Loretta Lynn - Family Tree Lyrics

Woman you don't know me
But you can bet that I know you
Everybody in this whole darn town
Knows you too.

I brought along our little babies
'Cause I wanted them to see
The woman that's burning down
Our family tree.

No, I didn't come to fight
If he was a better man I might
But I wouldn't dirty my hands
On trash like you, no.

Bring out the babies, daddy
That's who they've come to see
Not the woman that's burning down
Our family tree

Their daddy once was a good man
Until he ran into trash like you
Take a look at baby's face
And tell me who loves who.

I brought along his ole dog Charlie
And the bills that's overdue
The job your workin'
Lord, we need money too.

No, I didn't come to fight
If he was a better man I might
But I wouldn't dirty my hands
On trash like you, no.

Bring out the babies, daddy
That's who they've come to see
Not the woman that's burning down
Our family tree.

No, not the woman that's burning down
Our family tree...

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Loretta Lynn Family Tree Comments
  1. Cathy Johnson

    Loretta Lynn just tells it like it is. Trash is trash.

  2. Yankees4ever

    IMHO this is the BEST song on the Van Lear Rose album. We love you Loretty.

  3. shawn stacey

    loretta lynn the queen of country while george strait is the king of Country

  4. angelslayer169

    Now that's a country song if there ever was one. Modern country wouldn't dream of a song like this lol. It's a song about a whore if you just listen lmao

  5. Joseph Harder

    Genius. sheer, unadulterated genius.

  6. lether go

    I’m only 10 I know right, I’ve grown up listing to Elvis Presley and lots more but Loretta is the queen of everything <3

  7. Mrs Matt Murphy

    love this song <3 wow her lyrics are so deep

  8. Jessica C

    jack white and cello

  9. Bill Tilghman

    Is that a cello or a violin? Me thinks cello.

  10. lindalovesal

    She is my favorite female artist she one of a kind.I love all her songs.Thanks for sharing

  11. candida love the music inestroza

    love the music

  12. Angel M

    Sustaining grace

  13. Lisa hazelwood

    I love Loretta best female singer and my favorite

  14. Roccozilla

    There will NEVER be anyone to take her place or be more PURE country than the queen.this song pretty much saved my marraige,thank you lorretta

    Bayley Tay

    roccozilla1969 that's great

  15. dean b

    "I wouldn't dirty my hands on trash like you"....says more than all the f-bombs in the world

    Mc Hobbit

    +jake b Amen. This reminds me of a more mature version of Fist City.

    Manny Badabing

    Don't mess with Loretta.....💪😡

  16. Michael Stevens

    The whole album is just fantastic.


    Who knew Jack White was a great C and W producer?

  17. Violet Miller

    There will never be another like Loretta. Awesome singer, songwriter and person.

    Tabitha Miller

    she is definately 1 of a kind and music will not be the same without her...

  18. derek harry

    I always loved this song, she's the koolest!!!!

    derek harry

    I love her style too.

  19. Karen Scoville

    I love you still,grew up listening to you and still do,,,,You truly are the FIRST LADY OF COUNTRY

  20. Donna Langley

    Well said, well said --- Loretta....

    It is hard to believe any woman worth her salt would tear apart a family. These kinds of women are worthless.... I know what the one did that hurt my little girl.

  21. r1ngwyrm

    It was Jolene. Jolene burned her family tree down. That bitch! First Dolly then Loretta.

  22. Bre McCall-Teague

    I grew up listening to Loretta Lynn & others of their standing. No one will ever fill their shoes. They are like family really, they were there all during my childhood & some are still here making their wonderful music! I used to shut myself in my grandparents bedroom where the record player was & sing along w/ them all for hours. I think I listened to my Papaw's records more than he ever did! Such great memories of people who are not only exceptional singers, but who are so loved by so many!!

  23. Daniel Morrical


  24. 13coolhand75

    I grew up with Loretta; it's amazing to hear music from her after so many years...wow, it was truely many years ago that she was a hit....awesome CD...thanks to you Jack for bringing her back again...hope to hear many more form ya"ll as a duet...

  25. Patricia Morris

    I Am a Big Fan of you,I Hope see you again.

  26. Dallas Nyberg

    Love this lady - a true Country Legend - great song

  27. MyJustified

    this is the best album loretta has done, love you loretta