Loretta Lynn - Pill Lyrics

You wined me and dined me when I was your girl
Promised if I'd be your wife you'd show me the world
But all I've seen of this old world is a bed and a doctor bill
I'm tearin' down your brooder house cause now I've got the pill

All these years I've stayed at home while you had all your fun
And every year that's gone by another baby's come
There's gonna be some changes made right here on nursery hill
You've set this chicken your last time cause now I've got the pill

This old maternity dress I've got is going in the garbage
The clothes I'm wearing from now on won't take up so much yardage
Miniskirts, hot pants, and a few little fancy frills
Yeah, I'm makin' up for all those years since I've got the pill

I'm tired of all your crowing, how you and your hens play
While holdin' a couple in my arms another's on the way
This chicken's done tore up her nest and I'm ready to make a deal
And you can't afford to turn it down cause you know I've got the pill

This incubator is overused because you've kept it filled
The feelin' good comes easy now since I've got the pill
It's gettin' dark, it's roostin' time, tonight's too good to be real
Oh but daddy don't you worry none cause momma's got the pill
Oh daddy don't you worry none cause momma's got the pill

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Loretta Lynn Pill Comments
  1. sinneadfert

    This song was actually banned in Ontario when I was a teen lol

  2. Cvp1969

    I NEVER heard this on country radio.. that must mean something.

  3. Darlene Cutright

    I love this song Loretta no ones got a vorice I love it I play your songs all they time 🙏🙏🙏are up for you god bless

  4. Ozzie Osborne

    I wish that section 8 housing would listen to this song. It might just help us taxpayers...just a thought.

  5. Gary Kerns

    I understand this got a lot of airplay on NYC's WHN. What I wouldn't have given to be riding thru Brooklyn, the Bronx, etc. and hearing this.

  6. lionstanding

    Wow...Satanic....no wonder she was frowned upon by the old folks- Real Country people.

  7. Roxane Mathis

    I so admire you for your art, but WHY did you stay with this person? You deserved so much more!

  8. Sweet Tender Charles


  9. Crystal Harris

    My grandmother remembers when this song came out and people were walking out of her show her locally because of this song! I love it she really paved a road for all “country” women today wether they know it or not! 💕💕

  10. john Last

    80 plus years still beautiful

  11. Maeve Mallory

    I love Loretta!!! even more badass that it came out in the 70s

  12. Ms. Gutsy Mummy

    Doo took me ridin'

  13. Manny Badabing

    She was one heck of a spitfire, sexy woman in her day.


    Nursery hill , I love it !

  15. Kristen Stanton

    God, I love her.

  16. Endzeit Elegy

    Cursed song.

  17. Erin Prather

    Lorretta is a Pill and we love her for it!!!!! She said what she thought and that was a no no back then for women in country, but she gave those assholes the bird and I am sure she still dose!

  18. Joni Lynn michalski

    Don't believe in it

  19. MrDLOC11

    Music as a revolution

  20. David Garrard

    I just came to troll the comments for narrow minded inbred right wing sexist d-bags crying about this song 😂 I wasn't disappointed

  21. Kristy Barker

    Can't believe this was banned from the radio.

  22. Michael Andrews

    barefoot and pregnant no more lol

  23. john Last

    your listening to the queen of country music

  24. liberty Ann

    This was banned from some radio stations but was still a #1 hit for Loretta!

  25. Deanne Ford

    I was just told by an elder that this song was banned at one point. Wow.

  26. Greg Foster

    Was a controversial song, but I loved it, thanks again!!

  27. Women Should Be Slaves

    This shit song is a lot different than ones on the way. Damn Loretta sucks

  28. Nancy Dachouff

    the pill is a blessing for all women

  29. Kyle Vaughn

    It's weird this isn't instantly recommended with her other songs. I was waiting for it to show up but had to search by name

  30. Rebecca Youngblood

    Amen, Loretta!

  31. Matthew Blake

    Now that's real country music

  32. Nick Carlson

    No wonder Jack White wanted to work with Loretta.

  33. Johnston6999 Johnston6999

    NowMama got the pill!!!

  34. Sky Chaser

    Black Sabbath could not write a more evil, satanic song than this. What an asinine piece of garbage this song is.


    Her husband's been sleeping around on her while keeping her continuously pregnant. It's just a revenge song. You got a problem with that?

  35. Puncheon 50

    Dude, your Flux Capacitor is stuck in the past. Brandi Carlisle and Kasey Musgraves are blowin up. Get Back to the Future

  36. Cathy Johnson

    I always loved Loretta Lynn. She always Sang it like it like she felt it.

