Loretta Lynn - Portland, Oregon Lyrics

Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz
If that ain't love then tell me what is
Well I lost my heart it didn't take no time
But that ain't all. I lost my mind in Oregon

In a booth in the corner with the lights down low
I was movin' in fast she was takin' it slow
Well I looked at him and caught him lookin' at me
I knew right then we were playin' free in Oregon

Next day we knew last night got drunk
But we loved enough for the both of us
In the morning when the night had sobered up
It was much too late for the both of us in Oregon

Well sloe gin fizz works might fast
When you drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass
Hey bartender before you close
Pour us one more drink and a pitcher to go

And a pitcher to go [repeat]

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Loretta Lynn Portland, Oregon Comments
  1. Boros1ck

    Listening to this Marvelous Price of Music in 2019 November 😌

  2. Lois Plumley

    I think jack white came around at the right time for Loretta this is the best album I've heard in a long time glad you shared

  3. Linda Caplan Kuhn

    Best drinking song to come along in years!

  4. Ricky Parker

    Jack White makes Loretta Lynn a ROCK STAR!!! 😁😁😁😁LOVE IT!!!!


    she already was a rock star

    austin phipps

    Yup they both already had it.

  5. John Shackelford

    So amazing all these years later. Jack White is brilliant, recognizing what a f#$%ng amazing talent she is... he is amazing

    austin phipps

    Umm she was already famous?..

  6. KarenESP Sharp

    And a Pitcher to go.. remember Sonny at the philly Army Navy game when you walked out with that drink in the hall and left me in the hotel room by myself and you had a screw driver in a pitcher and that was your 'beverage.' Yeah... that

  7. KarenESP Sharp

    2009 year we moved to Severnview I guess. I stll cant get that disprespecting moments out of my head, Memory Jefry T. Savin, Former National Guardsman, VERIZON: Communications.

  8. KarenESP Sharp

    she looks so pretty in that color

  9. Kevin Wingler

    country on acid

    Manny Badabing

    Quick, Robert Plant needs to record an album with Loretta.

  10. Patrick C

    When Loretta hits that high note at the end, it’s the sweetest thing

  11. chrisjt86

    That final note of Loretta's...

  12. Kelly Sullivan

    This is what life is about

  13. Pamela Lindsey

    There is Something about Jack White.....!!!

  14. Birneybau100

    This song also works as a country version of the Fresh Prince theme

  15. BooKittyRadley

    Dang, I <3 this.

  16. Kristin Taubitz

    I love this song!!!!¡

  17. Patricia Gleason

    Loretta Lynn is the best country female star I think I love her for a long time Patricia Gleason

  18. L. C.

    the music lies

  19. thatdamnedfly

    *sloe gin fizz.

  20. Mitzi Mathias

    Thx to Jack White for seeing the Wonderful talented, smart singer that Loretta Lynn is! To me he smart beyond his years!

  21. limpnjen

    This is the only LL song I know by heart, I own this CD too. I'm sure some of her loyal fans were surprised to hear this track at first when it originally came out. I still jam out to it.

  22. Scott Allen

    loretta kicking it up a notch or two .. pretty kool

  23. Aaliyah Huggins

    Born, raised, and still live in Portland, Oregon.

  24. MsCountryAsHell

    I love this song, love Loretta and Jack, this song is great!

  25. thesharpiequeen420

    I love this CD..Loretta Lynn gets better with time..

  26. meloyellowduck

    Intro is a little too long, but a great song otherwise! I agree, gotta love Portland!


    meloyellowduck the intro is what makes this song a masterpiece.

    Kevin Wingler

    you wouldnt like the grateful dead then

  27. lux

    @PinkTeardropos wow xD same for every thing you said there is completly true (: includoing the last two parts! xD

  28. Pink Teardropos

    Seen some videos of from when she was young and is ugly unlike now she is hot. This come for a 20 year old gay guy.

    Michael L. King

    PinkTeardropos she has such a beautiful face and holds so much personalty within her beauty Her physical beauty and inner beauty are married so nicely

  29. grothesk80

    Thank you for putting this up! I've been looking for it for a while and even had some failed attempts at putting it up myself.

    Great song!