Loretta Lynn - Home Lyrics

I've been travelin' down the country ever since I can remember
And the people that I meet just suit me fine
But anywhere you see me going chances are that I've done been there
So when I need a little peace of mind
I go home home where the mockingbirds are singin' a pretty melody
Home home where nothing short of heaven's waiting there for me
[ fiddle ]
Picture the morning sun a white rail fence and watch the meadow glisten
There's a newborn baby calf down in the barn
Have you morning cup of coffee in the country air oh listen
It's a hundred million miles away from harm
I go home...
Where nothing short of heaven's waiting there for me

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Loretta Lynn Home Comments
  1. Jeremy Stillwell

    Wonder what's upstairs


    Its a mystery lol thanks Jeremy

    Jeremy Stillwell

    @yankeeinthesouth lol sure is! Great tour though! Good video 👍 guys!

  2. HeroDav Snyher

    The tour guide needs to take a break between sentences. Take a breath, lady. Let the guests absorb what you just said before rambling on again. Give the guests a chance to speak.

  3. JoAnne Scholes

    My husband and I visited Loretta Lynn Homeplace 4 years ago! Awesome👏💕🌹👏❤️🙏👏

  4. Diann Mount

    Beautiful thanks for the tour!

  5. Hope Love

    My neck of the woods growing up in Magoffin county sandwiched between Johnson and Floyd counties.

  6. Hope Love

    Drive by there so many times when back home there. Typical roads and old cars..lol

  7. Getting It Done North Of 7

    Have to get there ourselves!

  8. Alicia Hill

    I go by it every week born n raised in paintsville ky it's sad the culture is dying out glad to see tourists still visiting the old homeplace and keeping the history of Loretta Lynn and her family alive

    Alicia Hill

    Still shop at the old webs grocery from time to time lol the history is still amazing to see

  9. Jim Ross

    I'm a great fan of LORRETTE LYNN & CRYSTAL GALE

  10. Lindsay

    How fun! I live in western ky, I would love to drive up there one day and check it out, I also would love to visit her ranch in TN. Such a beautiful part of KY.

  11. Eric Jack Daniels

    I lived there in that house when I was a child.
    My aunt Maxine and her husband Larry lived there and I stayed with them.
    I was very young around 7 years old. In my memory, everything is flipped.
    I remember there were big pipes at the top of the road when I was there but I remember them being against the hill on the left side coming up.
    My other aunt Faye and her husband Tom lived down the road from there. Tom would give me a ride down to Mr. Webb's store so I could catch the school bus.


    Thank you so much for sharing with us Eric Jack Daniels

  12. Carol Berwind

    Your girlfriend w you I'm guessing has the face of an angel very very pretty


    Thanks Carol

  13. Carol Berwind

    My family owned the coal mines. Cruel n heartless seems to me. Today they r still multi billionaire s.

  14. Bridget Potts

    I lived in ky for 16 yrs and me and my best friend Rebecca went on this tour many yrs ago and Herman gave us our tour he was one of the sweetest men i have ever met


    Thank you for sharing Bridget

  15. Patricia Romanowski

    Actually picture all the stuff clean and well taken care of and this is quite a nice home!

  16. Emily's Green Thumb Gardening and crochet

    Hello my new friend.


    Welcome thank you Emily

  17. Yannie Roundhuis

    Thankyou for this. I haven't left my house , to speak of, for over 10 yrs. This was so nice. I was given a old Pepsi clock from a restaurant back in 1987. I got rid of it one time cleaning, I didn't realize how much it was worth today . Lol.

  18. dianne hart

    first-time watching I was thinking about how they got the water then you said about the well outside enjoyed watching hope you go to the other places she told you about thanks for the posting


    Were planning on it thank you Dianne hart

  19. Sir Miller

    Lucky people!! I have a Very ecletic musical taste but I was born country and Poor to boot so when I say I respect it that is a HUGE understatement. XD Bless the good ole Country folk!!!!

  20. Toni MacTavish

    Thank you, so interesting!