  37. Sharon Powers

    This woman is so darn awesome....

  38. N B

    Someone please give the Muslims the pill

  39. Ecléctico Iconoclasta

    Today she will add that she is on tinder

  40. dreemsnake1

    I didn’t know this was banned. I remember hearing it and I didn’t buy it. Hmmm.

    My great-grandma was raped by her husband regularly when he came home drunk. No such thing as raping your wife back then....she was property. After 15 kids, she blew a hole in him when he came at her like that again. And she went to prison. Ah, the good old days.

  41. SpinningSidekick

    holy. sh*t. lol

  42. Private

    Wtf is a brooder house?🧐

    Anneke Sieck

    A shack for broody hens to lay eggs and raise chicks.

  43. Ray's Dad

    Loretta changing the rules for Daddy.

  44. drengskap

    Now, this is the kind of feminism that I can actually get enthusiastic about!

  45. standev1

    This song is straight from hell, its true author is easily recognizable.


    @IndyDefense "People don't get married to have kids"
    Well, that's where these people are gravely mistaken, because objectively procreation and raising of children is the primary end of marriage.


    @standev1 It's the end result, but it's not the motivation.

    Tom Foley

    @IndyDefense Marriage is entirely designed to protect women and children, and squeeze the man for everything he's worth if she gets bored or even has a legit concern.


    @Tom Foley Agreed. The solution is to get government out of it.

    Tom Foley

    ​@IndyDefense Truth, that and the issue of abortion. It should be up to the states and local governments to decide based on input from the community. The fed government should stay out of everything except military defense. All gov't should stay out of the institution of marriage if it's going to be saved.

  46. Mark Carbonaro

    The only thing I can to the conversation, is that from the 50's thru the 70's, country music was definitely rated "PG".

  47. rbmindful

    When I was in high school I was at a friend's house talking to him and his mom. A song came on the radio and the mom said "I just can't believe they play this on the radio and I can't believe Loretta Lyn made a record like this!" Hmmm...Loretta Lynn... That got my attention and I've been paying attention to Loretta ever since!

    Eric Nelson

    You should've asked her if she was willing to take care of all those unwanted babies out there

  48. Rob Lamb

    great song and could only be banned in 'merika - the rest of the world moves forward - ffs you have people (well men) who shoot doctors who do terminations . .

    Joan Halcomb

    Terminations- what a lovely euphemism

    Tom Foley

    The rest of the world is laughing at us because we let women have power. Especially the Middle East. Islam is right about women.

  49. Nancy Dachouff

    La pilule, un merveilleux contraceptif qui a permis aux femmes de choisir....dans les années 70, c'est un enfant si je veux.....Pour les femmes de ma génération, la pilule, mais quelle libération....surtout quand on est jeune.....

  50. Nancy Dachouff

    So great....

  51. Ange C

    I'm tearing down your brooder house. Ha Love you Loretta!!!

  52. Lorriane Clark

    My grandparents had 0 kids, no twins no hospital's until the very last one


    Lorriane Clark
    They must have had at least 1 kid. 🧐

  53. Meredith Richardson

    I actually heard this song for the first time on the radio last week. Wish I had heard it before 2018.

  54. Regina Grubbs

    Love Loretta

  55. 1991tommygun

    I would impregnate young loretta

    Andreia Reminiec

    Why don't you have 4 kids be the time you're 18?

  56. J Wobbe

    we dont need no loosed moral woman comin here a totin her satanic sex all over this here internets! hellfire!

  57. J Wobbe

    a woman should be pregnant and A cookin me dinner ever night and a washin clothes all day long!

    Andreia Reminiec

    JWobbe, you 've got two hands... CAN'T YOU DO THOSE THINGS YOURSELF?!

  58. T S

    There is so much pain in her heart.GOD bless her.

    Tracey Easter

    That man did her dirty ... Doolittle did 2 much

  59. Terry Moyers

    My favorite Country Girl.

