*
    *This girl has got to win*


    Smiley L #TeamChevel all the way

    Smiley L

    Heck yeah! 👍

    Erwin Lamanilao

    She won already 😍

  54. Crystal B

    who came here after seeing that cutie sing this on the voice?



    Pocahontas 2020

    no. came here because im from ohio and this is what we were raised to

    phil holloway

    Kinda cute yourself Crystal 💕💖💚💛

    George Washington


  55. Duffy Sullivan

    Well, there's the real deal right there!

  56. Daniel Thompson

    I said a weddin' band!

  57. keyman keys

    Way better than what is called country music today , I don't even listen to the radio

  58. James Jasper

    my mom love this song bring memories of Kentucky. went was kids. her James jasper or senters and mom Faye senters

  59. B R E E

    loveee this movie ❤️

  60. Eamon Horahan

    aint no better than Loretta. after her then,,,, who.

  61. Emilee Garza

    2018 still listening!

  62. Patti Hammond

    I share a birthday with Loretta Lynn and I love her to pieces.

  63. Fred Garvin

    She was sexually harassed in those years. Maybe abused too.

    A tough gal.

  64. Danny Myers

    Dam right I'm country as country can get. And that is all I am

  65. lagunaflyguy

    Aw Shucks!!!

  66. Jeff Snyder

    Excellence in songwriting and performance. Song craft at it's finest. Not to be outdone.

  67. Boddissatva

    I get chills when she sings

  68. How to win. Facts.

    Yea I like what I see

  69. Larry Berrian

    The real 👑


    Love this song because i'v been told that I= When You Look At Me Your Looking At Country.

  71. Connie Bonn

    I don't know why but I wanna cry when I hear great old songs like this. Maybe it makes me think about better days. The days we live in now don't hold a candle to what we had back long ago.

  72. RussX5Z

    Such a beautiful and talented lady. Loretta Lynn never disappoints!

  73. Dieter Wenzel

    Happy Birthday Loretta

  74. K Brodrick

    Happy Birthday Loretta...

  75. Sahar Ghaba

    This is my jam. I've never liked city!

  76. Chris Lopes

    for all it's earthiness, this tune has some very sophisticated undertones, very unique form especially

  77. sandy trosper

    i love loretta she is something else to this day she is a wonderful person may the lord bless and keep here

  78. SKinSKorea

    Goin' on 86! Long live Loretta Lynn

  79. Fred Wilkerson

    A true country queen, , , !!!!

  80. Fran Smith


  81. Connie Courtney

    No one does it genuine like Loretta....

  82. Abdelgader Alsiety

    love her voice

  83. Raúl Navarro

    Una de las mejores voces femeninas del Classic Country solamente la igualan Kitty Wells y todas las voces femeninas de los Carter

  84. amanda shanks

    Kentucky woman

  85. maria boletsis

    Man I sure miss this girl

  86. Steven Sandberg

    you are oh so right love you all

  87. Great-one1976

    Proud that I was born only a few miles away from butcher holler Kentucky. Ky girl proud. Get well soon ms.loretta

  88. Mark Reynolds

    Ronnie Dale Holloway Loretta Lynn looking at country

  89. Mark Reynolds

    Loretta Lynn looking at country Danny Holloway

  90. SWSimpson

    So weird they used the same microphone for an interview and to sing....

  91. mensageiro 7

    Que ela tenha se arrependido do que fez no passado , p ter conseguido sua fama...( Vide Roger morneau )

  92. foreignangel _

    Still listening to this in 2017

  93. Jason S

    Why doesn't this 500 million likes?

  94. Tina Wilson

    Hi love Loretta lynn country move her. Songs

  95. New Waver

    Timeless talent. 200 years from now, people will be puzzled and marvel over these songs, and that someone from such humble beginnings, could reach such heights.

  96. Karen North

    Anyone here ever see her in concert? I wish I would have.