  21. Random Common Tater

    So they just let people sign all the walls in there?!


    At one time they did not any more thank you Random Common Tater

  22. Sandy M

    Love it and thank you! I must plan a visit!

  23. Pauline barber

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for taking me on this trip with ya.

  24. pat goff

    I pass her home every time I go see my brother in Clarksville.

    Sir Miller


  25. Stacy Polk

    Thanks guys. Love your site. I appreciate your filming.

  26. Christine Hicks

    John Clark Gable

  27. Luka Laylee

    Great video. Thanks for sharing it. I'm a huge Loretta Lynn fan! I hope to visit this place someday. I'm all the way out west in Utah. I'm a coal miners daughter like Loretta and have always loved that song.

  28. Tonya Leach Leach

    Love your video. You two are so humble. Thank you

  29. Annette White

    The picture on the mirror that she said was a fan, that’s Minnie Pearl I believe. She left the price tags on her hats.


    Thank you for sharing Annette

    Annette White

    yankeeinthesouth you are most welcome. Have a great weekend.

  30. Melissa Wo

    I came here when I was about 3 or 4 and I have the pictures from the outside of the property

  31. Bee Smith

    Always been a big fan of Loretta.Went to see her in Phoenix bk in 1967 or 68(forgot exactly).Got her autograph after the show.She was with the Wilburn Brothers touring.

  32. Cindy Smith

    Just love seeing Loretta's old house ..it's amazing.. found it so interesting.. thanks for sharing..😋

  33. Melissa Howe

    I'm also a coal miners daughter and granddaughter. My granddaddy died from black lung. I would say so did Loretta's daddy did also. Very common with miners back in the day. Many men died that way.

  34. Melissa Howe

    Hollow is pronounced holler down there. I was born in Pikeville, Kentucky south of Paintsville on US23. My family lives in Stanville, Betsy Laynn, Harold, Prestonsburge, and Martin Ky. Moving back down there within a yr. Lol from the north can't pronounce certain words like they do down there.

  35. Dayna Goodchild

    Easy to see where these old timers got their values, their morals and their ethics. Would we have ever had a Loretta Lynn or a Johnny Cash or even an Elvis Presley is they had a PlayStation or iPad?

  36. Tammy Allen

    Thank you for sharing. I live in Ky about 300 miles west of there, We will for sure be checking it out. We love Loretta and family. Is there a certain time they are open to the public? Thank you and may God keep you guys safe during your travels.


    I would check the internet thank you Tammy Allen

  37. paul crowe

    Looks a lot like driving around the roads around Tatamagouche.

  38. lyricwritertoo

    Wow so much history we would never get except visiting there. Thanks so much for the video.

  39. Marilyn McNeely

    Seems peaceful

  40. Nova Chandra

    Very interesting.. I love history. Saw the movie about Loretta and Patsy on Lifetime.. amazing..Thank you for sharing..

  41. Karin Cassidy

    Thank you for sharing your adventure!!

  42. Grandma Sandy

    I love this video , you did awesome job on it .

  43. Grandma Sandy

    I'm a New Subscribed .


    Welcome Thank you Grandma Sandy

  44. bobby

    Excellent video

  45. Sam Martin

    Coal miners daughter was one I sang ..I still remember the words to it.

  46. Sam Martin

    ALOT I ment

  47. Sam Martin

    I used to sing along of her songs way back in the 70 s..I sounded just like her they swear and I won. A talent contest in the Black Angus in Eau Claire..Al Perry and Donna Love did the contest and had a 4 ft reel to reel they raped it on. One of the customers said "hey that's Loretta Lynn!" And So Perry laughed and said.' No sue just sounds just like her!its Heather Maxie!"

  48. Bran Bran

    Her niece was just a jewel. Fantastic upload. I subscribed.


    Thank you Bran Bran

  49. Nancy Nelson

    Thank You Both for sharing this!💙

  50. Joe ann Davis

    Love this woman!