  60. lunar kay

    You wined me and dined me
    When I was your girl
    Promised if I'd be your wife
    You'd show me the world
    But all I've seen of this old world
    Is a bed and a doctor bill
    I'm tearin' down your brooder house
    'Cause now I've got the pill
    All these years I've stayed at home
    While you had all your fun
    And every year that's gone by
    Another babys come
    There's a gonna be some changes made
    Right here on nursery hill
    You've set this chicken your last time
    'Cause now I've got the pill
    This old maternity dress I've got
    Is goin' in the garbage
    The clothes I'm wearin' from now on
    Won't take up so much yardage
    Miniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frills
    Yeah I'm makin' up for all those years
    Since I've got the pill
    I'm tired of all your crowin'
    How you and your hens play
    While holdin' a couple in my arms
    Another's on the way
    This chicken's done tore up her nest
    And I'm ready to make a deal
    And ya can't afford to turn it down
    'Cause you know I've got the pill
    This incubator is overused
    Because you've kept it filled
    The feelin' good comes easy now
    Since I've got the pill
    It's gettin' dark it's roostin' time
    Tonight's too good to be real
    Oh but daddy don't you worry none
    'Cause mama's got the pill
    Oh daddy don't you worry none
    'Cause mama's got the pill

  61. Ange C

    This song is why I love you Loretta you will always be the best!

  62. U.S. SAM

    Not Considered an "Outlaw" ? I say HELL YES SHE WAS !

    Minbenja Linfrank

    IS (not WAS)!!!

  63. Matty B.

    This and dont come home drinking are my favorite songs. Love you Loretta.

    Gary Kerns

    I agree, and "Coal Miner's Daughter", too. Really, I don't think she did a bad song.

  64. sniperkitty 1400xx


    Minbenja Linfrank

    Do not be too hard on yourself.

  65. Barbara Weeden

    I absolutely LOVE LORETTA LYNN..

  66. Mark Breland

    After all these years people still cant see the true war against women. Keep listening to your politicians and your (Female) feminist leaders.

    Stephanie Major

    Then you need to do a better job of being skeptical of the nonsense people put in front of you.

    Mark Breland

    Look around you can see the decline of western civilization.

    Harm Gregory

    @Mark Breland We see that in the current administration.


    the real war is against men, equality is not a modern feminist objective, it's absolute control, dominance, learn to play the victim and denounce all men and all of their accomplishments, to hell with modern feminists.

    Harm Gregory

    @JINOV You are incorrect, actually.

  67. Geo T

    More important than ever in Amurrica, and globally. Overpopulation is no hoax. https://www.census.gov/popclock/

  68. JerryJimmson

    The pill has a deterrent effect. Everyone can read that on the leaflet.

    Andreia Reminiec

    Jerry, not when I was put on the pill...
    the side effects weren't printed on the leaf let that was included..plus the print was so small that even someone who has 20/20 vision couldn't read it

  69. Ange C

    Love it!!

  70. John Duravetz

    Excellent message she sends..... wish all the young girls still in school would listen to what she says to avoid future tragedy in thir lives !!!...of course it was banned...Corporate profit machines that make $$ off births would make far less!

    Andreia Reminiec

    John, have you forgotten about the ministers ,priests & pastors who spoke out against this song?
    they're the reason why the song was banned

  71. catsintexas

    Loretta Lynn will ALWAYS be the original queen of country music.  Other minor queens were Reba McIntyre and Barbara Mandrel and Billy Jo an Spears and Emmylou and Tanya.  But there is ONLY ONE Loretta Lynn.  I hate modern country music.  But the old stuff...give me the Willis Brothers, Buck Owens and Little Jimmy Dickens and Johnny Cash and Hank snow.  God bless and thank you

    Billy Reb

    catsintexas Mama Maybelle is the original.


    you are right.  thank you for that.  she was the first

    Michael De Ponte

    Billy Reb loretta was one of the original along with kitty patsy and jean shepard and the carter family

  72. Rakshu P

    You wined me and dined me 
    When I was your girl 
    Promised if I'd be your wife 
    You'd show me the world 
    But all I've seen of this old world 
    Is a bed and a doctor bill 
    I'm tearin' down your brooder house 
    'Cause now I've got the pill 
    All these years I've stayed at home 
    While you had all your fun 
    And every year that's gone by 
    Another babys come 
    There's a gonna be some changes made 
    Right here on nursery hill 
    You've set this chicken your last time 
    'Cause now I've got the pill

    This old maternity dress I've got 
    Is goin' in the garbage 
    The clothes I'm wearin' from now on 
    Won't take up so much yardage 
    Miniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frills 
    Yeah I'm makin' up for all those years 
    Since I've got the pill

    I'm tired of all your crowin'
    How you and your hens play 
    While holdin' a couple in my arms 
    Another's on the way 
    This chicken's done tore up her nest 
    And I'm ready to make a deal 
    And ya can't afford to turn it down 
    'Cause you know I've got the pill

    This incubator is overused 
    Because you've kept it filled 
    The feelin' good comes easy now 
    Since I've got the pill 
    It's gettin' dark it's roostin' time 
    Tonight's too good to be real 
    Oh but daddy don't you worry none 
    'Cause mama's got the pill 
    Oh daddy don't you worry none 
    'Cause mama's got the pill

  73. mark rigsby

    Now ,we all can F-ck.

