Loretta Lynn - You Love Everybody But You Lyrics

God was right giving you the gift of love
Yes you've used your gift of love so willingly
God was good giving you the hands to help
You've done well and I know he must be pleaded
I know you're lonely I don't know what I can do
I know you're unhappy you love everybody but you

God was wise giving you a warming smile
You have warmed so many hearts unselfishly
God was great giving you the settling touch God is great God is good endlessly
I know you're lonely...
You love everybody but you

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Loretta Lynn You Love Everybody But You Comments
  1. justess martin

    Absolutely great!

  2. chuck love

    Thanks Tom !.... I needed that !!

  3. wilburscott

    @barrygioportmorien1 Glad I could help! :)

  4. barrygioportmorien1

    Thanks jay, it's one of my favourites by Tom T., I had it from vinyl, and some how I lost it, It's great to have it back again.