Loretta Lynn - Jimmy On My Mind Lyrics

Now I'm lying here with Jimmy on my mind
And next to me my soon to be the one I left behind
And Lord it's killin' me to seek him cryin'
You know I'm lying here beside him with Jimmy on my mind

Yes I know that I once loved him and I place no one up above him
And I never thought I'd ever set him free
But it just wasn't in my plans the way Jimmy squeezed my hand
The first time that he held me close as he danced with me
He said I've loved you for a long time but you're married to a friend of mine
And I try hard to never let it show
But my love for you is stronger I can't hide it any longer
And so I thought I'd better let you know
Now I'm lying here with Jimmy...

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Loretta Lynn Jimmy On My Mind Comments
  1. Marika Crockett

    Conway Twitty write both songs Linda On My Mind and he write Jimmy On My Mind for Loretta Lynn

    Patrick Mc

    I think he wrote one set of lyrics for himself from a man's point of view, but Loretta recorded it from a woman's point of view simply changing it to Jimmy instead of Linda

  2. Allen Booth

    Was this song recorded as an answer to "Linda On My Mind"?

    liberty Ann

    Not an answer. She just wanted to do the song so she needed a two syllable name to fit.

  3. colin coupar

    @wildchild34974 you will get on ebay

  4. Wes Hunter

    I love me some Loretta Lynn!!!!!

  5. Walley Eastwood,s PeggySueFanChannel

    @wildchild34974 i thenk is from loretta lynn the pill racold you find it on ebay :))

  6. Pam Sayre

    i've looked for this song for over 25yrs is there any way you can tell me where you got this song from?? or where i can get a copy ??? :)

  7. jtls8

    Excellent upload!!!!

  8. Joan Cuthill

    What a great introduction to a great song. Thank you. This was new to me. Have a good week. ♥