  74. Mark Reynolds

    Mark cob Loretta Lynn pill

  75. George Cartwright

    Wow, 60 thumbs down. Must be Russians.

  76. Desert Rat

    Yeah girrrl

  77. realcanadiangirl64

    The song's references to contraception, a subject that was considered controversial at the time, led more than 50 radio stations in the U.S. to ban it.


    Don’t you worry bout them old facts gurrrrrllll. Just come on into my brooder house and I’ll get ya preggers and you can forget all about them hot pants. Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!

  78. joe griffith

    I remember when this song came out I was a air Force recruiter and new most of the radio owners in town one owner I became friends with I asked him why he wasn't playing Lorettas new record the pill he said are you kidding I wouldn't touch that song with a ten foot pole all the holy than though nutcases would be trying too shut the station down I took it home so none of the DJs could play it I will never forget that.

  79. Spirit of the wolf Bush Wiccan

    Can't beat this good old country

  80. Spirit of the wolf Bush Wiccan

    Love Loretta Lynn a true country great

  81. Enjoys Anal

    She had a stroke?

    Andreia Reminiec

    No ,Mrs. Lynn had a Nervous Breakdown when she was younger

  82. Annie From Smooth Criminal

    A song all about birth control. I didn't realize how much much of a savage this old woman is.

    randy mccoin

    You're a fuckin idiot!!

    Andreia Reminiec

    @Classic rock Lover : you have the wrong idea.
    Loretta Lynn wrote the song Fist City after she learned from one of her twin daughters that the school bus driver was chasing her late husband Doo .
    It's about a territorial wife fighting to preserve her marriage after a threat was made to it

    Andreia Reminiec

    @randy mccoin I agree

    Andreia Reminiec

    Annie, If you think that the pill is about savagery
    Then ,why don't you have some kids out of wed lock & become a single mom?
    Loretta Lynn said it best herself :
    " If they would've had the Pill back in her days ( when she had four kids in four years),
    I'd have been swallowing 'em like popcorn!"

    Classic rock Lover

    @Andreia Reminiec I know exactly what Fist City was about...just pointing out how gutsy it was to sing a line "'cause I'll grab you by the hair of the head and I'll lift you off the ground ", especially in that year/setting. And basically call the other woman she's nothing but a pussy to her husband

  83. chuck gardner

    screw censorship or be willing to loose freedom

  84. Sheila Thomas

    Shes a lovley lady

  85. Justine Robison

    lorretta lynn great Singer

  86. Julie Mir

    women have more rights now thankgod back then. the cathlolic church was against birthcontrol they are to a. point im catholic and got birth control people cant afford multiple children the cost for everything is outragous now its craxy life was easier back in the day

  87. Glen R. Slater

    It wasn't banned from ALL country stations, though. It wasn't even banned from the majority of country stations.

  88. Maxwell Stefan

    I got a plan b ad on this

  89. MisguidedFangirl


  90. alta pape

    lol I got pregnant on the pill .... four times!

    Polly's Shore

    I know some women that got pregnant, more than once, with early IUD’s and Implanon

    Polly's Shore

    Trial & error. I’m in my early 40s and was never a fan of BC outside of condoms due to the often crazy side effects of the pill (which I had to take for a brief moment in my early-mid 20s) and the unreliable alternative methods of my youth.

    I’m also not good with remembering to take things daily and did not want something inserted under my skin that repeatedly fails.

    I might have taken a different route if the shot existed when I was younger but now I wonder what things like Plan B do to younger women who are not responsible but take it regularly because “there’s a pill for that”.

    Humzah Hassan

    Polly's Shore yeah back then they worked perfectly if every condition was met

    Humzah Hassan

    Polly's Shore plan b is plan b meaning if u fuck up because of strong hormones


    Without the pill you might’ve gotten pregnant 12 times....

  91. donna glasgow

    loetta is a great person. I kow because I have talked to her in person but I wish I knew we were cousins then. love u loretta

    Enjoys Anal

    U spell shitty and are a liar

    donna glasgow

    am not aliar

  92. Laura Copp

    If men can't take care of what they reproduce then they need to control themselves! And women close your legs!

    Yose mite

    or take the pill

    Sheeza Mann

    condomns anyone

    Harm Gregory

    @ laura: many places in the world, and even in the U.S., women don't have that option. SHOULDN'T be that way, but IS.

