Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose Lyrics

One of my fondest memories
Was sittin' on my daddy's knee
Listenin' to the stories that he told
He'd pull out that old photograph
Like a treasured memory from the past
And say child
This here's the Van Lear Rose

Oh how it would bring a smile
When he talked about her big blue eyes
And how her beauty ran down to her soul
She'd walk across the coal miner's yard
Them miner's would yell loud and hard
and they'd dream of who would hold
The Van Lear Rose

She was the belle of Johnson County
Ohio river to Big Sandy
A beauty to behold like a diamond in the coal
All the miner's they would gather 'round
Talk about the man that came to town
Right under their nose
Stole the heart of the Van Lear Rose

Now the Van Lear Rose could've had her pick
And all the fellers figured rich
Until this poor boy caught her eye
His buddies would all laugh and say
Your dreamin' boy she'll never look your way
You'll never ever hold the Van Lear Rose


Then one night in mid July
Underneath that ol' blue Kentucky sky
Well, that poor boy won that beauty's heart
Then my daddy would look at my mommy and smile
As he brushed the hair back from my eyes and he'd say
Your mama
She's the Van Lear Rose


Right under their nose
Stole the heart of the Van Lear Rose

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Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose Comments
  1. chuck erson

    Mr groom great

  2. emma may

    mr groom be like

    chuck erson


  3. Manny Badabing

    What a voice. Sassy, spicey, sexy. I love country but normally ignore female singers. But Loretta is special.

  4. Carl_Weatherzzz

    What a voice. Like a cold mountain breeze. Gives you the shivers right down in your bones

  5. Richard Mika

    strange album tittle thinking will be french country

  6. liam

    ooh i get why this one of the most acclaimed albums by a female artist

  7. jlr163380

    This man isn't the coal miner and the one who stole the heart of the vanlear rose. Most of his kids were eventually famous. You have to say he did something right.

  8. b grey

    Jack be proud

  9. ZZP Zing Pheonix

    Please up load in HD

  10. Gary Marshall Ellis

    You couldn't grow up in the sixty's and not know who Loretta Lynn is, no matter how much of a rocker you thought you were.. Country was out to get me, and by the late 1970's I was listening to and playing country... They don't come any better than Loretta... I have Coal miners daughter on d.v.d. I never liked the white Stripes!!! And couldn't understand why Loretta would do an album with Jack White...... After I saw it might get loud, I came away with a different opinion of White..... This is a great song, not what I expected....... Thanks Jack... Love you Loretta..... Check out predivorce paranoia on you tube... I wrote it, It's country... Thanks...

  11. clay rising sun

    I’m Native American but I get a visual of my grandparents passing down our culture

  12. Eric Blair

    Great album

  13. Joseph Harder

    One of the greatest Country  Albums  of all time. Hell, one of the greatest  albums  of all time, period.

  14. Denise Hubbard

    My great grandmother Gertrude ramey is Clary ramey first cousin

  15. Susie Stough

    I love all Loretta`s songs she is one of Kentucky`s greatest

  16. RandomGirlxox


  17. Lisa Currier

    My hometown hero! I love you, JAG!

  18. Antonius Britannia

    Great guitar work by Jack White!

  19. snaggletooth 70

    I love this ..from canada....

  20. The Magician

    2-19-2014, that is the date my mother passed away due to cancer. This song reminds me of her. You never realize these things until they are gone.

  21. Jerry Craig

    God how I love this woman, the greatest voice thank you God

  22. Athena DirtySunDaze

    might cover this soon... might be family...My Great Grandpaw was John Webb...Loretta`s maiden name...or Van Lear rose`s last name...

    Denise Hubbard

    Van Lear rose was born ramey :)

  23. Kariann Richardson

    will always be the queen of country in my mind

  24. Glenda Clark

    Beautiful. My family is also from Kentucky , yes my father was a coal miner , untill world war 2 called him to duty.

  25. Natasha Huff

    family rose

  26. julie brtek

    Beautiful song.

  27. Brad Siegfried

    I LOVE both Loretty & Jack White. They make a good duo. The music is awesome!

    HDM Reviews

    Brad Siegfried Agreed! Love both

  28. Arnold Thomas

    My mother was also born in Van Lear and married a poor boy. This could easily be about her.

  29. Cindy Hendrix

    Well I can see who influenced Lucinda Willaims. <3

  30. Lautaro Sequino

    Im a big fan of Dolly Parton, but Loretta lynn is such a talented and beautiful lady!, her songs are very deep and touching!,lovely woman.

    Annie Bell

    Lautaro Sequino l

  31. daniel morris

    Hey all you Loretta fans if you haven't already done so you need to listen to her latest album "Full Circle". For a 84 yr old woman Loretta has still got it going on. Her voice and song writing abilities are still top-notch. These so-called 'country stars' of today aren't fit to polish this 'Queen of Country's' boots

  32. Emilka S

    I love that 6 star

  33. Mary Shem

    amazing singer...heard a comment today...she was like the female hank williams sr...that i believe!

  34. Tom Nason

    her and my meemawe are so much alike!! love her!!


    Damn Loretta, you sing it girl!!!

  36. Andrew Myers

    yeah this is how ou do it

  37. John David Broyles


  38. abe watkins

    this was from 2005, she won the grammy for best album

    Robbie Chappell

    +abe watkins She won the grammy in 2005 but it was actually released in 2004

  39. maynardmoleman

    Greatest Country lp to be released in the last twenty years...

