Loretta Lynn - Country Bumpkin Lyrics

He walked into the bar
And parked his lanky frame upon a tall bar stool
With a long soft southern drawl
Said, I'll just have a glass of anything that's cool.

A barroom girl with wise and knowing eyes
Slowly looked me up and down
And she said, I wonder how on earth
That country bumpkin found his way to town.

And she said, Hello country bumpkin
How's the frost out on the pumpkin.
I've seen some sights but man you're somethin'.
Where'd you come from country bumpkin?

Just a short year later in a bed of joy
Filled tears and death like pain
Into this wondrous world of many wonders
Another wonder came.

That same woman's face was wrapped up
In a raptured look of love and tenderness
As I marvelled at the soft and warm
And cuddly boy child, feeding at her breast.

And she said, Hello country bumpkin
fresh as frost out on the pumpkins
I've seen some sights but babe you're somethin'
Mommy loves her country bumpkin.

Forty years of hard work later
In a simple quiet and peaceful country place
The heavy hand of time had not erased
The raptured wonder from my woman's face.

She was lying on her death bed
Knowing fully well her race was nearly run
But she softly smiled and looked into
The sad eyes of her husband and her son.

And I said, So long country bumpkins
The frost is gone now from the pumpkins
I've seem some sights and life's been somethin'.
See you later country bumpkins.

See you later country bumpkins....

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Loretta Lynn Country Bumpkin Comments
  1. David Mcwethy

    This song makes me miss my mom&dad

  2. Steve Schmidt

    we use to laugh and sing this song as kids... We grew up bumpkins. LOL

  3. Drew Morgan

    True classic country music.

  4. Kelly Underhill

    This song reminds me of my grandma & grandpa!!! Miss them like crazy!!

  5. Gloria Judd


  6. Cindy Kern

    My favorite song my dad tom gave me the nick name country bumpkin

  7. Brenda Fraser

    My Mama loved this song so much...

  8. Christeena StOurs

    All ways loved this song started dancing to when I was caring my son and still do to this day it is his and my song and he just told me that no matter what he will always be my bumpkin!!!!!!!

  9. Debbie altman

    Love their singing and love the song.


    this is one of conways and lorettas best allof her songs are superb her and conway are fabulous as a duet

  11. Sherry Bumpass

    one of my dad's favorites!

  12. danny davis

    my father's favorite song country bumpkin

  13. Cindy Keeling Bates

    Great Country!

  14. Uli Kdmabaalz

    Real Country, not Allan Jackson singing about nailing one of his cousins on 9/11

    Michael Webb

    Dude Alan Jackson doesn't have songs like that. I grew up on Alan Jackson.

    A Girl

    Excuse me, but Alan Jackson is great and country! (And please don’t say I don’t know real country because I do and Loretta’s my all time favorite:))

    Michael Webb

    A Girl amen

    Kenny Dobbins

    Alan Jackson is considered a traditionalist.

    Wes Wheatley

    Dude alan jackson is like literally the one guy left making music that still sounds like this

  15. Linda Gaalaas

    Just love this song. Conway and Loretta did a awesome job. They can make anything sound beautiful.

  16. Sissie Abrams

    Although Cal S made this song famous I must say Conway & Loretta did a great verison of it with Loyetta putting that country girl touch to it thays what mase it greay

  17. Barbara G

    Thank you for sharing

  18. Hinata Hyuga

    there are few songs that make me want to cry, this is one of them

    Jonathan Roberts

    Hinata Hyuga was years before I ever listened to the entire song didn't know it was so sad


    que maravilla de musica la siento muy mia, pareciera que en la otra vida,, me encantaba loretta lynn como hasta hoy,,

  20. Shiny Shine

    Clasic Country is the country i like ((i also like true country)) that new country is just a bunch of crap

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still a few traditional style artists.

    Drew Morgan

    That's the truth. They simply can't sing from the heart like they use to when songs were real meaning.