    Andreia Reminiec

    Laura, for you to think in that way, you clearly don't have your own family
    Have some kids of your own out of wedlock & raise them in a single parent situation..
    then you'll know what you're talking about !

  93. cable wire

    nobody in their goddamn minds would have a problem with this song, and definitely not in 2016

    Cathy Smith

    cable wire that is where you are wrong 2018 prolifers are whining and winning on banning the pill and abortion.

  94. Justice Thunderoad

    The Roman Catholics were against ''Birth Control'' because............Large Families= Large Armies. The East is building their Armies while the West is downsizing.


    No --- larger families equals as many members of the Church they can get their hands on.

    Yose mite

    Same as Mormons. Large, educated families mean more money for the church.

    John W

    I'm pretty sure up until the last century everyone thought having a large family was the thing to do regardless of faith.

    Yose Mite

    I think it was more that they did not have a choice.

    Andreia Reminiec

    And more money for both the priests & the vatican

  95. Twilight Symphony

    More people on the pill would mean less FATHERLESS,and MOTHERLESS kids...naw you all couldnt handle that.Keep on overpopulating and we gone end up like the dinosaurs did.

    Duncan Hume

    strange, the way I read it women who can, have no more kids so the western world dies out leaving it to those not taking the pill....

    Christy Spencer

    dont have babies if u cant afford them or dont want them.DUH

    Christy Spencer

    if more women used the pill, there wouldnt be so many on welfare in tennessee in america. that is the truth. no excuse not to use common sense.


    Common sense doesn't favor the use of the pill, which sometimes acts as an abortifacient and causes blot clots and even strokes.

    Yose Mite

    Took the pill for years. Only thing it did was keep me from not getting pregnant.

  96. R.C. Costi

    wow...country music and some CM fans were so much more liberal in the 70's vs the 2000s..:)

    J W

    R.C. Costi the song was banned, so I'm not sure how accepting they were.

    Andreia Reminiec

    the religious nuts had it banned

    Andrew Thompson

    A lot of it also comes from how 9/11 basically destroyed any sort of country other than white dude singing about beer and his girl

    David Garrard

    @Andrew Thompson true

  97. Larry

    the song was recorded in 72 but not released till 75. it was banned but they played it when ppl started buying and requesting. It reached #1 and helped Loretta win Entertainer of the yr in 75 by the Acm awards. the song is not in the movie because the movie only goes up to 1970.

    Harold Rose

    They need to make a Coal Miners Daughter 2...it would be great..

    Gary Kerns

    Didn't know when it was recorded; thanks for posting. It even hit #70 on the pop chart.

  98. standev1

    Using the pill is gravely immoral. Often it kills already conceived children by not allowing them to implant, that's why the pill is called abortifacient.

    Harm Gregory

    standev1 is a liar, I think you'll find.... and a troll.


    “We just want to worship in peace. Please stop persecuting us!” says every hypocritical Christian. We WOULD leave you alone but you won’t let us. You want to make our laws, be in our government, our schools, courts and our vaginas. You knock on our doors every Sunday! GO AWAY!

    Andreia Reminiec

    no it doesn't ... It also corrects hormonal imbalances in women
    How many children do you want women to have?

    Do you know what pregnancy does to a woman's body?
    Why don't we ban the bible ,which advocated rape & murder of those who pose a threat to telling others how to live?
    Would you like to know what true immorality is?
    Passing Judgement on others ,while you're not so lily white !
    ( using "proof" that is one sided & dreamed up by other church people who are masquerading as scientists!)

    Judge not,lest you be Judged!


    @Andreia Reminiec "How many children do you want women to have?"
    It's not about what I want. The objective reality is that sex is designed for procreation. If women don't want to have children, they should abstain from sex.

  99. clevelandphil

    I don't recollect this in Coal Miner's Daughter.

    Maeve Mallory

    this song came out a few years after the timeline the movie did for her

  100. Jeremy Clapham

    the Pill is just a licence for women to be sluts.

    Laura Shea

    Lmfao. You people are the dumbest, most ignorant, people I have EVER seen talk about BC.


    @standev1 In the song, her husband sure wasn't abstaining from sex! He was sleeping around on her while keeping her continuously pregnant.


    @IndyDefense One crime doesn't justify another. Adultery is a mortal sin, the use of contraception is also a mortal sin.


    @standev1 It's just a threat, as in: "You better stop what you're doing husband, because now two can play at that game."


    @IndyDefense By the text of the song, doesn't seem to be just a threat, the author (or at least the song's character) is using the pill.