  40. Debbie Hill

    I love this album too it is just awesome

  41. Terisa ODowd

    I saw Loretta Lynn for my first time this weekend in Lake Charles, LA. She was a hoot! She opened with "They Don't Make;m Like My Daddy." Love that song and all of her songs. Her story reminds me of my mother and father. Sweet memories. It was beautiful to see her daughters and son with her. I only wished they would have all sang a song together. It was truly a family event. I think everyone in the audience felt like an extended part of her family. You do not go to many concerts and come away feeling like you have been to a family reunion. At least not nowadays. It was truly country music at its finest!

  42. Theresa Walker

    I love Loretta Lynn music

  43. Marty Merrill

    Amen Paul Snyder II - why in thee world is this NOT on iTUNES?????

  44. outlaw-callie

    Loretta Lynn is a strong country lady that is a proud Kentucky coal miners daughter. I'm also a proud Kentucky country woman and I'm also a great granddaughter coal miner.

  45. Paul Snyder II

    I wish this album was on iTunes :(

    Ryan Brandon

    @Paul Snyder II buy the physical album and rip it to itunes

  46. John LaStrada

    There's something about a legend that just being a great singer can't touch. Loretta Lynn is a legend. 

  47. MsLilyLemonade

    They ain't nobody, quite so perfect as Lorettie!!

  48. Mike Rundberg

    Beautiful tribute song for her mom, she knows how to write em

  49. Michele Dain

    great album....Loretta is still legendary

  50. simbasrealdaddy

    Its ironic women have far fewer freedom (musicians in general) to produce great music like this today. If your not pretty enough, dont have your skirt hiked high enough, and dont fit the corporate formula your not going to make it.
    Loretta Lynn is one of the greatest musicians of her generation.

    Smokey McBongwater

    @simbasrealdaddy Spoken like a true 15 year old with no idea of what he's talking about, Good job man.

    Smokey McBongwater

    @***** enjoy highschool while you can kids.



  52. Tabitha Miller

    This album never gets old I can listen over and over....

    Doug Carter

    Tabitha Miller My x wife burnt it DOWN. I still love the LADY BUT HAD TO BAIL OUT.

  53. Tabitha Miller

    There is nobody more beautiful then Loretta Lynn...She is the definition of a women and music will not be the same when she is gone.....

  54. HaikuFlash

    Those beautiful Celtic Cherokee women.

  55. Jeremiah Preisser

    Mighty fine album. Thanks for the upload. This sounds like something she would have made in the 70`s.

  56. Davina Webb

    my roots bitches

    Tabitha Miller

    and what awesome roots they are...

    Sherry B

    @Tabitha Millertab charlles edward chumbley

  57. animaleyesone

    I have had a strong and passionate hatred for country music while growing up. Isn't it wonderful when one song can reach into your heart and change a lifelong feeling? The magic of well made music. Thank you Jack White and Loretta Lynn for opening my ears and my heart.

  58. kasey Belden

    love this whole cd and all of her songs

  59. Marco Plo

    The Crystalline Moment, in Loretta's life in song. Bless you Loretta!! Oh how this song can make a person swoon!! perfect!!

  60. QueenofCountry13

    I'm 13 too! Going on 14 in August and you can trust me, I LOVE me some Loretta Lynn.


    Loretta is the best of all the country singers.

  62. ebailey140

    The whole album was recorded in 2 sessions, with no fancy production tricks, none of the usual modern approach of processing the soul out of a piece of music, because the best way to record Loretta was just have her write a bunch of songs and record them.

  63. VirtualRaconteur

    @BimLanders Jack White produced & played on this album. It won Grammys. It was pretty popular.

  64. Jruus1

    @LorettaFanLynn Same here i'm also 13 but I love Loretta :D

  65. Ali Lock

    I love Loretta Lynn. I was born in Johnson County Kentucky.

  66. kasey Belden

    i love this song

  67. ragingknowitall

    Always a lovely song...now an inspiration...because a Van Lear Rose has been revealed in my life. For sure, she has many admirers...many rich, many successful. I would not say that I have stolen her heart completely...yet...but...she is definitely tempted to give her heart to me and she already gives me all of her spare time. One of our first magic moments was in mid-July. If you would, please wish with me that our story ends the same...and I always bless her life the way she blesses mine.

    Mango Roxx

    I sure hope she did! How 'bout an update??

  68. Michelle Clark

    I love this song because it reminds me of my mommy and daddy. Daddy sure did love his diamond my mommy. I love you both so very much.

  69. BimLanders

    This is 2004? Shocking. I'm glad Loretta was immune to being surrounded by so much suckage in the music world. I could have placed this as '75 to '85ish.

  70. Norma Gladue

    When my sister and I were young, we thought our mom was Loretta Lynn, because her long black curly hair was just like Mom's... Cheers to her Native heritage!

  71. 13coolhand75

    loretta has been the queen of country for many years, thank Jack for bring her back!!!

  72. Daniel

    Five Stars for the Queen of Country Music! Love Love her!!

  73. John Phillipson

    Like this Youtube version .... why the rubbish video on the 'other one ' ?

  74. mattfrye1

    Wonderful song. Nice tribute.

  75. Thomas Parker

    love this song, what a great tribute to her mama

  76. Mary Williams

    I love this song!! Loretta is so amazing!!

  77. Aeneas24

    One of my favorite songs! Retty you rock girl! I love you and hope to see you soon!