  51. Leena Stark

    I could just imagine how deathly cold that wood cabin was during the winters ( _no insulation, just that 1 small fireplace in the "living room" area_ ) and then having to BATHE or go to the _bathroom_ which was OUTSIDE! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless Ms. Lynn and her family for all the hardships they all had to endure and live through.

  52. Brendan Burger

    Thanks. God bless youns.

  53. Shirley Harrison

    I loved the video, I've been to her place in Nashville several times but never been to her old home place. But would love to go.
    I love the narrator, she says/ pronounced words like I do..like worsh = wash
    creek,not crick, (( I've heard some pronounce it))
    holler= hollow
    I was born & raised in rural Kentucky. Back in the hollars & by a creek.

  54. Madonna Borromeo

    I’m knee 🎵slapn, toe 🎵tapn, watchn Butcher Holler! Yeeeeeehaaaw just might have ta yodel 🎤 some🎶. Wink. Loved my visit, Madonna, from Shasta Lake, Ca.
    Always, from my ❤️ to yers. Blessed🙏.

  55. Pamelia Adams

    In Loretta Lynn house below where slaves still are keeper from going into the light by prayer.she keeps them there thinking its ok to save an keep up the property.That's not her home the he'll hound runs the house he is a evil man that runs all even t h e slaves he's a Malevolent. Someone need to go in an release the slaves at least an let them be free from him and those chains.

  56. Delaney Mollett

    My home town! I just live down the road from that place 😭❤😁

  57. Surrender Bend

    Haha did she just say “you guys”? Great tour

  58. Karen G

    Why would they move and leave all their belongings behind?
    Very heart moving video


    Giod question Thank you Karen

    Tammy Allen

    @yankeeinthesouth It was so expensive to move back then, also they may not have had a vehicle or a home of their own to put their belongings in. or maybe they left their belongings for their family to use. not 100% sure but just some ideas.

  59. redlips blacklace

    Thank you I love this channel and this video was grate Loretta Lynn is so cool love her and her sister ❤❤❤


    Thank you lulu lulu

  60. djstl100

    She said ,your not takin us upstairs are you..ok woo.....i would insist on going up stairs


    It would of been neat to see what the upstairs is about thank you djstl

  61. Paige Dekster

    This is on my bucket list. I know I'm gonna cry when I finally get there I am one of Loretta biggest fans seriously I love her so much. Her life is amazing.

    This isnt the actual house she grew up in. It was rebuilt.

  62. Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place

    Cool. Tfs👍🏻 I love loretta

  63. bubu joo Estes

    Who are the people narrating????.


    It would be Loretta Lynn's niece thank you bubu joo Estes

  64. Leigh Florkevich

    I'm from West Virginia and so the scenery is exactly the same as in my neck of the woods. In fact, Loretta's homeplace looks like the house my grandmother lived in when I was a child. Maw Maw, as folks in this area most often call their grandmothers, carried water from a well and had an outhouse too. A miner's life was a hard one back then.

  65. Dorothy Culbertson

    This is something special, thanks so much for sharing

  66. Tia TT

    Lol love yalls name on here ....yankeeinthesouth ....

  67. Andrea Phillips

    That’s the Ingall’s house. Pa is not going to be pleased

  68. Joanne M

    Just found your channel...great video and tour! I subscribed, love your content! ❤️😊 Joanne


    Welcome tgank you Joanne M

  69. Ruby Foster

    ILoretta. Lynn is my favorite singer of

  70. Dog Lover

    My husband and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary next year and planned on going to Seattle WA (I lived there for a few years, he's never been there, and he wanted to see it) but after I showed him this video we put the breaks on that plan and decided to come there instead. We used to work at a country western bar back in NY on long island (Matty T's) and had many C&W stars come there. One time we even had the twins, Patsy & Peggy. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet them because I had to have emergency surgery, but my husband did. So we'll definitely see you in April 2020.


    Thank you for sharing Dog Lover

  71. Bugsy Davis

    Thanks for sharing ,I really enjoyed seeing this video

  72. Brenda Booher

    I love Loretta Lynn and I love the small towns and country folk. They are so friendly and no stranger to hard work. Just don't get any better

  73. Rebecca Taylor

    Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoyed it!

  74. C D

    My mom is named Vickie Loretta...after Loretta Lynn. My little Jesus loving grandma didn't listen to any "blues" except for Sam Cooke & Loretta Lynn!

  75. Laura Sentman

    Wow! Im gonna go there someday! My next trip! This was an excellent video!

  76. Gail Johnston

    I feel so spoiled after seeing that shack.

  77. Dylan Psinakis

    I like the house it looks Cozy☺️

  78. becky langley

    This is cool my aunt went to school with Loretta Lynn


    Thank you for sharing becky

  79. Debbie Schupp

    FUN! LOve the history! Love her and her sisters music.  I love vintage furniture and was drooling over the Hoosier cabinettes.

  80. Sharon Holden

    Love it

  81. Island Chick Designs & Finds

    I did not know that Crystal Gayle and Peggy Sue Wright are Loretta Lynns sisters. WOW-what a talented family. I really enjoyed this - TFS

  82. Heidi Wasserman

    I loved the video except the title is wrong. Crystal is not Lorettas daughter, they're sisters. 😁


    Thank you for sharing Heidi

  83. Beachy Keen

    That was fun, thank you!

  84. H. J

    I really enjoyed the road scenery on the way to her house! Brilliant!

  85. Alexandra nyc

    amazing. i love to visit old homesteads to castles. history is so enlightening.

  86. Mango T

    I love your crochet hat. Did you make it? Lovely video. thanks for sharing.


    I bought my hat years ago Thanks Mango

  87. Jessica Mabry

    My great grandma is Loretta Lynn's cousin, on the Webb side. My mom was born in Paintsville at the same little hospital that Crystal Gale was. I miss visiting Kentucky as a kid, it was so much fun for a city kid like me to let loose and run😊


    Thank you for sharing Jessica

  88. Crystal Baker

    I remember visiting this home with my cousin tonya . We r Ky girls . I loved the place. For a girl raised and born in ky and my dad also worked in the coal mine. Never forget ur home place.love u Loretta Lynn

  89. Robert Evans

    Why couldn't yous go upstairs ???


    The house is not stable thank you Robert

    Robert Evans

    @yankeeinthesouth thanks for your reply and awesome content in this video.

  90. bucun nUSA

    Love it,and I just live 15minutes away never been there yet,and I will check it out,Thanks!!


    Thanks bucun nUSA

  91. Princessterza

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Very interesting now I want to visit in person!!! Thank you!!

  92. Boonluer Blanchette

    I Love small town.

  93. Mary Lou Green

    Watched Coal Miners Daughter last night on TV! It made me cry again! Love,love,love that movie.


    I am a Coal miners daughter. I grew up in Pennsylvania. I lived in a home somewhat Loretta house it was 2 story, all the bedrooms were on the top floor.. No central heat but fireplaces in all the rooms. We didn’t have electricity, no inside bathroom,no telephone. Mom washed cloths on a wash board. We had a cabinet like the one they showed. The wood cook stove was in a room added on to the back of the house and a door that could be closed in the summer so the heat would not come into the main part of the house and lots of windows to keep open. I have so many memories in that old house.


    Thank you for sharing your memories Nancy

  95. Tami Weber

    Love this house💯 It’s bigger than the one room house My mother, father and 5 children were growing up in✅

  96. lindkev


  97. Ashlee Hood

    I have been there and met Herman, if you keep going down the road the house she was born in, Loretta, that is where Crystal was born.


    Thank you for sharing Ashlee

  98. Olive Young

    Pot holes just like in West Virginia. Love Kentucky.

  99. Shannon Toney

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can anyone visit this? Would love to take my wife and son.


    Yes its public place 5.00 per person thank you Shannon

    Shannon Toney

    @yankeeinthesouth thanks my friend! God bless!